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Global Corruption Perception Index (CPI) Transparency International 2007. www. Corruption Perception Index for 200 7. Measures the level in which the corruption of public servants and politicians is perceived

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Corruption Perception Index (CPI)

Transparency International



Corruption Perception Index for 2007

  • Measures the level in which the corruption of public servants and politicians is perceived
  • Index is made on the bases of fourteen different researches and studies, which were conducted by twelve independent institutions questioning businessmen, analysts and local experts
cpi 200 7 the best and the worst
CPI 2007 – The best and the worst

Countries recognized as the least corrupted

Countries recognized as the most corrupted

cpi goals
CPI goals
  • To measure how much is the corruption perceived in public sector by businessmen, experts and analysts of risk
  • To promote comparative comprehension of the level of corruption
  • To offer overview of decision makers’ points of view which affects the market and investments
  • To stimulate scientific researches, analysis of the cause and consequences of corruption, in international and domestic level
  • To contribute to building the public consciousness about corruption – and create climate for changes
  • CPI is “research of group of researches” which is conducted every year and provides information which can continuously be monitored
  • Minimum three researches by country

- Research includes previous two years

  • Countries are scored on the scale from 10 (very ‘clean’) to 0 (very corrupted).
  • Perception is questioned and not the facts (e.g. number of convictions, number of media texts)
  • Corruption determined as “abuse of public authorities for private interests”
possibility of comparing
Possibility of comparing
  • Index represents overviewof points of view of businessmen and analysts about certain countries’ situation and doesn’t reflect necessarily trends for certain years
  • Score is more relevant than the rank on the list (because the number of countries included in the list is constantly increasing)
  • Index changes of certain countries can be a result of sample changes – researches taken into consideration when creating the index
disadvantages and advantages of cpi
Disadvantages and advantages of CPI
  • Index doesn’t reflect the level of efforts invested into fight against corruption
  • Developing countries can be shown in worse light due to prejudice and pre convictions of foreign investors (that is why other instruments for measuring corruption exist)
  • Other instruments for measuring corruption also come to similar results as CPI
  • CPI is good chance to promote public debate on corruption
  • CPI is good stimulation for conducting further analysis
  • CPI includes almost all the world countries
resources relevant to serbia
Resources relevant to Serbia
  • EIU: Economist Intelligence Unit
  • FH: Freedom House, Nations in Transit
  • MIG: Merchant International Group
  • WEF: Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum
  • BTI: Bertelsmann Foundation
  • GI: Global Insight, previous World Markets Research Centre
cpi results and serbia
CPI results and Serbia
  • SCG is included in six researches which are taken into consideration when creating the index
  • Researches published during 2006and 2007
  • Ranking by certain researches is from 2,7to 4,9
  • Standard deviation is in acceptable limits (0,8)
former socialist countries in europe



Chech Republic5.2








Serbia 3.4


BIH 3.3

Macedonia 3.3

Montenegro 3.3







Former socialist countries in Europe
recent rankings of serbia
Recent rankings of Serbia
  • Data from 2000: facing with catastrophic picture of Serbia; 2003 – 2007 : negative perception changes slowly, still in the society of highly corrupted countries; ranking of Serbia similar as neighbors’ from ex SFRJ
  • Tendency of minimal growth held – measures that would bring to rapid change of corruption perception aren’t implemented
  • Progress partially caused by external factors (special researches conducted for Montenegro and Kosovo)
  • Eternal question: Which changes “in practice” stimulate progress?
changes in practice in the last year
Changes “in practice” in the last year
  • Political will: 5. priority, not known what is included and how will it be implemented
  • Strategy, action plan and international obligations: still no efficient mechanism for their implementation
  • Prevention: finally established new independent state organs; obstruction of work of already existing
  • Represion: arresting and trials in several large cases; insufficient capacities and delay of new investigation techniques’ implementation; doubts in selectivity
  • Political corruption: getting worse (ar. 102 of the Constitution, remaining of system of “spoil division”, inadequate control of election campaign expenses)