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Exchange Briefing & Round Table. October 2, 2009. Agenda. Introduction Remedy / Support / Migrations Compromised Accounts EAS Archiving Updates PDA Updates Exchange 2007 Updates & Notes Exchange 2010 Update Office 2010 (Windows) Notes

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Presentation Transcript
Exchange briefing round table l.jpg

Exchange Briefing & Round Table

October 2, 2009

Agenda l.jpg

  • Introduction

  • Remedy / Support / Migrations

  • Compromised Accounts

  • EAS Archiving Updates

  • PDA Updates

  • Exchange 2007 Updates & Notes

  • Exchange 2010 Update

  • Office 2010 (Windows) Notes

  • Support Q&A / Discussions / In-Depth Demo’s

Remedy support l.jpg
Remedy / Support

  • Ticket Process

    • Incidents v. Work Orders

    • Send EVERYTHING in tickets PLEASE!!!

      • Follow up with email to if needed

        • (for critical tickets, VIP issues, etc.)

        • Escalate to Jay Flanagan if needed

    • Tickets required to have Local Support review first

      • Sending user created tickets back to LS for review

      • Incomplete information or missing troubleshooting steps back to LS for review/update

  • Ticket Trends

    • Migrations

    • Missing Email

    • Email bounces / undeliverable messages

    • Generic Exchange Sponsored Accounts – please route to Integration/IDM

Migrations l.jpg

  • Departmental migrations

    • After hours

    • Consolidate when possible

    • Batch migrations

    • Advanced scheduling

    • Users cannot request – only local support

  • Questions

    • Where are you with migrations?

    • Are there any large batches tentatively planned?

Missing email l.jpg
Missing Email

  • Did it migrate over?

    • If recent, let us know to investigate; corrupt mail

    • GroupWise data – it’s gone

  • Did the user move it?

    • Users accidently drag/drop

    • Do a search / manual review of each folder

  • Did it get deleted?

    • Check Deleted Items folder

    • Tools / Recover Deleted Items

      • Folder centric

        • Deleted Items folder

        • Original folder

      • Outlook 2003 – registry change required

      • If found, select them and restore

  • Client issues

    • Entourage

    • PST files

    • IMAP local files / client rules

What to do:

  • Check EAS Archive

    • Do a search and/or manually look

    • If found, select them and restore to mailbox

  • Remedy Ticket for large / complex restores

    • Create Ticket

    • Give us folders, date to go back to

    • We only restore from Archives

Email bounces undeliverable emails l.jpg
Email bounces / undeliverable emails

  • IMCEAEX bouncebacks

    • Client remembers Eagle, user now on Exchange

    • Clear client auto-complete cache (.nk2 files)

      • Type partial address, delete

    • Purge contacts created from GAL entry

      • (cannot just modify contact)

    • Download latest Offline Address Book (OAB)

      • Updated 2x daily

    • After hours migrations

Slide7 l.jpg

Email bounces (cont’d)

  • Other reasons:

    • ISPs blocking Emory

      • Compromised accounts

        • Phishing scams, viruses, web server compromise, etc.

      • Let us know!

        • Remedy ticket

        • Please send headers / error messages

    • Mail forwarding

    • Students turned staff

    • Other account oddities

Compromised account procedures l.jpg
Compromised Account Procedures

Once identified and confirmed, we will:

  • We will immediately reset the user’s EUV account password(s)

  • Disable / block all outbound email for the user

  • Email the EUV Helpdesk, EHC Helpdesk, EUV Security, EHC Security and notify them of the situation. We also advise EHC to reset the password of the EHC account (if user has one).

  • Email Local Support (if known)

  • Create a Remedy Ticket and route to Local Support (new)

Comp accts cont d l.jpg
Comp. Accts (cont’d)

What we need from you:

  • Inspect any workstations/laptops this user uses.

    • Look for malware, viruses, worms, rootkits, etc.

    • Look for any signs user responded to phishing email, etc.

  • Once cleaned or re-imaged

    • Please coordinate same process for user’s other offices (ie. EHC, if applicable)

  • Same procedure is required for home use machines

    (or have user do this / outsource / etc.)

  • Once we get an “OK” from you, we will re-enable outbound email for the user. BUT…

Comp accts cont d10 l.jpg
Comp. Accts (cont’d)

What happens if it re-occurs:

  • We follow the same procedure, but the user will have all email (inbound AND outbound) blocked.

  • We will not restore service until EUV/EHC security gives ok

  • Could potentially require temporary disablement of accounts

    Why these measures?

  • The user’s account has been compromised (id and password)

    • Any data they have in email has now been potentially exposed

    • Access to other systems / applications could be compromised

    • HIPAA / FERPA restricted data could be exposed

  • SPAM!!!!!

    • Number one issue has been spam blasts from these accounts

    • Adds Emory servers to global blocklists (blocks email for EHC and EUV domains)

    • Some delay email, some bounce it

    • Takes days to fully recover

    • Looks bad for Emory

  • Eas updates l.jpg
    EAS Updates

    EAS IDOL Project Update

    • All users are currently indexed using the IDOL search index

    • Searching being done across both Alta Vista and IDOL indexes

    • Alta Vista indexes are currently being migrated to IDOL indexes

      • Approximately 1250 users per week

    • Estimated project completion is 1stQtr 2010

      New Support Contract in place

    • With VAR – CAPAX (they did our IDOL upgrade)

    • Improved response time to issues

    • Better access to engineers

      Server / Client Updates

    • All back end components have been upgraded to 6.1.9 current release

    • New Windows desktop client 6.1.9 (in testing)

      • Bug fixes, feature improvements- not mandatory

    • Updated EAS Web Access

    • New Mac Enterprise Entourage Client (EEC client made by Rand)

    Eas archive policies l.jpg
    EAS Archive Policies

    • The policies are based on three things:

      • Message Size

      • Message Classes (i.e. Email message, Calendar item, etc.)

      • Age

    • The policies for email messages are:

      • All messages are written to archive for backup/restore purposes

      • Any message >10MB in total size is stubbed the first day

      • 7 days old or older that are >1MB in total size are stubbed

      • 30 days old and older are stubbed, regardless of size

      • 395 days old (13 months) and older are in archives only

        • There will be no stub or message left behind in the Exchange mailbox

        • These items are accessible by searching or by browsing your archives

    Eas archive policies cont d l.jpg
    EAS Archive Policies (cont’d)

    • The policies for calendar items are:

      • All items are written to archive for backup/restore purposes

      • Calendar items take on the same policies as messages except for the archive-only age

        • 7 days old or older that are >1MB in total size are stubbed

        • 30 days old and older are all stubbed, regardless of size

        • 2 years old and older are placed into the archives only

          • There will be no stub or item left behind in the Exchange calendar

          • These items are accessible by searching or by browsing your archives in EWA

      • EAS uses the calendar item end date for timelines, not the creation date

    • The policies for other items are:

      • All messages are written to archive for backup/restore purposes

      • Will not stub/archive-only Contacts, Notes, Tasks, or Distribution Lists

      • All items in the Deleted Items folder are stubbed each day

    Eas archiving top issues l.jpg
    EAS Archiving - Top Issues

    • EAS Recycle Bin

      • Non deleted messages went into recycle bin

      • Options

      • PDA’s

    • Outlook Client Plug-in

      • Toolbar disappears

      • Microsoft Vista install inconsistencies (32bit and 64bit)

      • Windows 7 compatibility

    • EEC Mac Client

      • Inconsistent behavior when forwarding / replying to search or stubbed messages

      • Snow Leopard compatibility

    Eas web access updates l.jpg

    EAS Web Access Updates

    Scroll bar functionality (when using maximum number of lines for display)

    Messages can now be restored back into users mailbox from the main view and search window l.jpg

    Messages can now be restored back into users mailbox from the main view and search window

    EAS Web Access (cont’d)

    On the right hand side of the toolbar you will see the following:

    If you click on the on the toolbar then you get the following box:

    Eas web access cont d l.jpg
    EAS Web Access (cont’d) the main view and search window

    • If you click on the down arrow you get a list of options:

    • Delete Msg Ref & Stub

      • Delete the message reference in the archive, and stub in the mailbox

    • Restore Msg

      • Restores non stubbed messages back into the mailbox

    • Restore Msg & Delete Stub

      • Restores the message back into the mailbox , and removes the stub

    Ewa main window l.jpg

    EWA Main Window the main view and search window

    EAS Web Access (cont’d)

    Slide19 l.jpg

    Enterprise Entourage Client(EEC the main view and search window) – Mac client

    Ability to reply/reply all/forward stub messages from a preview or search

    EAS Web Access (EWA) integration

    EEC Client Update

    Eas archiving classes l.jpg
    EAS Archiving Classes the main view and search window

    • Do you or your users need an overview?

      • Need a review?

      • Understand how to search / retrieve their messages?

    • Can we schedule training for you?

