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Who do you know wants to make extra money from home PowerPoint Presentation
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Who do you know wants to make extra money from home

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Who do you know wants to make extra money from home
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Who do you know wants to make extra money from home

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  1. Who do you know wants to make extra money from home and build more financial security with internet profits? How to blow away at least 95% of internet marketing programs with PEOPLE POWER vs SELF-BRANDED GURUS! How not to be disenfranchised from the greatest human transformation…no longer “virtual untouchables”

  2. People Power and Internet Profits This webinar will change your life. It’s not your fault if you’re not rich on the internet. You have the right stuff…you just haven’t found the right plan...3 Steps Power of 2 It will take you beyond what you normally think is your reality. Life is too short to live according to what is. This plan will open up to live with purpose according to what if.

  3. THE INTERNET IS MAKING PEOPLE RICH…why not you? …can’t stop 3 big ideas whose time has come PEOPLE POWER …grassroots capitalism INTERNET POWER …greatest transition of wealth in human history PROFITS POWER …residual money: work once – get paid multiple times

  4. GOALS The best methods for creating internet wealth have changed dramatically There must be a degree of equality with a fair and democratic opportunity for every family The Power of Two will always win in this Internet Game of Wealth 2 FAIR?...level playing field with same rules DEMOCRATIC? …everybody can do it. 1 3

  5. OBJECTIVES • Show how every family can earn their share of Internet profits • Show an alternative to making profits with Power • of 2 vscurrent GURU strategies • Show how digital information products are easy and fast messages by which to leverage the internet • Show how to adapt to change • Show how to make your own • Personal plan of action

  6. WHAT IF YOU ARE STUCK WITH OLD HABITS? … assume you know everything you need to know already? …have no experience with a stress-free and financially free lifestyle …would sabotage your family’s worth even if there was truly a basic program to make money on the internet? …run from the economy or financial hardship. It is the right reason to face it and put it into the right perspective that you must go on and succeed anyway …make a wrong decision or no decision that can keep you on the treadmill to a dead end

  7. Looking for a Job vs Making money from home • not enough jobs available • 75% companies now find recruits online • average employer looks for about 3 seconds before • deleting an application • unemployment (beyond statistics) • underemployment / part-time / less wages • overemployment – more than one job • recession / retirement / pensions

  8. Looking to make Money from Home Online • Home business searches 2.2 million / monthly • Only 1 out of 3000 people also search for home business education • Network marketing or direct sales can create 5 and 6 • Digit incomes from home • Most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth • Not about national economic transitions / problems…rather how to get your own personal economy

  9. CURRENT STATE OF INTERNET AFFAIRS: OVERWHELMING definite power brokers have created an autocracy in marketing the right plan can open up internet profits to every family 3. choice - self-branded gurus vs People Power

  10. DESIGN A PLAN THAT CAN HARNESS INTERNET PROFITS FOR EVERY FAMILY in a Fair and Democratic Way Timing is perfect to democratize the internet potential PLAN A self-branded Gurus PEOPLE POWER PROFITS internet PLAN B self-branded Gurus PEOPLE POWER PROFITS internet

  11. SELF- BRANDED GURU PLAN Need the right personal brand so you stand out in the crowd! Get people on a list and sell them something. Meet Magnetic Mitch…how I make $$$ online! Set up a traffic and lead generation program for visitors _ Mastermind Facebook Super Fan Pages, tags, content, status updates _ Use Automated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with inbuilt tracking. LEADS Write articles or blogs for directories / ezines to show expertise Sign up for weekly tutorial self-paced bootcamp marketing program Place banners, Text Ads, Html Ads & Emails in social sites TRAFFIC Design lead capture pages as a sales funnel, set up autoresponder programs LOCATION BIG LISTS

  12. Few Facts about Internet Marketing and Social Media You Won’t Hear from Self-Branded Gurus Admit: 1 out of 10,000 can be groomed for leadership Admit: no response 17, 608 Facebook friends Only 5% of online marketers can make a living Compete with 156 million blogs 98% of searches are on Google’s first page – super competitive Hours of webinars and instructional videos Do you really want to duplicate these online strategies…do you know anyone who wants to?

  13. PEOPLE POWER PLAN Meet “Average,” Nice, Smart Millie ...how I make $$ online What do you really want? What really works for you? Do you have a phone? Do you have internet access? My Marketing Plan is based on 3 Steps that everyone can do You don't need to know about the industry, the company, products, comp plan, selling techniques, life coaches… Experts tell the story We all have families, jobs and community to support. We may not have the democracy of backgrounds and bank accounts, but we have equality of hope for security and success

  14. MY PEOPLE FRIENDLY PLAN IN 3 STEPS …find 2 people who are open to making changes …build relationships and add value to people’s lives… 1. Use a VIDEO to leverage expertise …just the messenger /no personal rejection 2. Invite to a professional WEBINAR …let the tools do the talking Follow-up with FREE VALUE offer …enhance prospect’s life whether they want to join or not 3 Steps Power of Two: Do you know 2 people who want to make extra money from home and build more financial security? 

  15. In fact, the rich need leveraged income even more than the poor …can’t be complacent that one skill, one company or one industry will guarantee a lifetime income. …can’t believe that slowly working up the corporate ladder will give you peace of mind. Markets rise and fall. …can’t believe anyone who assures you that they can predict the future…the more they assert…the more you need to avoid them

  16. REALITY CHECK #1 The truth is that the expanding internet technology should never be relegated to some heavy-duty marketers whose power is in unlimited lists and a finely-honed ability to sell. It is the right time to bring forward the BIG IDEA to embrace technology by every person regardless of background and expertise. The masses must not be bypassed in this greatest wealth transfer in history. This transition must demand dignity and a grassroots response and not just enrich a few elite top dogs.

  17. CALL TO ACTION for PEOPLE POWER • Talent is over rated, only ACTION matters. • Think differently than other online marketers – your unfair advantage • We're told we all need to be leaders, but that would be really ineffective. • The best way to take action, if you really care, is to make little changes to set the transformational changes in your life. • Work on yourself and how you respond to things, because when • you change, everything changes. • If you don't act on the gift of inspiration, don't wonder why it no longer comes to you. If you don't use it, be willing to lose it!

  18. START YOUR PERSONAL PLAN …your mindset is your blueprint …get this right before any business What do you want to do in life? _____________________________________ What are you willing to give up in order to get it? _____________________________________ 3. What obstacles / excuses are stopping you…mental or physical? _____________________________________ 4. Identify the ways you can move beyond obstacles. _____________________________________ …the price of doing something is far less than the price of neglect and of being unsuccessful all the rest of your life.” Jeff Olsen

  19. START YOUR PEOPLE POWER BUSINESS PLAN • Be Public…Be Easy to Follow…Keep a Straight Line (next slide) • Leadership is not required. People power begins on the bottom of the pyramid • Leverage your message with clarity and no loss of critical information • Focus on simple actions that duplicate massively • Natural motivation is built into earning money quickly • Participate in 3 fastest growing trends. Get your questions answered and make a well informed decision.

  20. Do this simple exercise..draw a straight line business picture: Draw 2 sets of lines…one straight …one crooked each between 2 points A and B Now add labels to show actions along the way. Use samples given. Which plan works best for People Power VS the self-branded mastermind? Follow-up Value Video Webinar A B This straight line is the shortest distance between HERE I AM (A) and HERE IS WHERE I WANT TO BE (B). It shows direction, purpose and self-determination to get to your destination…no fuzzy thinking, detours or excuses BLOGS Traffic Domains SEO emails leads Banners, Text Ads A B Social MEDIA Capture pages FACEBOOK

  21. KEEP IT VIRALLY SIMPLE Now every family can ride the wave of PROSPERITY Internet Profits Profits Self-branded Gurus MAIN STREET People Power returns to basics with fair and democratic rights for Internet Profits. Your timing is perfect to plug into major Internet Trends

  22. DIGITAL PRODUCTS ARE EASIEST FOR INTERNET MAJOR TRENDS and PROFITS ONLINE SHOPPING / SAVINGS FAST Growing Industry Projected to be TRILLION Dollars in 2013! ONLINE / MOBILE GAMES Projected to be $115 BILLION by 2015! ONLINE ADVERTISING in US was $26 BILLION (2010) INTERNET USERS …58%+ play games …46%+ interact with Social Media … 40% + businesses advertise on the internet

  23. SURVIVE and THRIVE STRATEGIES …check the ones you agree with • Embrace a mission statement for change, hope and equality. The world • is changing…I want to find a comfortable and lucrative niche. • The question of money, or lack of it, will not deter me from enjoying • my marriage, family, friends and community because abundance exists. • The equality for online profits is found on the Internet IF we apply • the RIGHT PRINCIPLES with only 3 STEPS and the Power of Two plan. • The opportunity for huge profits and lifestyle security is with digital • products plugged into major Internet trends: shopping, savings, • entertainment, advertising and social media. • PEOPLE POWER is grassroots and we will stand united with common • purpose and prosperity… and accept no lesser standards of living our • potential to be happy. Never doubt what dedicated PEOPLE POWER can achieve together. No mental limitations and no physical boundaries. Nothing less than a transformation of Internet profits for every family.

  24. Who do you know wants to make extra money from home and build more financial security? 3 STEPS POWER OF 2 PLAN "Each of us has two distinct choices to make: The first choice is to be less than we have the capacity to be… Lead a life of constant apprehension rather than a life of wonderous anticipation.. And the second choice? To do it all! To become all that we can possibly be…to strive, earn, produce and accomplish as much as we possibly can. All of us have the choice. Like the tree, it would be a worthy challenge for us all to stretch outward to the full measure of our capabilities. To settle for doing less than we could do is to live impoverished. Jim Rohn Public Linked Profile: ca.linkedin.com/in/3steps Request more information: amarie10@gmail.com

  25. Your challenge: Don’t let the Information Age bypass you or regret or ever wonder what if you never find your dreams. Your invitation: http://freedom3homebusinessclub.com “The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.” Ayn Rand