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Thesis Statements PowerPoint Presentation
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Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements

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Thesis Statements

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  1. Thesis Statements To Kill a Mockingbird Essays— December 2012

  2. Put this PowerPoint into your One Note and label it as “Thesis Statements: To Kill a Mockingbird • Write directly on the slides. • 1. What is effective about the thesis statement? • 2. What do you think could be done differently to improve the thesis statement? Directions

  3. Atticus is not only a successful parent, he is a superior parent in the values he instills in his children; Atticus teaches his children ideas that are exclusive to 21st century thinking. Thesis #1

  4. Throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, we are shown that not only does Atticus teach his children verbally, but also in his own physical actions which helps to show Jem and Scout exactly how they need to act in their daily lives. Thesis #2

  5. Atticus Finch is exemplary as a parent as he treats his children as equals and is accepting and kind to them; this is evident when Cousin Francis expresses the family’s views on Atticus’ case and Atticus’ dealings with it, when Atticus had to shoot the rabid dog, Tim Johnson, and when Atticus dealt with Jem cutting all of Mrs. Dubose’s camellias. Thesis #3

  6. Atticus is a successful parent because he has Scout and Jem shape their own lives, show the children that curiosity is important, and teaches them by showing them instead of lecturing them. Thesis #4

  7. Atticus is a kind parent who guides his children with the values of equality, respect, and bravery. Thesis #5

  8. Physical gifts may be a joy to receive, but the intangible gifts teach the children many things and allows them to mature mentally. Thesis #6

  9. While Atticus may not be the youngest, coolest father, he is a successful parent and influences his children’s lives in an immensely positive way; Atticus’ parenting style teaches respect, consideration, and maturity through both setting a good example an directly influencing Scout and Jem. Thesis #7

  10. Throughout the course of the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee develops an understanding of how Atticus Finch’s parenting style affects Scout and Jem Finch by encouraging them to do the right thing, informing them of the troubles of the outside world, and by establishing who he is as a person. Thesis #8

  11. Atticus is a successful parent because he gives good advice to Him and Scout; he shows that especially during three scenes in the novel; when Scout complains about school and when Atticus talks about African Americans. Thesis #9

  12. Atticus’s unusual parenting style and interaction with his children makes him a successful parent. Thesis #10