      • Contact Jay Flanagan

    Pda changes updates l.jpg
    PDA Changes / Updates the main view and search window

    Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0

    • Latest BES server release

    • Provides greater reliability, scalability and administration flexibility

    • Blackberry Administration Service is web portal

      • Opportunity to delegate some functions to Service Desk/Local Support – i.e. reset activation passwords, wipe devices

    • Pilot targeted for end of October;

      • Seamless move with migration tool

      • Does not require Enterprise Activation

    • Devices need to be on 4.2.1 minimum version;

      • Exception: 8830 with 4.3.0 needs to be updated;

        • Working on list of impacted users

    Pda updates cont d l.jpg
    PDA Updates (cont’d) the main view and search window


    • < 60 users now

    • No longer cost effective

      • Cost for maintenance, hardware refresh, etc. ($20,000)

      • Annual user maintenance would be up to $200

    • Declared as legacy application

      • No longer accepting new GoodLinkaccounts

      • Targeting EOL January 1, 2010

      • Cleanup/notifications in process (will send list to Local-L)

        • Users need to be migrated to ActiveSyncor BES

    • 1400 Current BES users, 2191 – 4567 ActiveSync users

    Pda updates cont d23 l.jpg
    PDA Updates (cont’d) the main view and search window

    PDA Security Policies

    • Testing PDA device security policies

    • Will include Active Sync, BES

    • Mostly focused on password policy

      • 4 characters

      • 10 minute timeout (iPhones must set manually on device)

      • Erase handheld after 10 failed attempts

    • Looking for volunteers to help test

    • No automation to add users automatically

      Known issues seen so far:

    • SMS / Pages to BlackBerry devices

    Exchange 2007 updates notes l.jpg
    Exchange 2007 Updates & Notes the main view and search window

    • Changes coming soon:

      • Pre-Board / New Hire process update

      • Account Automation

    • Premium Exchange

      • Service now available; initial users moved

      • Form in Remedy – must be completed (required - no exceptions)

      • Cost is $150 per year – no refunds

      • 2GB quota (estimated);

        • 2 years of email with year 1 full messages, year 2 stubs

      • Current capacity limited to max 250 users; 65 users currently

    Exchange 2007 cont d l.jpg
    Exchange 2007 (cont’d) the main view and search window

    • Snow Leopard / other clients

    • Web Updates

      • FAQ’s

        • Revamping FAQ page

        • Re-organizing based on product (Exchange, PDA, EAS, etc.)

        • Trying to make user friendly, self-service

      • Asking for topic suggestions, i.e. what do you see the most questions about

      • More frequent updates based on new product versions/features

    Exchange 2010 l.jpg
    Exchange 2010 the main view and search window

    • TAP program

    • Over 10,000,000 mailboxes active worldwide

    • Deployed in Emory production forest

      • Stable

      • Emory submitted >5 bugs

    • Working to build up for true pilot (you will be invited)

    • ETA – RTM soon

    • Features:

      • Public Folders still exist…

      • Interoperability between other Exchange systems / MS Live .EDU

      • OWA!!!! Mac browser support; share calendars, etc. (demo afterwards)

      • Storage overhead decreases – allowing for:

        • Potentially greater quota’s/capacity

        • Potentially reduces archiving necessity

        • DR/BC possibilities – allow databases to replicate > 2 sites

    Exchange 2010 cont d l.jpg
    Exchange 2010 (cont’d) the main view and search window

    • Architecture being reviewed

      • Target is large quotas

        • Question - Which would your users prefer:

          • 3 years inline stubs/ messages with Outlook/Entourage client necessity

          • 2 years inline messages (no stubs); go to EWA for all older email

    • Issues:

      • Deployment timing

      • CAS upgrade

      • Entourage clients - requires EWS to be deployed

        • Question – How long do you need to complete this?

      • All traffic via CAS servers (must test VDT connectivity)

    Office 2010 l.jpg
    Office 2010 the main view and search window

    • Only in “Tech Preview” release currently (semi-public Alpha release)

    • ETA 1st Quarter 2010

    • Not mandatory for Exchange 2010

    • Both 32bit and 64bit (may be last 32bit release)

    • 64 bit known limitations

      • No 32bit plugin support

        • No EAS archive toolbar (unknown if will run in 32bit)

        • No Avaya Modular Messaging toolbar

        • No Adobe toolbar

    • Key changes are in Outlook

      • Unknown if ribbons can be disabled

      • Outlook sized for large mailboxes

    Q a discussions in depth demo s l.jpg
    Q&A the main view and search window/ Discussions / In-Depth Demo’s

    • What questions do you have?

    • What are the biggest problems you are seeing?

    • What do you need from us (OIT/UTS/Messaging team) – related to messaging?

    • Open Discussions

    • Demo requests / reviews