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Affordable Steam Carpet Cleaning PowerPoint Presentation
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Affordable Steam Carpet Cleaning

Affordable Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Affordable Steam Carpet Cleaning

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  1. Affordable Steam Carpet Cleaning

  2. We provide cost effective carpet cleaning solutions that work. Safe cleaning agents break the bonds of dirt to carpet and powerful hot water extraction forces it out. Carpet is left clean, soft and without harmful residue. Our carpet cleaning results are long lasting. Look no further for residential or commercial cleaning. Benefits of Carpet Cleaning ·  We only steam clean carpet with large truck mounted machines. It is the best carpet cleaning equipment to heat water and remove dirt. · Our carpet cleaning process leaves your carpet safely clean. ·   Powerful heat and suction. Removes all contaminants in carpet. Effective in dirt and spot removal. No residue left behind to attract dirt. Dries clean. ·  We remove pet urine from carpet and stains with power. ·   Fiber guard will protect the clean carpet from absorbing new stains and carpet traffic.

  3. Carpet as a flooring choice is very popular for its warmth, style and sound-proofing qualities. Many people choose to put it in their bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and on staircases to prevent slipping and injury. That can add up to a lot of square footage of carpet in a home. Health Benefits Carpet acts like a filter for everything that goes on. Allergens like dust mites in the air land on the carpet and attach to the fibers. Learn More. Value of Carpet Cleaning Maintained carpet can be used for many years. It will stand up to footsteps, paws, plants and furniture. Compared to hard floor surfaces, very few chemicals are purchased to keep the carpet clean. Learn more.

  4. Personal Comfort Seeing clean carpet in living areas provides a sense of well-being. Knowing that a child or an animal, who lay on it or walk barefoot, are safer gives us peace of mind. The carpet can be what it was meant to be – a warm, attractive ground to walk on. Get High-Quality Service, High-Quality Carpet Clean! The best rated carpet cleaning service in Plano, TX is Cyclone Professional Cleaners since 2001. Our trained, friendly carpet cleaners use experience, green cleansers, and the biggest truck mounted steam cleaning machines in Dallas to deliver a cleaner carpet. We have superior Rotovac cleaning wands as well as traditional style wants to clean the many carpet types we have today.

  5. Contact Us 8025 Greenwood Dr, Plano, TX Call Us: 972-390-8700 Visit Us: