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One World Project

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One World Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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One World Project. Smoking. By: Samara Nait. Countries :. Main Country. Nauru. Other Countries. Australia. New Zealand. America. Introduction.

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One World Project


By: Samara Nait


Countries :

Main Country


Other Countries


New Zealand




This PowerPoint going to try to persuade the United Nations to give money to Nauru so that Nauru can buy medicine and companies to help Nauruan to stop smoking. It will prove it by comparing the smoking in Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii. I chose this because someone in my family smokes.


Nauru & Australia

Nauru’s population is 13,528 and the percent

of smokers is 54%.

Australia's population is 22,585,895

and the percentage of smokers is 17%.


Nauru& New Zealand

Nauru’s population is13,528 and the percent of smokers is 54%.

New Zealand population is 4,393,500

and the percentage of smokers is18.1.


Nauru &America

Nauru’s population is13,528 and the percent of smokers is 54%.

America population is 311,204,000 and the percentage of smokers is 23.6.


Persuasion 1

More then half of the country in Nauru smokes. Australia is a big country and has a big population but only 17% smoke. But nauru is small and more then half of the country smokes.

Same with America & New Zealand.


Persuasion 2

Because Nauru is a small country and more then half of Nauru smokes then most of the country’s smokers may die from it and slowly by slowly its population may go down.


Persuasion 3

Life Expectancy


New Zealand







Nauru is 15 years

Less then New Zealand.

Nauru is 13 Less years then America.

Nauru is 17 Less year then Australia.


New Zealand




The closer to the black box

(witch is less then 40) Is the more

dangerous the life expectancy is.

Not Safe


Nauru is more then half way down and

is close to the black. While

America, New Zealand & Australia is at the top where the life expectancy is heathy & safe.

In the next slide you will see a Life expectancy graph to show Australia, New Zealand, America, & Nauru.

LifeExpectancy Comparisons

The life expectancy in Nauru is the lowest of the three other countries.

It’s about 16 more years of life in New Zealand & Australia then in Nauru. Imagine what you could do in 16 years. It’s enough to start school allover again.

America’s life expectancy is 78.3. It’s not as good as New Zealand & Australia because America have obesity problems. But America has a long life expectancy. America has 13 more years of life expectancy then Nauru. Imagine what you could do in 13 years.



As you can see with the data on the power point , its really scary how more then half of Nauru’s population smokes and is population is only 13,528. That means if this continues, the population will decrease and not enough people to get the jobs done. Life expectancy is close to the bottom of the chart and far away from the rest of the countries. The younger people die the less they get to experience life in its fullest. Unfortunately New Zealand, America, & Australia’s economy has more money to buy heath care. Nauru doesn't.

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