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mYPlace Private Rented Scheme PowerPoint Presentation
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mYPlace Private Rented Scheme

mYPlace Private Rented Scheme

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mYPlace Private Rented Scheme

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  1. mYPlacePrivate Rented Scheme

  2. Round 1 • mYPlace scheme launch 1st June 2011 • 52 referrals from WFDC • 25 young people housed in Wyre Forest • 17 Landlords recruited

  3. Round 2 • 49 young people housed • 97 referrals - Bromsgrove • 47 referrals - Wyre Forest • 33 referrals - Redditch • 25 Landlords recruited • Pre tenancy training is implemented in • Wyre Forest

  4. mYPlace PRS is working in partnership with Wyre Forest District Council, Bromsgrove & Redditch District Council • St Basils finds private rented accommodation and invites referrals from Local Authorities, Providers and other partners • PRS Access Scheme – Majority funded by CRISIS fighting for Hope for Homeless People • Landlords recruitment is ongoing covering North Worcestershire & Birmingham

  5. mYPlace Support providers do this • Support Young people to gain access to the Private Rented Accommodation • Work with us to sustain the tenancies • Enable young people to be safe and secure in their own home.

  6. mYPlace mYPlacedo this • Provide a Bond instead of a deposit and/ or Rent in Advance • Support young people in finding accommodation and Liaising with Landlords • Provide a service to Landlords and young people by taking references, completing affordability checks and completing inventories in & out of tenancies • Work with FLT support providers to provide ongoing support to ensure tenancies are sustained.

  7. mYPlace Eligibility criteria • 18-25 yrs Single Homeless (or at risk) • Low Income or benefits and in housing need. • Unable to pay for a deposit to access the private rented sector. • Can provide references to pass to landlords. • Can afford PRS housing (with or without benefits) • Are capable of maintaining a tenancy with low housing related support. • No arson convictions, no history of serious antisocial behaviour or offences that would inhibit them from sharing.

  8. mYPlace Referrals • mYPlace is not an emergency accommodation scheme • Eligibility Criteria and Pre-Interview agreement to be discussed with a young person before referral made to check criteria and manage expectations. • Generic St Basils NW referral form is logged centrally and forwarded to mYPlace.

  9. mYPlace Application • YP is contacted to arrange appointment • Support Worker is contacted for an up to date Risk Assessment. • At application the young person is asked to provide ID and reference information and details of housing preference • When references are returned we can start matching young people up with a potential to share or prepare for a Single Occupancy based upon affordability • An allocations meeting takes place with the local Authority • The tenancy is created

  10. mYPlace Tenancies • 6 Month Assured Shorthold Tenancy • Ongoing work with landlords • Access to Benefits via LHA • 1 week, and monthly tenancy health check’s • Our communication with the support provider’s is KEY

  11. Landlord feedback " It has all been so easy, building properties is what I am good at, but finding the right tenant can take so much time and resource”. “mYPlace staff have been thorough and efficient, always on hand to respond to any queries providing the tenants with a safe and affordable option has been so rewarding”. “The looks on the young people's faces when they arrive for the viewing's, it all made perfect sense that what I was and am continuing to do is worth it".

  12. Young people’s feedback “mYPlace has made all the difference to me, I have a lovely home that I can afford, ok money is tight, but it's just like that in the real world when you are starting out”. “The process was quick and easy, you would not get a better service if you went through an estate agent and some charge a fortune in admin fee's, with mYPlace you get 2 years to pay back your rent in advance, and that was such a relief”. “I think it's the best option, when you look at what is left housing options are so limiting without support and good support is rare and that is so rare and you can be waiting for so long it de-motivates you when you can be trying so hard”.

  13. Questions and contact information Jayne Russell mYPlace PRS Scheme Coordinator St Basils North Worcester Email: Tel: 07540 127429 Web: