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Role of Security Services at McMaster University

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Role of Security Services at McMaster University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Role of Security Services at McMaster University. Mission Statement. Goal: To Make McMaster University a Safe Place to Work, Live and Learn.

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mission statement

Mission Statement

Goal: To Make McMaster University a Safe Place to Work, Live and Learn

McMaster Security’s primary responsibility is the protection of persons and property within the McMaster Community. This is completed through prevention programs, law enforcement, and safety audits to achieve a secure environment. It is only through the collective efforts of the community and Security Services that the mission will be accomplished.

what is mcmaster security
What is McMaster Security?
  • On Campus Security/Police Service
  • Sworn Peace Officers under the Police Act
  • Investigate, make arrests and lay charges
what is a peace officer
What is a Peace Officer?
  • “An officer of the law”
    • Same as a Police Officer, with some restrictions
    • At McMaster, restricted to properties of McMaster University
who is mcmaster security
Who is McMaster Security?
  • A staff of 31:
    • 4 Switchboard operators/monitors (part-time)
    • 1 Dispatcher/operator (on-call)
    • 4 Dispatchers
    • 13 Special Constables (1 vacant)
    • 1 Investigator (currently vacant)
    • 4 Duty Sergeants
    • 1 Sergeant Crime Prevention
    • 1 Technology Administrator
    • 1 Supervisor Administrative Support
    • 1 Operations Manager
how to contact mcmaster security
How to Contact McMaster Security
  • Dial 905.525.9410 ext 24281
  • Dial 905.522.4135
  • All pay phones on campus have a “Security Button” for no charge dial
  • Dial 88 from any University phone
  • Elevators are equipped with phones
  • Red Emergency Phones - 32 on campus
  • In residences, push “Emergency” button on phone
laws we uphold on campus
Laws we uphold on Campus
  • Liquor License Act of Ontario
  • Trespass to Property Act
  • Criminal Code of Canada
  • University Regulations
  • Municipal By-laws
what else does mcmaster security do
What Else Does McMaster Security Do?
  • Have a presence on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Monitor all campus fire, safety and intrusion alarms
  • Monitor campus surveillance cameras
  • Respond to and investigate ALL incidents and emergencies on campus
Enforce traffic regulations on campus
  • Install and monitor campus access card system
  • Take active roles in campus committees to be part of the planning stages of future development to increase safety and security
  • Consult on security technology system to campus departments
Conduct Safety and Security audits of the campus and departments
  • Operate campus lost and found
  • Provide medical transportations
  • Provide security escorts outside of normal SWHAT hours
  • Provide safety and security seminars
how does security patrol the campus
How Does Security Patrol the Campus?

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Presidents Team Award Winners 2002
  • Police Service Board, Partnership Award 2003
daily partners

Physical Plant

Parking and Transit

Student Affairs


Hamilton Police

Hamilton Fire

Hospitality Services



Nuclear Reactor



Daily Partners
a day in the life
A Day in the life…
    • Dispatcher daily
      • Deactivates approximately 12 alarm systems
      • Provides directions to visitors to campus over the phone – many calls daily
      • Dispatches officers to all incidents on campus
      • Answers all calls in the security and emergency lines
      • Monitors all campus alarms and CCTV cameras
      • Dispatches and monitors Parking radio communication
      • Provides lost and found assistance to the community
      • Monitors and dispatches EFRT
      • Assists in the testing of fire alarms
      • Tracks all alarm and fire systems under daily maintenance
a day in the life1
A Day in the life…
  • Day Shift
    • Officers
      • 7:30 – shift briefing
      • 8:42 – Fire Alarm – University Hall
      • 9:15 - projector Alarm
      • 10:00 – projector Alarm
      • 10:30 – investigate attempt computer hacking
      • 11:30 – investigate threatening email received by staff
      • Proactive presence in IAHS
12:00 – towed a vehicle for parking services
  • 12:15 – responded to a suspicious person call
  • 1:30 – investigated an accident in Zone 6
  • 1:45 – office alarm
  • 1:50 - picked up lost and found wallet and returned to owner
  • 2:00 – picked up lost and found
  • 2:45 - investigated and found the owner of found computer property
  • 3:00 – alarm response
  • 4:00 - took a stolen I.D. report
4:30 - assisted in removing a locked bicycle
  • 5:00 – assisted with a water leak in a lab
  • 5:15 – provide access to an office for a person who locked keys inside
  • 5:30 – alarm response
  • 6:45 – alarm response
  • 7:15 - debriefed shift and briefed night shift
  • Throughout the day, completed incident reports
  • Completed proactive patrols of campus buildings and grounds
a day in the life2
A Day in the Life…
  • Night Shift
    • Proactive patrols of the campus
      • Ensuring building and areas have been locked
    • Disturbance at the bar
      • Two persons arrested and will be charged with Causing and Disturbance (court paperwork prepared later)
    • Alarm response
    • Escorted a student to their car
Checked in with the bar staff to see how things were going
  • Responded to a first aid call with EFRT, student drank too much
  • Checked on a staff member working late
  • Assisted the residence student staff with an unwanted guest in residence
  • Found people smoking drugs in a car in zone 1
Responded to a first aid call with EFRT person slipped, transported to the hospital
  • Had an officers presence when the bar was closing for the night
  • Found person drinking liquor outside
    • Given Provincial ticket
  • Found person very drunk and disorderly
    • Arrested and taken to jail
reported incidents
Reported Incidents
  • What constitutes an incident?
    • A criminal act
    • A incident that needs to be followed up
    • An incident that should be documented
  • What does not constitute a report?
    • General assistances
    • Room lock-outs
    • Proactive events and patrols
    • Security and Money Escorts
incident report averages
Incident Report Averages
  • 3653 reports filed in 2004
    • Average of
      • 305 incident reports a month
      • 10 incident reports a day
  • 3561 reports filed in 2003
    • Average of
      • 297 a incident reports a month
      • 8 incident reports a day
major incidents 2004
Major Incidents 2004
  • Sudden Death Investigation
  • Over $100,000.00 from thefts and break ins
  • Enhanced security at Nuclear Reactor
personal services to meet your needs
Technology Administrator

Will visit and review your specific area for any security technology systems

Will obtain quotes and oversee the installation of technology systems

Sergeant Crime Prevention

Will provide seminars to your staff on a variety of topics

Will conduct a complete security audit of your area

Personal Services to meet your needs
www mcmaster ca security
  • Info about our department
  • Weekly crime beat updates
  • Animated crime beats
  • Contact names and numbers
  • Seminars on line