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Blog Issues

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Blog Issues
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  1. Blog Issues • Please email to me a list of group members with email addresses ( or through: contact page • In the learning commons today we will work on getting everyone up to speed • Divide out tasks to ensure everything gets finished on time • Once you have a domain name you may access online with password: johnoliver

  2. Decolonizing Development Grade 10 Social Studies textbook reading chapter 6: 216-224

  3. Wade Davis- Sacred Headwaters Note differences in philosophy between First Nations/Wade Davis and Government/Business interests Does Wade Davis portray First Nations interests accurately? What would a video by government or business interests look like?

  4. Think/Pair/Share • Think to yourself about the video • Speak with a partner about what you think • Share with the class what you spoke about

  5. Know/Wonder/Learn • Teach group members about readings from textbook • Write something you know • Something you wonder about • Something you learned

  6. Themes from textbook • Optimism from the gold rush in California saw people travel long distances at great peril • Fantasy vs reality, get rich quick? • Governor Douglas worried about US territorial expansion and taxable gold leaving through the US • Construction of roadway to promote settlement and encourage economic development by the Royal Engineers

  7. Themes from textbook • Multiple routes considered but cheapest route through Fraser Canyon selected (What about towns not selected?) • James Douglas retired and replaced by Frederick Seymour (BC mainland) and Arthur Kennedy (Vancouver Island) • Cariboo Road from Native trails, influx of miners spread of smallpox, the Chilcotin Five

  8. Themes continued • Inflation in Barkerville during gold rush population influx • Gender, working class, and Chinese Immigrants • Ghost towns created by gold rush • Barkerville a restored tourist attraction • Effects of resource development and road construction on people and land

  9. Websites • • • •

  10. Blog Post Options • Conduct research on a person or community impacted by the gold rush and/or road construction • Creatively depict interesting and significant information that discusses impacts on people, place, and environment

  11. Fakebook or

  12. Rubric for Blog Entry • Individual participation- level of personal involvement • Group collaboration- ability to work as a team • Critical thinking- ability to think of the how and why • Analysis and synthesis of ideas- understanding of concepts • Creativity- ability to display uniqueness and innovation • Presentation- style, grammar, aesthetic • Outstanding, above expectations, meeting expectations, not meeting expectations

  13. Dalai Lama Quote If we human beings rely only on material development, we can’t be sure of a positive outcome. Employing technology motivated by anger and hatred is likely to be destructive. It will only be beneficial if we seek the welfare of all beings. Human beings are the only species with the potential to destroy the world. Because of the risks of unrestrained desire and greed we need to cultivate contentment and simplicity.

  14. Homework • Post to blog • Divide readings pgs. 225-231 • Write 3-4 Main Points to share