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The Road to High School!

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The Road to High School! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Parents! Getting Ready for High School: Everything You Need to Know! Mrs. Dowty ~ A-K last names Mrs. Jennings ~ L-Z last names. As a table, please spend a few minutes to list any questions you would like answered at today’s meeting ~ thank you!. The Road to High School!.

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Welcome Parents!Getting Ready for High School:Everything You Need to Know!Mrs. Dowty ~ A-K last namesMrs. Jennings ~ L-Z last names

As a table, please spend a few minutes to list any questions you would like answered at today’s meeting ~ thank you!

what to expect
What to Expect:

13/14 YEAR OLDS:


-Changes in energy patterns

-Skin problems/hygiene a key issue

-Boys: voices change/growth spurts

-Girls: 95% of mature height

-High need for physical activity and snacking

  • Neatness an issue with appearance, not environment
  • Feelings easily hurt
  • Hang out in large groups, but starting to form more intimate relationships
  • Phone, computer, video games are major distractions
  • Like to do as much as possible and cram a lot into a day
  • More of their own adult personality evident
  • Embarrassed to be seen with parents
  • Loud
  • Don’t respond well to adult lectures; “know it all” stage
  • Can withdraw in the home setting
  • Worry about school work
  • Can be difficult at home and a star in school
13/14 YEAR OLDS: Language
  • One word answers
  • Street/peer language important, but learning to negotiate adult world
  • Develop a broader vocabulary
  • Like to challenge intellectual and social authority
  • Aware of problems in larger world and invested in finding solutions
  • Abstract reasoning begins to develop
  • Easily bored


what to expect academically
What to Expect: Academically
  • Higher academic demands
  • Individual responsibility emphasized
  • More independence expected
  • Organizational skills are necessary
  • Self-advocacy skills essential
how parents can help students build self advocacy skills

How parents can help students build self advocacy skills:

*Studentto communicate with teacher:

Ask questions during class

Discuss problems or concerns with teachers before or after class, in the morning or after school

Participate in after school help

Email teacher

*Clarification of homework assignments:

Student to use planner consistently to write down assignments

Student to use team homework page on the school website

Student to call a peer

Student to ask parents for assistance

*Student and Parents review Parent Portal together:

Student follows up with teacher on missing assignments, low scores

*Student comes to guidance regarding academic, social, or personal concerns

timeline to high school fall 2013

Timeline to High SchoolFall 2013

October: All students established Power School accounts

Letter sent home from SWHS to all families regarding transition information

October 29th: Cheney Tech Open House ~ 6 PM

Nov. 4th: SWHS Family Curriculum Night ~ 6:30 PM

Nov. 6th: Rockville Vo-Ag Open House ~ 6 PM

Nov. 14th: Prince Tech Open House ~ 5:30 PM

timeline to high school december 2013 january 2014
Timeline to High School:December 2013 – January 2014
  • December: Private high school applications due to TE counselors
  • January 15th: Parent presentation at SWHS reviewing 9th grade course selection process
  • January: SWHS 9th grade counselor visits all 8th grade classes to distribute and explain course selection materials
february march 2014
February - March 2014
  • First week of February: Level recommendations mailed home with course selection worksheet ~


  • February 24th & 25th: Students tour SWHS and enter course requests in Power School during visits
  • March 21st: Last day for level change requests
may june 2014
May – June 2014
  • May 30th: Preliminary schedules will be mailed to students from SWHS
  • June 17th: Final date for students to change elective courses
levels at swhs goal is to place students where they can be most successful
Levels at SWHSGoal is to place students where they can be most successful!
  • Levels at SWHS follow New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) standards.
  • Courses are divided into levels based on difficulty of curricular content, academic requirements, sophistication of analysis required
  • College Prep
  • Honors
  • Advanced Placement (AP) : Offered for sophomores, juniors, and seniors
how levels are determined
How Levels are Determined
  • 1st trimester grades
  • Reading ability
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to analyze information and think abstractly
  • Writing skills
  • CMTs, benchmark assessments, and teacher generated tests
  • Study habits
  • Overall quality of work
  • Responsibility in meeting deadlines
9 th grade course requirements
9th Grade Course Requirements

All students must take the following classes:

  • 1st year English or Humanities (by recommendation)
  • Math
  • Physical Science
  • Modern World History or Humanities (by recommendation)
  • PE (1/2 year = .5 credit)
  • Computer Applications (1/2 year = .5 credit)

*These required classes total five credits.

*Students will need to choose up to two more credits in elective courses. If students require math, reading, or resource support, those are considered elective courses.

graduation requirements
  • 24 credits minimum
  • 6 credits (at least) required each year
  • Students must pass 6 credits to become sophomores
  • To graduate from SWHS, students will need:

4 credits of English

4 credits of math

3 credits of science

3 credits of social studies

1 credit of PE

½ credit of health

2 credits of career and technology

1 credit of world language

1 credit of fine arts

4 ½ credits of electives

Additional questions?

Thank you for coming ~

please complete the evaluation and enjoy this exciting year with your

8th grader!