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Disqualifications For VA Home Loans PowerPoint Presentation
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Disqualifications For VA Home Loans

Disqualifications For VA Home Loans

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Disqualifications For VA Home Loans

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  2. Understand the disqualifications for a VA loan, so you know whether this type of loan will work for you.

  3. VA loans provide advantages that help veterans buy homes, so restrictions exist that ensure only selected people can qualify.

  4. Learn about the disqualificationsfor a VA loan here, so you can either become qualified or consider other options.


  6. Before you can apply, you must first establish your eligibility.

  7. To receive consideration, you must have had a minimum of 90 daysof wartime military service or a minimum of 181 days of peacetime active duty service.

  8. Surviving spouses of veterans also can apply if they have not remarried.

  9. Surviving spouses of veterans also can apply if they have not remarried.

  10. Eligibility requirements for reservists include either six years or longer time in service. • Eligibility requirements exclude anyone who has a dishonorable discharge.

  11. CREDIT

  12. Your credit score might disqualify you from getting a VA loan. Depending on the current lender environment, your credit requirement might vary.

  13. In many situations, you need a credit score of at least 620to move forward with your loan application.

  14. Additionally, a substantial credit and payment history over the past year can help secure a loan.

  15. If your credit presently disqualifies your loan, you can spend some time improving your credit before you reply.

  16. INCOME

  17. You must have verifiable income that can cover your mortgage payment, with enough residual income to meet household expenses.

  18. Income requirements vary depending on the amount of your loan and the location of the house you want to buy.

  19. If your income disqualifies you, work on finding ways to increase your income before filing a new application.


  21. A poor employment history over the past two years might disqualify you from a VA loan.

  22. Unless you can prove exceptional circumstances, that will change the minds of loan officers, you will need to have a stable employment history before submitting your application.


  24. Bankruptcy could disqualify you from getting a loan if fewer than two years has elapsed since your latest Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

  25. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy might disqualify you, if fewer than one year has passed since you filed, or if you performed poorly while paying for it.


  27. A failed VA loan experience in the past can disqualify you.

  28. If the bank foreclosed on your last VA-financed home. You may have a problem. You voluntarily surrendered your property in advance of foreclosure. You received a compromise claim approval.

  29. In this situation you definitely need to contact a VA loan specialist.

  30. You can recover your eligibility after a failed VA loan experience if you pay off the first loan.

  31. You might have partial eligibility available to you if you did not borrow the full amount available to you when you received for your first loan.

  32. You might need to submit a particular form and fulfill other requirements before you can re-qualify for full or partial eligibility.

  33. Again, this is a time when you need the help of a specialist.

  34. If you have questions concerning your eligibility or your qualifications for a VA home loan…

  35. … make sure you contact Jimmy Vercellinofor more information.

  36. Jimmy Vercellino, VA Loan Specialist helps veterans obtain the loans they are entitled to.

  37. He served in the United States Marine Corps, and now devotes himself to the Veteran home buyer in the Phoenix area…

  38. … fulfilling a passion of his while at the same time helping others achieve home ownership.

  39. Be a proud homeowner today. For more details call • 480-351-5904or visit the site

  40. VA LOANS FOR VETS 7702 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite 220 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Phone: (480) 351-5904 Email: