sunnah method of performing salat for men hanafi n.
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Sunnah Method of Performing Salat for men ( Hanafi ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Sunnah Method of Performing Salat for men ( Hanafi )

Sunnah Method of Performing Salat for men ( Hanafi )

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Sunnah Method of Performing Salat for men ( Hanafi )

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  1. Sunnah Method of Performing Salat for men (Hanafi) Prescribed method is for men. In certain aspects, there are differences between men and women procedure.

  2. Method of Performing SalatTwo Rak’atSalat (for men) • Rak’ah (Prayer Cycle): Two, Three or Four • Preparation • Cleanliness of clothes, body, place of prayer; Wudhu (or Ghusl if needed), covering satr, proper time for prayer are prerequisites. • Stand respectfully facing the Qibla. Feet parallel about 4 fingers apart. Toes pointing towards the Qibla and submit totally to Allah. • Niyyah (Intention) is a Must • Example: “I am performing two Rak’aatsFardhSalatof Fajrfor the sake of Allah facing towards the Qibla.” • Add “following this Imam” if praying behind an Imam. • Lift the two hands up to the earlobes with both palms facing towards the Qibla. • TakbeerTahreema • Say Allahu Akbar (Allah Is The Most High). Fold hands below the navel as shown. Eyes aimed where forehead rests in Sajdah.

  3. Two Raka’tSalat1st Rak’at (for men) – Qiyam • Recite Thana, then Ta’awwuz & Tasmiyah • SubhânakaAllahumawabihamdika, watabârakaismuka, waTa’aalajadduka, wa la ilâhaghairuk. • All Glory to you O Allah! And praise to you; blessed is Your name & Exalted is Your majesty and there is no god besides You. • A'udhubiLlahimina ash-shaytaniar-rajeem. BismiLlahiar-Rahmâniar-Raheem • I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan the accursed). (I begin) in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful. • Recitation (Qira’at) of Qur’an • Recite Surah Fatiha. Then say “aameen” softly, then recite Basmala. Then,an additional Surah OR minimum 3 short Ayahs OR one long Ayah be read in proper sequence as in the Quran.

  4. Two Raka’tSalat1st Rak’at (for men) - Ruku’ • Say “Allahu Akbar” and then bow to Ruku’. • In Ruku’, hold both the knees with the fingers apart. Arms shouldn’t touch the body. Keep the back straight, while the head should neither be lowered or raised. • Recite softly at least 3 times • “SubhanaRabbiyal-'Azeem”. • How Glorious is my Lord the Great. • Say Tasmee’ • “Sami’ Allahu liman hamida” as you stand up (Qawmah) after Ruku’. • Verily Allah listens to one who praises him • In upright position, say Tahmid • “Rabbanalakalhamd.” • O Our Lord, all the praises be to you

  5. 2 Raka’tSalat - 1st Rak’at(men)Sajdah, Jalsah and Sajdah • 1stSajdah (Prostration) • Saying Allahu Akbar & with both hands on knees go into Sajdah. • Note:If one does NOT stand erect after RUKU & merely lifts ones head & goes into Sajdah, Salat will not be valid and will need to be repeated. • When going into Sajdah, place knees, then hands, then nose, then forehead on ground. Face to rest between 2 hands w/ fingers pointing towards Qibla. In Sajdah the feet should be upright with toes pointing towards Qibla. Arms shouldn’t touch sides of the body nor the ground. The stomach should be away from the thighs. • Without a valid reason, do not lift forehead & feet from the ground. If lifted for duration more than 3 SubhanAllah“, Salatcould be void. • In Sajdahrecite at least 3 times “SubhaanaRabbiyala’ala”. • All glory be to my lord, the Most High. • Jalsa(To sit between two sajdah) • Saying Allahu Akbar sit up straight (& pause before 2ndSajdah) • Do not sit with the back crooked or stooped. Merely lifting the head from ground w/o sitting up before 2nd Sajdah will nullify Salat. Sit resting the back on the left leg, with right leg raised, and the toes facing the Qibla (same as in Qa’idah – next slide). • 2ndSajdah: Perform like the 1st,i.e. going into Sajdah saying Allahu Akbarand reading SubhaanaRabbiyala’ala”softly at least three times. • One Rak'ah is now complete.

