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Course Description. Values 1. Values 1. Required Credit: 1 Elective/Required: Required Periods per Week: 5 Prerequisite: 8 th Grade Values Open to: Freshmen. Course Description.

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values 1
Values 1
  • Required Credit: 1
  • Elective/Required: Required
  • Periods per Week: 5
  • Prerequisite: 8th Grade Values
  • Open to: Freshmen
course description1
Course Description

This course intends to provide the students with a more intellectual approach to religion. Christ and His teachings, the Plan of Salvation and Christian Beliefs are emphasized. Christianity and all other religions will be treated as worldviews that try to offer hope and solutions for daily problems. The class will point out how Jesus offers a very special solution to the problem of sin and death.

course objectives
  • Students will receive instruction based on the Bible, Spirit of Prophecy writings, and other contemporary writers whose testimonies parallel the Bible.
  • Through the creative power of God, students will value family and themselves, and learn to love the fact that God has a plan for their lives. This plan includes accepting all others without partiality or reservation.
more on course objectives
More on Course Objectives
  • As students engage in activities they will exhibit positive character traits acquired through the Fruit of the Spirit. These traits will enable students to make a positive contribution in their home, school, and community.
  • Opportunities will be given for students to communicate their faith and interact with others through development of verbal and nonverbal communication skills and the use of information technology.
more on course objectives1
More on Course Objectives
  • Students will be given opportunities to synthesize Biblical principles and apply them in their lives, thereby enabling them to function responsibly in the everyday world.
  • The Bible
  • In The Beginning God (blue)
  • God’s Gift Our Choice (orange)
  • Teacher’s Resource Manual (TRM)
  • Prophets and Kings
  • Desire of Ages
  • Patriarchs and Prophets
  • The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary
  • Internet (www)
required supplies
  • Writing materials—blue, black and red pens, pencils
  • A4 Notepad with lines
  • Notebook (school notebook)
  • Dictionary
  • Colored pencils, crayons, markers, etc.
how will my work be marked
How Will my Work be Marked?
  • A - Excellent Effort (Exceeding Target)
  • B - Good Effort (On Target)
  • C - Satisfactory Effort (On Target)
  • D - Unsatisfactory Effort (Below Target)
  • E- Poor Effort (Well Below Target- Work to be Repeated)
grading plan
Grading Plan

Coursework will be weighted as follows:

  • Class work/Homework 20%
  • Tests 20%
  • Projects 10%
  • ESLO 30%
  • Participation/Attendance 10%
  • ESP 10%

100 %

classwork homework 20
Classwork/Homework 20%
  • Always complete the class work in class
  • Late submission minus 1 point/day
  • Homework submit on due date or earlier
  • Late submission, minus 1 point/day
tests 20
Tests 20%
  • Open book test
  • Surprise test
  • Chapter/Unit test
  • No Exam
projects 10
Projects 10%
  • Do your best
  • Follow the criteria/rubrics
  • Submit on time
  • Late submission, minus 1 point/day
participation attendance 10
Participation/Attendance 10%
  • 5 points/day
  • If you are late = minus 3 points/day
  • 15 minutes late - absent
  • Three tardiness = 1 day absent
eslo 30 tracking your behavior
ESLO – 30% Tracking your Behavior

In order to help you make responsible for your actions and decisions, I will use a chart to track your behavior and the following are the Keys to Violations:

  • A – Arguing
  • M – Making noise/talking/tapping
  • D - Dress Code
  • S- Swearing, Teasing, Name-Calling
  • B – Disruptive
  • I – Inappropriate Comment

F – Food and drink

P – Physical contact, throwing, hitting

V - Vandalizing/liter

L – Loitering

R – Failure to follow directions

G - Out of seat

E - Electronic devices

esp 10 values english
ESP 10% (Values & English)

“Connect with the world – Speak English”

  • You are given 50 ESP points/Quarter and each ticket will cost a deduction for a single violation of the rule.
  • The acquisition of a Second language leads to a greater mental capacity.
  • Students are encourage to speak English at all times while at school.
  • Failure to do so would receive an ESP ticket from any teacher or staff.
  • 5% of your grades from other subjects comes from ESP as well.
  • In pair, discuss and write down all your expectations (Ex. class, classmates, teachers) this school year.