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Microsoft Azure Platform Technical Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Azure Platform Technical Overview

Microsoft Azure Platform Technical Overview

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Microsoft Azure Platform Technical Overview

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  1. Microsoft Azure Platform Technical Overview Bill Zack Cloud Technical Solutions Specialist Microsoft Azure Product Team 8-19-2014

  2. About Bill Zack • Microsoft Azure Specialist (7 Years or so…) • Community leader: Nashville Microsoft Azure Users Group, NYC .NET Developers Group, NYC/NJ Microsoft Azure Users Group, NY Chapter of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) • Published books, white papers and blogs including: • CloudyInNashville, CloudyInNewYork, Microsoft Ignition Showcase • Implemented cloud applications on • Microsoft Azure • Amazon Web Services

  3. Management Portal

  4. Management Portal • User friendly HTML 5 Metro portal for Microsoft Azure Platform Services • Service visibility and control • Supports multiple service administrators (co-admins) • Enable and connect to Microsoft Azure instances using Remote Desktop • Incorporates Performance Management and Monitoring * • Built on the Microsoft Azure Service Management APIs

  5. Portal Demo Link

  6. Preview Portal • Service & Account Status • Customizable Dashboard • Resource Management

  7. Compute Websites Cloud services Virtual Machines

  8. Websites • Makes creation of simple two-tier web sites fast • Small SQL Database or MySQL Database back end • Also excellent for Startups • Deploy with FTP, TFS, GIT, … • Free/Shared/Basic/Standard Tiers • Templates (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) • Autoscaling supported

  9. Web Sites: Two-Tier with a Database

  10. Find Apps for Azure Web Sites

  11. Done in Seconds!

  12. Cloud Services • Best for N-Tier architectures • Web Roles and Worker Roles • Autoscaling supported for both • Load balancer

  13. Scalable Roles Internet Microsoft Azure LB Tables Storage Queues Web Site (ASPX, ASMX, WCF) Worker Service Web Site (ASPX, ASMX, WCF) Worker Service Web Role (ASPX, WCF) Worker Service Blobs

  14. Microsoft Azure Your Service DNS LB Web Portal (API) LB Fabric Controller

  15. Service Deployment Service Service Service Model Your Service DNS Web Portal (API) LB DNS config LB Fabric Controller

  16. Service Scaling Your Service Service Service Service Service Service DNS Service Service Service Web Portal (API) LB Model LB Fabric Controller

  17. Service Monitoring & Recovery Your Service Service Service DNS Service Service Web Portal (API) ! LB Model LB Fabric Controller

  18. Compute Roles Web Role Worker Role • Windows Server • IIS • ASP.NET • FastCGI – PHP • Native Code • Full Trust • User Mode • Windows Server • .NET Start • Native Code • User Mode

  19. Virtual Machines • Cloud Services (Web & Worker Roles) • Websites • Linux and Windows VMs

  20. New Basic Tier of VMs • Introducing new tier of General purpose instances called “Basic” (A0 to A4) • Today’s A1 to A4 instances will become Standard instances • Basic instances are up to 27% less in price than Standard instances • Similar machine config as Standard instances but Standard instances have better CPU performance • Similar performance characteristics to AWS’s instances • Does not include load balancing or auto-scaling • Recommended Workloads: • Production apps that do not require the Azure load-balancer • “bring-your-own load balancer” or single instance • Development workloads • Test servers • Batch processing applications

  21. Standard High Memory VMs • Reducing our Memory-Intensive Instance (A5-A7) prices • By up to 35% for Linux instances • By up to 27% for Windows instances • Price reductions will be effective in May • Azure high memory instances are slightly lower in memory compared to AWS’s high memory and similar to Google’s high memory instances • Announcing basic tier for Memory Intensive instances in the coming months

  22. Regional Pricing • Introducing regional pricing for Standard and Basic Virtual machines • Basic general purpose instances either match with AWS prices in the region or are slightly lower in some regions • Standard High memory instances are 9% to 14% lower than AWS prices in most regions The following pricing is for example only Refer to the web site for latest pricing

  23. Virtual Machines • Persistent OS Image • Boot from VHD in Blob storage • Mountable Drives backed by Blobs • Hyper-V compatible (upload/download VHD) • Gallery of choices • Autoscaling supported *

  24. Virtual MachinesGallery

  25. Microsoft Azure Mobile Services • Backend solutions to power mobile apps • iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Windows 8 • Structured storage with SQL Database • User Authentication: • Microsoft Account, Twitter, Facebook, Google • Push notifications (massive) • Scheduling • Logging & diagnostics • Offline Sync

  26. Data Services

  27. Storage • Scalable storage in the cloud • Auto-scale to meet massive volume and throughput • Accessible via RESTful Web Service API & .NET Client Library • Access from anywhere internal to Microsoft Azure • Access from anywhere at all via the Internet • All data stored in triplicate • Fault tolerant (3 local copies) • Geo-Replicated to another data center (If desired) Tables Drives Queues Blobs

