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Using authentic materials

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Using authentic materials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using authentic materials. Guidance on language skills related assignment. A uthentic exposure. Look at the copies of the two receipts. Think of 5 adjectives to describe each person. I do not know them at all!. Authentic vs. restricted exposure.

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using authentic materials

Using authentic materials

Guidance on language skills related assignment.

a uthentic exposure
Authentic exposure
  • Look at the copies of the two receipts. Think of 5 adjectives to describe each person.
  • I do not know them at all!
authentic vs restricted exposure
Authentic vs. restricted exposure
  • Exposure to language is a key part of learning that language.
  • Your learners are exposed to the language through texts that are specially prepared and simplified (restricted) and unadapted texts from non-specialist sources (authentic).
  • Restricted texts (listening & reading) are often specially designed to provide clear examples of target language. Or simplified through graded language. Have unusually high numbers of specific target language items.
  • Authentic texts are none of these things, i.e., ont adapted at all.
let s watch someone use authentic materials
Let’s watch someone use authentic materials.
  • Here is a copy of a page from Metro.
  • If you were using this in class what would you do? What stages would you design and work through with the students?
  • Now, let’s compare with what the teacher actually did.
the assignment
The assignment
  • What are the stages of a reading or listening lesson?
  • Let’s compare to the assignment.
  • What type of short authentic texts could you use with your groups?
  • Find the assignment in your handbook.