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Ohio Invasive Plants Council

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Ohio Invasive Plants Council - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ohio Invasive Plants Council. c/o The Holden Arboretum 9500 Sperry Road Kirtland, OH 44094 www.oipc.info info@oipc.info. Ohio Invasive Plants Council. Participates in statewide efforts to address the threats of invasive species to Ohio's ecosystems and economy by

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Ohio Invasive Plants Council

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Ohio Invasive Plants Council c/o The Holden Arboretum9500 Sperry RoadKirtland, OH 44094 www.oipc.info info@oipc.info

    2. Ohio Invasive Plants Council Participates in statewide efforts to address the threats of invasive species to Ohio's ecosystems and economy by providing leadership and promoting stewardship, education, research, and information exchange www.oipc.info

    3. Ohio Invasive Plants Council Objectives:► Raise public awareness of invasive plants ►Facilitate information exchange ► Provide educational, advisory, & technical support on invasive plant issues ► Develop lists of invasive plants & non-invasive alternatives ► Promote actions to prevent future introductions of invasive plants www.oipc.info

    4. Ohio Invasive Plants Council Incorporated: 2005 President: Jennifer Windus Vice President: Carrie Morrow Treasurer: Theresa Culley Secretary: Cheryl Coon 12-member Board representing 6 different interests (e.g., government, nursery industry, academia, interested public, non-profits) Work Groups & Chair: Education, Communication & Outreach Work Group: Melissa Moser & Sarena Selbo Research Work Group: Theresa Culley Control & Restoration Work Group: Karen Adair & Cheryl Coon Invasive Plant List Work Group: Jennifer Hillmer www.oipc.info

    5. Ohio Invasive Plants Council Workshops and Conferences www.oipc.info

    6. Ohio Invasive Plants Council Educational Materials www.oipc.info

    7. Ohio Invasive Plants Council Displays & Demonstrations www.oipc.info

    8. Ohio Invasive Plants Council Targeted Invasive Plants Purple loosestrife Garlic mustard Phragmites Japanese knotweed www.oipc.info Glossy buckthorn Amur honeysuckle

    9. Ohio Invasive Plants Council Iron Furnace Cooperative Weed Management Area, Southern Ohio Meetings, Workshops, Field Trips, Control Projects www.oipc.info