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  1. Hey, Hey you! Yeah you behind the screen! The name’s Trubbs, Trubbs the Bully, and I’m here to teach you a thing or two about cyberbullying! Click Here to Begin

  2. What is Cyberbullying? • Cyberbullying is when a child, preteen, or teen is tormented, harassed, threatened, or otherwise targeted by another child using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies, or mobile phone. • Click here to read more.

  3. Cyberbullying… • Click here to view a short video

  4. Short Quiz! Which of the following is an example of cyberbullying? • Threatening another person online • Sending around an embarrassing photo of someone • Posting hurtful information about another person online • All of the above


  6. INCORRECT!! PAWS DOWN! Review Time!

  7. How Cyberbullying Works • Cyberbullying works two ways: Directly and Indirectly. • Check out the following web page to read more.

  8. Direct Attacks • Some examples of direct bullying attacks include: • Text and instant message harassment • Stealing passwords • Sending pictures through email and phone • Pretending to be someone else • For more examples click here.

  9. Indirect Attacks • An indirect attack on someone usually occurs when a cyberbully gets another person to bully for them. Sometimes the other person has no idea they’re even being used to do this. • Click here to read more.

  10. Short Quiz! • Cyberbullying works directly and indirectly • True or False?

  11. Short Quiz! • Which of the following is an example of a direct cyberbullying attack? • Text Harassment • Warning Wars • Stealing someone’s account



  14. INCORRECT!! PAWS DOWN! Review Time!

  15. What Causes Cyberbullying? • Cyberbullying happens for many reasons • Kids can be motivated by anger, frustration, fear, or enacting revenge. • Some people may even do it accidentally. • Some kids do it for entertainment value out of boredom. • There are many different reasons why people cyberbully. Click here to read about the different types of cyberbullies.

  16. Short Quiz! • Which of the following is NOT a type of cyberbully? • Mean Girls • Accidental • The Best Friend • Vengeful Angel


  18. INCORRECT!! PAWS DOWN! Review Time!

  19. Cyberbully Prevention • Because cyberbullying methods can be different there is no clear cut way to prevent each circumstance, however, there are some basic tips to follow: • Don’t pass along cyberbullying messages. • Block all communications from cyberbullies. • Discourage friends from cyberbullying. • Report it to someone you trust (parent, teacher, an adult). • Contact your local authorities. SAVE all documentation from the cyberbully you may have.

  20. What Would You Do? • The next section will include different scenario’s of cyberbullying. After your read each scenario you will be prompted to either provide the victim of cyberbullying with advice on how to handle the situation and/or confront the cyberbully yourself. • Please begin by watching the following YouTube video while asking yourself, “What Would I Do?”

  21. Short Quiz! • According to the narrator of the video, how many states have enacted laws to punish bullying, including cyberbullying? • 6 • 18 • 34 • 50


  23. INCORRECT!! PAWS DOWN! Review Time!

  24. Scenario 1

  25. MeanGirls • Jenna is having a birthday party. She invites some friends to celebrate. Three girls overhear her inviting her friends and decide to create a website called “Everyone Hates Jenna.” On the website they tell everyone that Jenna is a loser and not to go to her birthday party. Meanwhile, word gets around at school. What advice would you give Jenna?

  26. Short Quiz! • What should Jenna Do? • Jenna should forget like anything ever happened and let it go on. • Jenna should cancel her birthday party. • Jenna should save any bullying messages she has, or copy the website, and report the girls to a trusted adult.


  28. INCORRECT!! Woof! This is probably not a safe recommendation

  29. Scenario 2

  30. Secret Bully • For the past week, Maria has been receiving strange emails saying “I’ll find you.” She doesn’t recognize the email address. She doesn’t know if it’s someone playing a joke on her or if it’s a stranger. She’s very scared either way. One day, the emails beginning coming every few minutes. This time they say “I’m almost there.” If she called you for advice, what would you say?

  31. Short Quiz! • What advice would you give Maria? • Maria should tell the bully to come over because she’s “ready” for them. • Maria should block the bully, save all messages, and call the local authorities as soon as possible. • You tell Maria you’ll be over soon and you will both confront the secret bully together.


  33. INCORRECT!! Woof! This is probably not a safe recommendation

  34. Scenario 3

  35. The Video Bullies • Greg sends a funny video of himself reenacting his favorite movie to his friend Joe. Joe laughs and thinks Greg looks stupid so shows some other people at school. They also laugh and decide to post the video on YouTube for all to see. Hundreds of people begin posting nasty comments about Greg. Soon he goes to school and begins to hear more cruel comments about the video from other classmates. What would you say to Joe in this situation?

  36. Short Quiz! • What would you say to Joe in this situation? • Joe, what you did was hilarious. It was just a joke and Greg should be able to handle it. • Joe, posting Greg’s video online was little mean, you could have just made fun of him without posting it online. • Joe, what you did was cruel and it’s called cyberbullying. No one should do this to another person. I’ve already reported what you have to done to the our school principal.


  38. INCORRECT!! Woof! This is probably not a safe recommendation

  39. Woof! Well kids, it’s high time I hit the road! I hope you learned a lot about cyberbullying and how to protect yourself and others. Paws up! Go to the next slide to begin your final project! Trubbs the Bully over and out!

  40. Final Project • Now that you’ve learned all about cyberbullying and how to handle it best, it’s time to take to your blogs. In your blog, write about what you have learned about cyberbullying and create a list of tips for dealing with cyberbullying in a responsible way. Make sure you share the link to your blog with your instructor. • Before you go, check out this short music video. Remember, if you or someone you know is being bullied. Report it! You do NOT deserve to be bullied!