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BIL527 – Bilgisayar Programlama I. Introduction. Contents. Information about the course Visual Studio 20 1 2 IDE Creating Applications Console Application Windows Forms Application ASP.NET Web Page C# and the .NET Framework. Course Information. About the course. Course Contents.

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  • Information about the course

  • Visual Studio 2012 IDE

  • Creating Applications

    • Console Application

    • Windows Forms Application

    • ASP.NET Web Page

  • C# and the .NET Framework

Grading plan
Grading Plan

  • 1st MT: 20%, 2nd MT: 20%, Homework: 20%,Final: 40%.

  • Curve will be applied to the grades

  • If your grade is below 80%, you cannot get the grade AA, but it is not certain that if you pass 80% then you get AA.

  • If your grade is below 35%, you certainly fail, but this does not mean that you’ll get at least DD if you pass 35%.


  • You don’t have to attend the classes but recent experiences show that the students who attend the classes are more successful

  • All students are responsible for visiting the website of the course at least two times in each week

  • Announcements, assignments, grades, and project subjects will be published on the website.

Supplementary software
Supplementary Software

  • In this course, you’ll need Visual Studio 2012 software

  • You can download it from a shared folder as explained in page

  • You can login to the website using your Anadolu e-mail account.

  • If you have problems in logging in, please inform me.

Visual c keyboard settings
Visual C# Keyboard Settings

  • After installing Visual Studio 2012, select the Visual C# Settings from the Default Collection of Settings window.

  • This sets the keyboard commands and the user interface for the C# environment.

    • Run: Ctrl-F5, Debug: F5, Build: Ctrl-Shift-B, etc.

    • New Website command in the Start Page if you select Web Development settings.

  • If you miss the window, or select another setting, then select the command Import and Export Settings from the Tools menu.

Bil527 bilgisayar programlama i

Do NOT select File -> New -> Project -> ASP.NET Web Forms Application

Bil527 bilgisayar programlama i

Right-click the project name and select Add -> Add New Item

(equivalently: Add -> Web Form)

Bil527 bilgisayar programlama i

Switch to Design View

Bil527 bilgisayar programlama i

Put a Label, press the Enter key, and put a Button


  • You can use C# to create several types of applications

  • Creating a Windows Forms Application and an ASP.NET Application are similar

  • You can also create mobile applications in C# (for only Windows Mobile devices)

  • You can use a powerful IDE, Visual Studio 2012, to develop applications (Express editon of Visual Studio is free of charge)

Net framework
.NET Framework

  • Microsoft’s platform to develop applications

  • It may run on several operating systems

    • Mono on Linux and Mac OS

    • .NET Compact Framework on PDAs and smartphones

  • It supports several types of applications

    • Windows applications, web applications, web services, mobile applications, etc.

  • It supports several programming languages

    • C#, C++, Visual Basic, Jscript, COBOL, Java, Delphi, etc.

What s in the net framework
What’s in the .NET Framework

  • Library of codes that you use from your client language (C#, VB, etc.) using OOP techniques

  • .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) executes .NET applications (similar to JRE)

  • The codes are compiled into Common Intermediate Language (CIL) codes (like .class files in Java)

    • CIL codes are independent of the OS

  • Just-in-time (JIT) compiler compiles the CIL codes to native code of the OS

    • JIT compiler compiles the CIL codes only when it is needed

Managed code
Managed Code

  • Code written using the .NET Framework is managed

  • It means that the CLR looks after your applications by managing memory, handling security, etc.

  • In C#, you can write only managed codes

  • In C++, you can write both managed and unmanaged codes

Garbage collection
Garbage Collection

  • In unmanaged codes, the programmer have to manage the memory so that all allocated memory spaces are freed at the end of the program

  • But in managed codes, memory allocation and deallocation are managed by the CLR. This concept is called garbage collection

  • .NET garbage collection works periodically and deallocates memory spaces that are no longer needed

Bil527 bilgisayar programlama i

  • An evolution of the C and C++ languages

  • Created by Microsoft specifically to work with the .NET platform

  • Designed to incorporate many of the best features from other languages, while clearing up their problems

Visual studio 2012
Visual Studio 2012

  • A powerful integrated development environment (IDE)

  • Automates the steps required to compile source code

  • Intelligently detect errors and suggest code where appropriate as you are typing (Intellisense)

  • Includes designers, enabling simple drag&drop design of UI elements

  • Includes starter projects

  • Enables deployment

  • Enables debugging

  • etc.

Visual studio versions
Visual Studio Versions

  • Visual Studio Professional

  • Visual Studio Premium

  • Visual Studio Ultimate

  • Visual Studio Express Edition: Free, but some features are absent

  • Visual C# Express: Contains only C#

  • Visual Web Developer Express: Contains only web application tools

Visual studio solutions
Visual Studio Solutions

  • You create solutions in Visual Studio

  • Solutions contain projects

  • Solutions can contain multiple projects

    • This enables you to work on shared code

Bil527 bilgisayar programlama i



Solution Explorer

Properties Window

Bil527 bilgisayar programlama i

Source Code



Source Files