new threats from overseas n.
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New Threats From Overseas…. Section 3. Yankee Traders…. 1784: Empress of China became the 1 st American ship to trade with China. New Englanders Sailed up the Pacific Coast of North American. Most from Boston Indians called them “Boston”. Sold Furs to China. .

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yankee traders
Yankee Traders…
  • 1784:
    • Empress of China became the 1st American ship to trade with China.
  • New Englanders
    • Sailed up the Pacific Coast of North American.
    • Most from Boston
    • Indians called them “Boston”.
    • Sold Furs to China.
conflict with barbary states
Conflict with Barbary States.
  • Nations along coast of North Africa.
  • Mediterranean Sea. Sea Pirates.
  • Tribute:
    • Bribe.
    • Paid yearly to States.
  • Battle of Tripoli:
    • Declared war on U.S.
    • Ship Philadelphia seized.
    • U.S. Marines attacked at night under Naval Officer Stephen Decatur.
    • Treaty signed by Tripoli 1805.
jefferson wins second term
Landslide Victory.

Won all but 2 states.

Electoral Votes

Jefferson: 162.

Pinckney: 14

Jefferson wins Second Term
american neutrality violated
American Neutrality Violated…
  • 1803: Br. And Fr. at War.
  • Jay’s treaty expired in 1805.
  • French warships began harassing American ships trading with Britain, and British ships interfered with American ships trading with France.
  • Impressment:
    • Practice of forcing people into service.
    • British used technique to gain more men for their navy.
the embargo of 1807
The Embargo outlawed almost all trade with foreign countries,

Britain’s trade however had grown too strong to be severely injured by the embargo, as well the French to were largely unaffected.

Americans hated it, began smuggling goods to European countries.

Jefferson enforced the law using the Navy to stop merchants.

The Embargo of 1807
a limited ban
A limited Ban
  • 1809: Jefferson admitted that the embargo act had failed.
  • Nonintercourse Act:
    • Allowed Americans to carry on trade with all nations expect Br. And Fr.
election of 1808
Election of 1808
  • President:
    • Democratic- Republican James Madison.
  • Vice President:
    • Democratic- Republican George Clinton.
checking for understanding
Checking for Understanding.
  • What was the Embargo Act? And what was its goal?
  • What did the Nonintercourse Act do?
  • Why did Br. And Fr. Begin to seize American ships after 1803?