  6. Two Raka’tSalat - 2ndRak’at (men)Qiyaam through 1stQaidah • Saying Allahu Akbar stand up for the 2ndQiyaam • Note: On getting up from the Sajdah, first lift the FOREHEAD, then the NOSE and then the KNEES. Ensure that the HANDS are on the KNEES and not on the ground for support, except for a valid reason. • 2ndQiyaam • Saying BismiLlahiar-Rahmâniar-Raheem,recite Surah al-FAATIHA and another Surah (or at least 3 short aayat OR 1 long aayat) • Complete the second rak'ah in the same manner as the first one, through to 2ndSajdah • Qa’idah(1st of 2 Qa’idahin case of 3 or 4 Rak’atSalat) • After completing 2nd Sajdah of 2ndRak’ah, saying Allahu Akbar sit up for Qai'dah. • Note:The method of sitting is placing the left foot flat on ground & sitting on it, with the right foot upright and its toes facing towards Qibla. Hands must be placed on thighs with the tips of the fingers near the knees. It is important that the fingers are kept close together and that they face the Qibla and not towards the ground. The eyes should be fixed on the lap.

  7. Two Rak’atSalat (for men)Tashahhud • Read Tashahhud • At-tahiyyatulilLahi was-salawatuwattayyibatu as-Salamu'alaykaayyuhannabiyyuwarahmatuLlahiwabarakatuhu. As-Salamu'alaynawa 'ala 'ibadiLlahi as-saliheen. Ash-hadu an la ilâhaillAllahuwaash-haduannaMuhammadan 'abduhuwarasuluh • All reverence, all worship, all sanctity due to Allah, Peace be upon you O Prophet & mercy of Allah and His blessings. Peace be upon us & all the righteous servants of Allah. I bear witness that there is no god except Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W.) is His devotee & Messenger. • On reaching the Kalimaform a circle with the thumb and middle finger and lift the index finger of the right hand and at illAllahudrop it onto the thigh. The circle should be maintained to the end. • If performing 3 or 4 Raka’tSalat • If one wishes to perform four Rak’aats one should not read anything beyond the Tashahhud, but stand up saying Allahu Akbar and perform the remaining two Rak’aats.

  8. Two Rak’atSalat (for men)Completing Two Raka’tSalat • Second Qa’idah • In the second Qaida after the Tashahhud read Durood Ibrahim: • Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammadin wa 'ala ’ali Muhammadin, kama sal-layta 'aala Ibraheemawa'alaaaliIbraheemainnakahameedummajeed. Allahummabarik 'alaMuhammadinwa 'alaaliMuhammadin, kamabarakta'alaIbraheema Wa 'aala aali Ibraheema innaka hameedum majeed. • O Allah! Shower Your mercy upon Muhammad (S.A.W.) and the followers of Muhammad (S.A.W.) as You showered Your mercy upon Ibrahim (A.S.) and the followers of Ibrahim (a.s.). Behold You are the Praiseworthy, the Glorious. O Allah! Shower Your blessings upon Muhammad (S.A.W.) and the followers Muhammad (S.A.W.), as You showered Your blessing upon Ibrahim (A.S.) and the followers of Ibrahim (A.S.) Behold, You are the Praiseworthy, the Glorious. • Recite Du’a after Durood • Allah hummainneezalamtunafseeZulmanKatheeran, walayaghfiruzzunubaillaanta faghfirleemaghfiratam min 'indika, war hamneeinnakaantalghafururraheem • O Allah! I have been extremely unjust to myself, and none grants forgiveness against sins but You; therefore, forgive me, will forgiveness that comes from You, and have Mercy upon me. Verily You are the Forgive, the Merciful. • Salaam: Complete the Salatby turning the face to the right saying the Salaam: As-salamu 'alaykumwarahmatullah. • Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah. • Then turn the face to the left, and repeat the same Salaam. • When making Salaam, one should make intention of greeting the Angels, and the eyes should be fixed onto the respective shoulders. • Completion of Prayer: Recite AstaghfighruLlahthrice. • I ask Allah to forgive me…

  9. Three or Four Rak’atSalat (for men) • Three Raka’ahSalat (e.g. Maghrib) • Perform 2 raka’ah as described, except get up after Tashahhud. Perform 3rdraka’ah. Sit after 2ndSajdah. Perform Tashahhud, Durood, and Du’a. Complete with Salams. • Four Raka’ahSalat (e.g. Maghrib) • Perform 2 raka’ah as described, except get up after Tashahhud. Perform 3rdraka’ah. Get up after 2ndSajdah. Perform 4thraka’ah. Sit after 2ndSajdah. Perform Tashahhud, Durood, and Du’a. Complete with Salam as described. • Note: No other Surah should be read after Surah al-Fatiha in the 3rd and 4thRak’aats of any FardhNamaaz, but it is Waajib to do so in any Wajib, Sunnator NaflNamaaz.

