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Makanan Indonesia

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Makanan Indonesia.

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“ Strapping the equator for 5000 km., the islands of Indonesia promise an edible adventure. Eat in Indonesia and you’ll absorb its essence, for this nation is so well represented by its cuisine. The abundance of rice reveals Indonesia’s fertile land, its spices recall times of trade and invasion (these, after all are the Spice Islands) and the fiery chilli reflects the warmth of the people. More than this, Indonesia’s cuisine reflects the country’s diversity.”
nasi tumpeng1
Nasi Tumpeng
  • What is it?
  • Tumpeng: Quantity of cooked rice that is shaped like an upside down cone
  • Accompaniments differ accordingly to the occasion.
  • Usuallyfried chicken, prawns, and other tasty delicacies
  • Displayed on tampah - large,round tray made from woven bamboo strips lined with banana leaf
nasi tumpeng2
Nasi Tumpeng
  • When do we eat it?
  • This dish is usually served at festive occasions and special events, such as, a birthday, the opening ceremony of the building, to welcome the New Year and for wedding rituals etc.
  •  It is also used for Mitoni - A Ritual for 7th Month of pregnancy
  • The tip is ceremonially cut off and offered to the elderly present
kue mata roda
Kue Mata roda

Banana covered with colored dough, steamed and served with

of grated tapioca and coconut

perkedel jagung bakwan sayur
Perkedel Jagung/ Bakwan sayur

Deep fried minced beef with mashed corn


Rice ball with brown coconut filling covered with freshly

grated coconut

perkedel kentang
Perkedel kentang

Potato croquette, sometimes with corned beef filling


Sweet Stuffed Sticky Rice Roll

Tasty Javanese snack of Chicken or Beef wrapped in sticky rice.

Banana leaves are used instead of aluminum foil to wrap and store

the rice rolls. Lemper is an appetizer or snack.

jentik manis
Jentik Manis

Pomegranate cake, some call it "Cantik Manis", a small dessert

nibble from Java. It is made up sago, flour and coconut milk.