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Custom Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs

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Custom Neon Signs

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  1. Custom Neon Signs Welcome to the Neon & More Store we are currently updating our product catalog.  If some product images are not showing or you have a question about a sign.  Please call 855-NEON-LED (855-636-6533) for answers to your questions.

  2. Neon Signs Neon’s classic glow gains attention like no other sign. We offer handcrafted Real Glass Tube Neon Signs. Signs can be left on 24 hours a day all year long.  Signs are mounted on a solid black or clear Lexan backing. Neon signs are powered by 110 volt U.L. listed transformers that plug into a standard outlet.  Power cords are 6’ long. We supply the hanging hardware you will need to get your sign up and working for you. Unless an outdoor sign is requested the neon signs are for indoor use only. 1 year warranty on all components, two year warranty available for an extra charge.

  3. LED Signs LED signs are a dramatic energy efficient way to advertise your business. With several color bulbs to choose from as well as endless animation options, LED signs can grab the attention of the customer you want.  LED signs are a thin light weight sign that come ready to plug into a standard outlet. Each sign also comes with the hanging hardware you need to display the sign in your window or wall.

  4. Neon Border Tubing Neon Border Tubing can be used indoor or outdoor. We can create Neon tubing that lines your windows or highlights the outside of your building. We can create Neon tubing for one window or ten; we can create border tubing for 4 feet of your building or 4,000 feet. We supply you with everything you will need to install your window or building Neon tubing. Your order will come with the amount of U.L. listed transformers needed as well as tube supports, rubber end caps, and GTO wire. There are 6 foot power cords with transformers. Neon tubing ships in up to 4 foot sections to avoid breakage. All Neon Tubing is hand made here in the United States.

  5. Neon Clocks Neon Clocks come in several different designs. These are great for gifts or to enhance the look of your business. They are made with a ring of hand blown neon tubing inside the clock. Each clock comes with  a power supply for you neon light. . All Clocks use a standard wall outlet. The quartz clock movement is powered by 1 AA battery which is not included.  The neon clocks have glass faces and feature black or chrome finished, multi-tiered art deco style rims.

  6. Neon Sculptures Neon Sculptures come in several different designs. These are great for gifts or to enhance the look of your business. They are made with hand blow neon tubing. Each sculpture comes with a black base that houses the power supply for you neon light. These bases allow the sculpture to either sit on a flat surface or can hang on the wall using the base. All sculptures use a standard wall outlet.

  7. Neon Posters Neon/LED  Posters come in several different designs. These are great for gifts or to enhance the look of your business. They are made with hand blow neon tubing and bright LEDs. Each Poster comes  fully framed and ready to hang on your wall. All posters come with an AC adapter and plug into a standard wall outlet.

  8. Programmable LED Signs Programmable LEDs offer you the flexibility to change the message you are displaying for your customer when you want to. The multi functions allow you to create attention grabbing messages that will make your business stand out. LED programmable signs come in several standard sizes and can be made to a custom size to fill the space you need. They come with multi language capabilities, ability to show text, graphics and animation. Signs can be programmed with a remote or PC. Several text fonts to choose from as well as auto on and off time scheduling. Come with all power supply you will need as well as software to program your sign.

  9. Gas Signs Digital LED Gas Signs let your customer know what prices you are offering in a bright, clean and attractive manner. You will be able to change the gas prices quickly with a remote when needed. The light sensor that is attached will adjust according to the light outside guaranteeing that your sign is glowing at the best brightness for visibility. The gas panels come in standard number sizes of 8”, 10”, 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, and 24”. We can also make custom sizes to fit your sign needs. Signs come with RF / IR / LCD wireless control or RS232. Signs can be single or double sided. Mainly Display Numerals“0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,Dot”; Fraction“1-9/10” and Decimal “Dot”. Signs have a life span of 100,000 hours. Power Input: 100-240VAC , 60Hz/50Hz, brightness 5000cd/m2. Visibility 500m. Housed in cold rolled steel cabinets