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Control Room Management & Wonderware System Platform PBWW323 PowerPoint Presentation
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Control Room Management & Wonderware System Platform PBWW323

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Control Room Management & Wonderware System Platform PBWW323 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Control Room Management & Wonderware System Platform PBWW323. North America OpsManage 2011 Presented by Kyle Carpenter 11/XX/11 . Control Room Management (CRM). New ruling

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control room management wonderware system platform pbww323

Control Room Management & Wonderware System PlatformPBWW323

North America OpsManage 2011

Presented by Kyle Carpenter


Invensys proprietary & confidential

control room management crm
Control Room Management (CRM)
  • New ruling
  • A new ruling by Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) came into effect October, 2011 stipulating new safety requirements for the following:
    • Controller
    • Control Rooms
    • SCADA System
  • The regulation addresses
    • Human factors
    • Engineering
    • Management solutions


Who we are


Atmos Energy Corporation

Atmos Energy is the largest natural-gas-only distributor in the United States

Our regulated distribution operations deliver natural gas to 3.2 million residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and public-authority customers.

Our distribution services are provided to more than 1,600 communities in 12 states.

scada system at atmos gas control in franklin tennessee
SCADA System at Atmos Gas Control in Franklin Tennessee
  • Size by numbers
    • Operations on 12 States
    • More than 500 RTUs communicating via:
      • TCP/IP
      • Lease lines
      • Modems
      • Third party bulletin boards
    • More than 60k field data points
    • More than 1500 Galaxy objects
    • More than 700 displays
    • 4 Controller workstations (quadruple monitors)


Wonderware and our SCADA System

history of our scada system
History of our SCADA system
  • 1999
  • Consolidation of four of our gas control operations.

The selected platform was InTouch from Wonderware.

    • 2005
  • Migration into System Platform because we reached the InTouch tag limit
scada system at atmos gas control in franklin tennessee1
SCADA System at Atmos Gas Control in Franklin Tennessee
  • Technology
    • Wonderware ArchestrA System Platform
    • Wonderware InTouch View nodes
    • Wonderware Historian
    • Wonderware Historian Client
    • Wonderware Information Server
    • Universal SCADA Server
    • Integrated Web Application Framework Solution “iWAF” (by Invensys Houston)
    • Virtual environment using VMware (for iWAF)
archestra system platform
ArchestrA System Platform
  • Benefits and functions
    • Object Oriented
    • Scripting propagation by using templates
    • Customizable polling schema
    • Automatic DST adjustment on our RTUs
    • Built-in Engine Redundancy
    • Auto Fast Scan
    • Smart phone App to report data to field operators
    • Our latest additions from the Invensys Office in Houston OMS (iWAF)


Control Room Management (CRM)

what control room management is about
What Control Room Management is about:

What Control Room Management is Not about:

  • Throwing more controllers to the control room just because we think that is more efficient.
  • Writing extensive procedures that get stored on nice written plans that nobody reads
  • Creating all these manual forms like the point-to-point verification if they are not going to provide useful information to the controllers
  • Adding more overhead to the controllers that will distract them from interacting with the SCADA system
what control room management is about1
What Control Room Management is About

For Controllers

  • Providing tools that can help them make decisions based on the current system status PLUS the past events.
  • Provide tools that allow users to access data by a click of a button.
  • Provide a tool to share and add lessons learned
  • Provide “Online” Roles and Responsibilities per user and stations
  • Reduce overhead tasks that distract controllers from interacting with the SCADA system
what control room management is about2
What Control Room Management is About

Gas Operator or Manager Functions

  • Automatic tools that keep the Gas Operators informed about non compliance items so they can be resolved quickly
  • Scheduled or on-demand reporting of controller activity
  • Integrated Alarm management tools to help us reduce the alarm activity
  • “Online” tools to display upcoming maintenance tasks or important events that could affect the operations
  • Automatic tools to assist with the “Management of Change” of multiple disciplines required by the regulation
how did we accomplish all this
How did we accomplish all this?
  • With ArchestrA System Platform and the integrated Web Application Framework Solution
  • ATMOS teamed with Invensys Houston to expand iWAF “integrated Web Application Framework” as a standard Operations Management Solution for ATMOS:
    • Takes advantage of the open technology of ArchestrA System Platform and InTouch.
    • Gathers real-time data Directly form the Galaxy using the powerful scripting capability of the Application Server.
    • Provides direct access via InTouch Displays or Internet Explorer.
    • Accessible also via our Web Information Server
operations management system powered by iwaf
Operations Management System powered by iWAF
  • An operations logbook that is fully integrated within InTouch
  • A dynamic tool bar that provides useful information to the Controller
  • A method of recording Shift Changes and Handover responsibilities between controllers
  • Provides Alarm Management accessible though InTouch or through a Web Portal
  • Provides a way for controllers to easily capture and retrieve lessons learned
  • Provides information portal that provides upcoming events of pipeline outages
operations management system powered by iwaf1
Operations Management System powered by iWAF


  • Point-to-Point verification process
  • Roles and responsibilities per controller, station, or station type
  • Out of compliance items reports
  • Access to the regulations
  • Up-to-date management procedures and alarm management plans
  • Fatigue Mitigation Techniques


Live Demo of the Invensys CRM Integrated Solution

smarter decisions example 1
Smarter DecisionsExample 1
  • An incoming controller is about to make a setpoint change in repose of an alarm
integrated operations logbook
Integrated Operations Logbook
  • The Operations allows the collaboration of operations, maintenance, and management personnel. Accessible via InTouch or an Intranet Web Portal
dynamic iwaf tool bar
Dynamic iWAF Tool bar

The iWAF toolbar is an add-on for InTouch that provides shortcuts to the different iWAF information pages and automatically displays key condition indicators.

dynamic iwaf tool bar1
Dynamic iWAF Tool bar
  • These tools optimize the Controllers time by:
    • Providing quick view of alarm activity.
    • Alerting the controller of Inhibited Alarms or Points “Off Scan”
    • Providing a fast way to create logbook entries because the tool bar pre-fills most of the logbook fields.
    • Informing the Controller of lessons learned and SOPs available
    • Providing the Controller with quick access to pre-filtered Alarms, Events, and historical points being trended.
immediate benefits to controllers
Immediate benefits to Controllers
  • Smarter decisions
  • Faster logbook entry
  • No duplication of logbook entries
  • Specific Logbook entries
  • Identification of “Chattering Alarms”
  • Review and share lessons learned
cost benefits
Cost benefits

Hard benefits

  • Staying compliant without adding new resources
  • Integrated System - No multiple applications
  • Application Sharing across two Control Rooms.
  • Applicable to other Gas operations Functions

Soft savings

  • Avoid possible fines by staying compliant
  • Safer operations by reducing controller distractions
  • Reducing Audits duration


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