  28. Storage Types • NoSQL Tables, Blobs & Queues • Disks • Azure Files

  29. Microsoft Azure Storage • Cloud Storage - Anywhere and anytime access • Blobs, Disks, Tables and Queues • Highly Durable, Available and Massively Scalable • Easily build “internet scale” applications • More than 25 trillion stored objects • 2.5+ Million requests/sec on average • Pay for what you use • Exposed via easy and open REST APIs, Client Libraries and Tools

  30. Blobs Large binary storage Stored in container Unlimited containers CDN Deliverable Partitioned by Blob name Storage Types • Tables (NoSQL) • Table = group of entities • Entity = name/value pairs • Partitioned by key • Scale out to billions of entities • Not Relational! • Queues • Simple message queue • Not transactional • Read at least once • Delete to remove message, otherwise is returned to queue • Partitioned by Queue Name

  31. Storage Types • Disks • Network mounted durable disks for VMs in Azure • Move on-premises applications to cloud • Mounted disks are VHDs stored in Azure Blobs • Azure Files • Shared Network File Storage for Azure • Availability, durability, scalability are managed automatically • Supports two interfaces: SMB and REST

  32. Storage Transactions $0.005 per 100,000 transactions across all Storage types (Block Blobs, Page Blobs and Disks, Tables and Queues) Transactions include both read and write operations to Storage. * The following pricing is for example only. Refer to the web site for latest pricing

  33. Block Blob: Storage pricing details

  34. Page Blobs/Disks

  35. Tables and Queues

  36. Microsoft Azure Backup Cloud backups through familiar tools: Windows Server, System Center Data Protection Manager Reduced on 4-2-14 by roughly 43%.

  37. StorSimple • Hardware appliance backed hierarchical storage • Rotating disks • Solid State Drives • Microsoft Azure Storage • Compressed and de-duplicated • Disaster recovery capable • Free hardware device if $50K year storage commit! (Verify)

  38. SQL Database • Familiar SQL Server relational database model delivered as a service • Support for existing APIs & tools • Built for the cloud with high availability & fault tolerance • Easily provision and manage databases across multiple data centers • SQL Database provides logical server • Gateway server that understands TDS protocol • Looks like SQL Server to TDS Client • Actual data stored on multiple backend data nodes • Logical optimizations supported • Indexes, Query plans etc.. • Physical optimizations not supported • File Groups, Partitions etc… • Transparently manages physical storage • Primary and three replicas stored

  39. SQL Database Premium • Sunsetting Web and Business Editions • New Basic, Standard and Premium versions • Shifting from size to performance • Database Throughput Units (DTU) • Increased size limit from 150 GB to 500 GB per database • An improved SLA to 99.95% availability • Automatic backups for up to 30 days • Self-service recovery of databases • Active geo-replication of databases • (Preview right now)

  40. HDInsight (Hadoop) • Framework for distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using a simple programming model (Map/Reduce) • Scales up from single servers to thousands of machines • Terabytes to petabytes • Molecular Conformation Pilot • 1 week -> 7 Hours • Currently in CTP

  41. Caching • Distributed, in-memory application cache for Microsoft Azure apps • Primary use cases • Session state provider for Microsoft Azure applications • Cache layer for Microsoft Azure applications that leverage storage in SQL Azure Databases or Microsoft Azure storage • Provided as a service • Provision, configure, and use • No installation or management of machines/instances • Dynamically increase and decrease cache size as needed • Same programming model for both cloud and on-premises • In application cache • REST, memcachd & Redis APIs * • Uses local VM memory or Worker Roles *

  42. Azure Site Recovery DR Orchestration DR Orchestration Azure Site Recovery Microsoft Azure Service Provider Hyper-V Replica / SQL Always On Private Cloud SMI-S Provider SCVMM DRP Primary Site Secondary Site Compute Storage Networks

  43. Network Services

  44. Virtual Network • True Virtual Private Networks • Point to Site, Site to Site & Multisite • Subnets (Azure and Local) • Supported on selected VPN devices (Cisco, Juniper …) • Works with other brands of VPN hardware • See • Or use Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) • No special Agent required

  45. Microsoft Azure Hybrid Offerings Cloud Customer What’s new • Site to Site and Multi-Site • New VPN vendors Secure site-to-site Secure site-to-site VPN connectivity Virtual Network (Site-to-Site) • Connect Azure and On-Premises resources (Databases, etc.) • Preview service • GA in early summer • AT&T, Equinix, Level3 BizTalk Services Hybrid Connection ExpressRoute Express Route Privatesite-to-site connectivity ExpressRoute Secure point-to-site connectivityVirtual Network (Point-to-Site)

  46. Point to Site, Site to Site and Multi-Site VPNs