  10. Three Raka’atWajib al-Witr (‘Isha) • Perform 3 raka’ahas described, except • Right after finishing the additional Surah after al-Fatiha in the 3rdRaka’ah • Raise the hands up up to the ears saying "Allahu Akbar" and fold them below the navel. Thereafter recite the Du’aQunoot(softly) • ALLAHUMMA INNA NASTAEENUKA WA NASTAGHFIRUKA WA NUMINU BIKA WA NATAWAKKALU ALAIKA WA NUSNI ALAIKAL KHAIRI WA NASHKURUKA WA LA NAKFURUKA WA NAQLAOO WA NATRUKA MAI YAFJURUKA ALLAHUMMA IYYAKANAABUDU WA LAKA NUSALLI WA NASJUDU WA ILAIKA NAS-AA WA NAHFIDUWA NARJU RAHMATAKA WA NAKHSHA AZAABAKA INNA AZAABAKA BIL KUFFARI MULHIQ. • O Allah: we beseech Your help. and believe in You and we praise You in the best manner and we ask Your pardon and we put our trust in You And we thank You and we are not ungrateful to You. And we cast off, and leave one who disobeys You. And to You do we pray and to You do we flee and we are quick and we fear Your punishment. O Allah : You alone we serve and we prostrate and we hope for Your mercy. No doubt Your punishment overtakes the unbelievers. • One who does not know the Dua-e-Qunoot may recite • Rabbanaaaatinaa fid-dunyaahasanatanwafilaakhiratihasanatanwaqinaa 'adhaabannaar (Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!) • Or, say 3 times (Allahummaghfirlee)

  11. Fardh & Wajibat of Salaat • 8 Prerequisites Prior to Salaah as mentioned • 6 Fardh in Salaat 1. TAKBEERE TAHREEMA 2. QIYAAM (standing) position • QIRAAT 4. RUKU 5. Both the SAJDAHS 6. QAA'DAH AKHEERA (To sit so long at the end of the last Rak’aats that one can read the Tashahhud). • 14 Wajibat in Salaat(i.e. items that, if missed, necessitate SajdahSahw) 1 Qira’at in first 2 Rak’aats of Fardhsalat. 2. Surah Fatiha in all Rak’aatsof FardhNamaaz. 3. To recite a Surah (or a long Aayat or 3 small Aayats) after SURAH-E-FAATIHA in first 2 Rak’aats of Fardhsalaat and in all the Rak’aats of WAAJIB, SUNNAT and NAFIL Prayer. 4. Surah FATIHA before any other Surah or Ayat. 5. To maintain order between QIRAAT, RUKU, SAJDA and RAKAAT. 6. QAWMA (Standing up erect after RUKU). 7. JALSA (Sitting between the two SAJDAS). 8. TA'DEELE ARKAAN, i.e. performing RUKU, SAJDA, etc. with contentment and in a good way. 9. Qa’idah ‘Oola (sitting) to the extent of saying Tashahhudafter two Rak’aatsin prayer of three or four Rak’aats. 10. To read TASHAHHUD in the two QA'DAAS. 11.To recite QIRAAT aloud in Fajr, Maghreb, Esha, Jumuah, Eidain and Taraaweehin Ramadan by the Imam. The Imam should recite Zuhr and Asr Prayer (Namaaz, Salat) silently. 12. To end the Prayer (Namaaz, Salat) by saying SALAAM. 13.To say TAKBEER (Allahu-Akbar) for QUNOOT in Witr Prayer (Namaaz, Salat) and also recite DUA-E-QUNOOT. 14. Six extra TAKBEERS in both Eid Prayer (Namaaz, Salat).