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Forms Management: Compliance, Security & Workflow Efficiencies PowerPoint Presentation
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Forms Management: Compliance, Security & Workflow Efficiencies

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Forms Management: Compliance, Security & Workflow Efficiencies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Forms Management: Compliance, Security & Workflow Efficiencies. About POA and Konica Minolta POA was Founded in 1976 Headquartered in Beaverton, OR Largest Privately held Office Solution Provider in the Nation

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Forms Management: Compliance, Security & Workflow Efficiencies

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    1. Forms Management: Compliance, Security & Workflow Efficiencies

    2. About POA and Konica Minolta • POA was Founded in 1976 • Headquartered in Beaverton, OR • Largest Privately held Office Solution Provider in the Nation • Offices throughout the west and partnerships with service providers across the country • Konica Minolta is solely focused on imaging technology • Konica Minolta develops the hardware to create a digital environment and the software to create the workflow

    3. Agenda • Prevalence of forms and paper in healthcare • Challenges presented by manual paper form workflows • Privacy and security risks: Exposure to OCR Penalties and Fines (HITECH impact on HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule) • Solutions from POA and Konica Minolta • eForms • Privacy and Security solutions • Questions

    4. Forms Requirements: Universal, with no end in sight Must be Consistent, Secure, Compliant and Cost-Effective

    5. Paper Forms Management Challenges: • Form retrieval, completion and storage in a manual environments increases costs and slows processing, while impacting administrative, clinical, nursing and departmental areas • Hybrid systems (EHR and Paper) create challenging and difficult to monitor processes • Compliancy with HIPAA Regs, CMS requirements, Joint Commission certification, State Medicaid changes, Payer reimbursements, etc, etc, etc • Privacy and Security breach exposure

    6. Top Sources of PHI Risk Exposure • 19,016,984 Patients affected since HITECH was implemented • 97% increase in breaches in 2011 over 2012 • Laptops and Portables are the leading cause of breaches • 24% of breaches are paper-based Source:, Breach Report 2011 Study on Patient Privacy and Data Security, Ponemon Institute, December 2011

    7. How Can POA & Konica Minolta Help? EnvisionIT Healthcare from Konica Minolta is set of integrated solutions and services uniquely positioned to assist your organization in keeping your patients’ health information protected and secure, wherever it resides, regardless of format.

    8. Traditional Approach – Hard Copy Control • Maintain forms in hard copy format • Control output with consistency and accuracy • Total forms availability • On-Demand Print service • Customized form needs

    9. Case Study – Hospital in Central Oregon Problem’s • Many sets of outdated forms • Compliance Issues with Changing forms • Availability of the Correct form • Turn around from outsource provider

    10. Case Study – Hospitals in Oregon Solutions • Work closely with Forms Team • Onsite staffing and equipment to provide turnaround • Online forms center for department ordering • Customized forms with various location logo • Compliance with all Regulations • Quality Control

    11. Case Study – Large Nationwide Oncology Clinic Problem’s • Forms Spoilage • Version Control • Audit Concerns • Overall Compliance

    12. Case Study – Large Nationwide Oncology Clinics Solutions • Tracking each version and confirming with forms team • Site access to compliance to control form availability • Online form availability • Onsite staffing and equipment to provide turnaround • Compliance Control • Forms on-demand

    13. Existing Forms System Paper Record Storage Paper Forms Standard Register Ink Signatures Paper Workflow No communication between these system Transform Manual Paper Processes…. From this……..

    14. Automate Forms & Increase Efficiencies To this…….. Workflow Efficiency • Connect to your HIS or EHR system using HL7 minimizing patient demographic data entry • Maintain form content consistency • Easily modify or create new forms based on changing regulations, policies or expanded services • Route forms based on custom workflows • Store documents in a secure and easily accessible document repository

    15. Overall Benefit of eForm Solutions Primary Operational Benefits • Paper forms → electronic forms • Ink signatures → electronic signatures • Physical workflow → electronic workflow • Written patient data → electronically added • Manually added data → automatic data merge • Paper archive → electronic document management Primary ROI • Paper form replacement 4 - 6 months payback • Replaces need for Standard Register & paper forms

    16. Mitigate Your Risk of PHI Tampering • DocAudit creates an audit trail of all bizhub MFP activities, including printing, copying, faxing, scanning and e-mailing and stores in a database accessible by authorized users • Automatically creates a PDF of the image, a text record of the activity and a log of machine and user information • Assistance with new HIPAA “Breach Notification Rule” • Secure your investment in networked MFPs by leveraging state-of-the-art security settings • Safeguard against data tampering, misuse of PHI, data protection and ensure compliance with HIPAA privacy and security regulations Security & Compliance

    17. Implementing Access Controls Proximity Card Authentication Unit allows users to use their HID card to authenticate them before copying, faxing, scanning or releasing sensitive print information. Biometric Authentication Unit scans user’s finger vein to allow highly secure, simple, and quick user access. Security & Compliance

    18. Thank You