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Wind Power

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Wind Power. Team 1- Paul Guido, JT Fleming, Amy Miller, Justin Baltz. Task-.

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wind power

Wind Power

Team 1- Paul Guido, JT Fleming, Amy Miller, Justin Baltz

  • Design an architecturally appealing building-integrated wind energy generation system. The primary objective is the integration and application of wind energy generation technology into commercial building types. A successful product would enable new product growth while advocating clean energy production.
  • 1) Research & Customer Needs
  • 2) Concepts and Concept Selection
  • 3) Final Design
  • 4) Materials and Cost
  • 5) Analysis
building for wind integration
Building for Wind Integration
  • Chose to incorporate turbines into a parking garage
  • Used Beaver Avenue and HUB garages for wind speed measurements and power requirements.

Beaver Ave. Garage- Wind speed readings

State College- Average Wind speed


HUB Parking Deck most similar to Beaver Ave Garage-

Power Requirements 247,099 kWh Annually

analytical hierarchy process
Analytical Hierarchy Process
  • 1. Safety (0.576, 0.576)
  • 1.1 Not dangerous to humans (0.696, 0.400)
  • C.1 Not accessible, but able to be repaired (0.225, 0.130)
  • F.1 Sturdy—won’t fall apart
  • 1.2 Not dangerous to birds (0.079, 0.044)
  • 2. Effectiveness (0.274, 0.274)
  • C.2 Cost efficient (0.461, 0.126)
  • F.2 Generates adequate amount of energy
  • 2.1 Durability—parts will last (0.182, 0.050)
  • 2.2 Environmentally friendly parts (0.068, 0.031)
  • 3. Aesthetics (0.150, 0.150)
  • C.3 Not an eyesore
  • C.4 Don’t block the view
problem statement
Problem Statement
  • To design a system of wind turbines that can be integrated into a parking garage without compromising the aesthetics of the structure and providing a substantial amount of the power requirements for that building.
  • To hold paramount the safety of the occupants of the building and animals in the surrounding area.
  • To operate efficiently based on the wind flow in the area.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing- Must be incorporated into the parking garage in an artistic or hidden manner.
  • Safety- Must not endanger occupants of parking garage or nearby wildlife such as birds
  • Effectiveness- Must supply a substantial proportion of the parking garage’s power requirements.
  • Cost- Must be within reasonable price for construction.
window turbines
Window Turbines

Incorporates numerous small diameter HAWT’s into the “windows” of the parking garage

corner turbines
Corner Turbines

Incorporates 4 VAWT’s on the corners of the building

in floor turbines
In-Floor Turbines

Incorporates short VAWTS into the concrete slabs of each floor

central turbine
Central Turbine

Incorporates one large central turbine into the middle of the garage. Uses chutes to funnel the wind into the turbine.

selected concept
Selected Concept
  • Window Turbines on one face of Garage
  • Added Corner VAWT’s to window turbine design
  • Located across park avenue from east halls- open area provides for sustained winds when compared to downtown.

70 2.5m HAWT’s each producing 1kW

  • 8 4ft x 60ft VAWT’s each producing .644kW
  • Total Power Output=75.15 kW
  • HAWT’s incorporated into “windows” of parking garage
  • VAWT’s incorporated on corners: 2 per corner
  • Safety features- Metal Mesh on inside and outside of turbine to prevent injuries.
  • LED light motion display on HAWTS- when spinning produce words/pictures for advertising

Turbine of HAWT design is pre-manufactured by BergeyWindpower Co.

2.5m 1kW turbine

Housing is custom fabricated from sheet steel and safety mesh

Safely houses turbine and isolates it from garage occupants

vertical corner turbines
Vertical Corner Turbines
  • VAWT’s on corner are tall

single rotor turbines

  • 60’x4’ capable of .644 kW
led motion advertising
LED Motion Advertising
  • Incorporate LED lights on HAWT’s to create a building sized display for advertising revenue
  • Similar concept to LED motion displays.
  • Cost per kWh $.0955
  • Required annual power consumption- 247,099 kWh
  • Wind Turbine offset- 75,150 kWh
  • Electricity savings per year- $7,176
  • Time to Payback- 21.55 years
  • Suggestion for quicker return- LED advertising on blades. Rate for State College PA 10x23’ billboard- $6,720 per month
  • Minimum Advertising Revenue= $80,640
  • Reduces return time to 1.76 years

The final design of 70 1kW HAWTS and 8 .644 kW VAWTS meets all customer needs and the LED advertising introduces a unique aspect to the design.

  • Supplies ~ 1/3 of the energy requirements for the building: a substantial portion
  • Cost of $156,715 is entirely within reason when minimum advertising revenue is taken into account- the design starts to earn money after 1.76 years
  • Unique way to produce revenue using green technology.