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Ambition. in Action. Hot Topic: PowerPoint 2010 Trainer: Michael Philipou. New View Options. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has increased the number of presentation views available from three to four. Normal View Slide Sorter View Notes Page View Reading View

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in Action

Hot Topic: PowerPoint 2010

Trainer: Michael Philipou

new view options
New View Options

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has increased the number of presentation views available from three to four.

  • Normal View
  • Slide Sorter View
  • Notes Page View
  • Reading View

There are two ways to change to a different presentation view:

  • Using the commands in the ribbon and by using the buttons at the bottom of the workspace (next to the zoom slider).
  • Commands in the ribbon are clearly labeled, but for the buttons at the bottom you hover over each to see a tooltip.
reading view
Reading View

Use Reading View to deliver your presentation not to an audience (via a large screen, for example), but instead to someone viewing your presentation on their own computer.

You could also use Reading View on your own computer when you want to view a presentation not in full-screen Slide Show view, but in a window with simple controls making it easy to review.

enhanced ribbon toolbar
Enhanced Ribbon Toolbar

The Ribbon feature which was first introduced in Office 2007 offers has become customizable. The Ribbon can be customized by right-clicking the Ribbon icon and choosing the Customize the Ribbon option.

enhanced features for embedded videos
Enhanced Features For Embedded Videos

It is now easy to embed videos into your PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint 2010 has added some common operations on the embedded videos with a simple right-click.

powerpoint to video conversion
PowerPoint To Video Conversion

PowerPoint 2010 lets you convert your Presentations into Videos. In order to create a video, click the /FILE button and then go to the Save & Send > Create a Videooption. (Student Workbook p?)

embed youtube videos
Embed YoutubeVideos

Not only are you able to embed videos on your hard drive into a PowerPoint presentation, but you can now embed Youtubevideos as well. The process is fairly simple and also applies to adding video from other video sharing sites as long as the video publisher provides an embed code, you can use it in PowerPoint 2010.

See the student workbook p?


Compatibility of .pptx

In PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft introduced a new XML format (.pptx) which was not compatible with the former .ppt presentation format. This problem has been fixed in 2010 - meaning PowerPoint files created in PowerPoint 2010 may easily be opened in versions of PowerPoint prior to PowerPoint 2007.


Animations can emphasize points and can make the information in your PowerPoint presentations more memorable to your audience. They can also engage viewers and capture their attention.

Don’t go overboard with animations,or the audience may feel overwhelmed and just switch off.


Animations Painter

If you’ve used PowerPoint’s Format Painter before, you will enjoy using the Animation Painter.

The animation painter is new to PowerPoint 2010. It copies existing animations and “paints” them on new objects.


Backstage view

Backstage View offers commands whose functionality affects the whole Powerpoint presentation (for example, saving, opening, closing, printing etc).

Each application in the Office 2010 suite is characterised by its own uniquely coloured Backstage View. Whereas the Backstage View in Powerpoint is a rusty orange colour, the one in Excel, for example, is green. To exit Backstage View just press the escape key or click the file button again.


Compress a presentations

One of the biggest issues with PowerPoint comes when we add multimedia. The addition of a few high resolution images and audio or video clips can make the size of your presentation too large to email (Especially as we all have a limited inbox at TAFE). Not only this, but large files take up more space on your hard drive or memory stick, they take longer to email and slow down the playback performance of your presentation.

Fortunately, there is a way for us to compress PowerPoint presentations.

The following descriptions of each option will help guide you in your decision:

  • Presentation Quality – Save space while maintaining overall audio and video quality.
  • Internet Quality – Quality will be comparable to media which is streamed over the Internet.
  • Low Quality – Use when space is limited, such as when you are sending presentations via e-mail.

It may be necessary to try each of these options to get the required balance of quality and file size.

converting text to smartart
Converting Text To SmartArt

You can convert text that already exists on a slide to SmartArt.

You might want to do this if you have made a bulleted list of points and later decide to improve the visual impact by using SmartArt.



PowerPoint handouts are simply printouts of the slides within your presentation. They are useful to your audience as they provide a way for viewers to refer back to slides. The audience can take printed handouts away with them for later.


Save as PDF

PowerPoint 2010 provides the ability to save your presentation as a PDF without having to install any extra software or add ons. The facility is right there on the Save As menu.

Click the File tab > Save As, and in the Save as type dropdown list, choose PDF.

See the student workbook p?


Slide transitions

Slide transitions guide the audience from one slide to the next and are used to make a presentation more engaging. You can control the speed, add sound, and also customise the properties of transition effects. There is a whole tab in the ribbon devoted to transitions.

See the student workbook p?


Sections provide an easy way to manage presentations.

The Sections button is available on the Home Ribbon under the Slides group. This feature helps you organize your presentation by grouping all related slides under individual sections. In this way, you can easily find and edit the related slides.

built in screen capture tool
Built-in Screen Capture Tool

PowerPoint 2010 includes a new Screen Capturing tool.

No need for another programs additional tool to capture screenshots in order to use them in your presentations. Its easy to capture the screenshot of any area of the screen. Simply click the Insert > Screenshot

background removal tool
Background Removal Tool

The Background Removal tool removes the background of any image. Just insert the image in your presentation and then locate the Background Removal tool under Insert > Picture to remove the background.

improved animations menu
Improved Animations Menu

In PowerPoint 2010 you will feel that the  Animations menu has been improved to a great extent. It offers a very user friendly thumbnail type of style choices. Just by looking at each choice, you would know what the effect will do when you apply it.

enhanced slides transitions
Enhanced Slides Transitions

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 includes many new slide transitions, thus it empowers you to create a more powerful and eye-candy presentations.

enhanced word art
Enhanced Word Art

Word Art is an old feature of Microsoft Office which been enhanced in PowerPoint 2010(same enhancement can be found in Word 2010). WordArt has been updated with new colorful art effects. Select the text, then click Word Art and a list of all the available options will be displayed.