the invention of toshiba laptops n.
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The Invention of Toshiba Laptops PowerPoint Presentation
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The Invention of Toshiba Laptops

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The Invention of Toshiba Laptops - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Invention of Toshiba Laptops. Cinthia Valdez 3-15-11. Toshiba. The invention I choose was a Toshiba Laptop. Toshiba Laptop. This is the screen of the laptop.

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Presentation Transcript
  • The invention I choose was a Toshiba Laptop.
toshiba laptop
Toshiba Laptop

This is the screen of the laptop .

  • A Toshiba Laptop is very useful that’s why I choose Toshiba. For those who don’t know what a Toshiba Laptop is, I will describe it to you. It looks like this. You can open it and you will see a screen on top and a keyboard on the bottom

This is how it looks when it is all put together…..

This is keyboard of the laptop

inventor of laptop
Inventor of Laptop
  • The name of the inventor was Adam Osborne. Who invented the first laptop in 1981… Adam Osborne was born in Bangkok Thailand in March 6,1939
important or interesting
Important or Interesting
  • The Toshiba laptop is important because it helps with homework and how to find homes and how to get to places.
  • It is interesting because you can listen to music, look at pictures and do many things.
laptop store
Laptop store
  • You can buy a Toshiba laptop in almost all stores. But two store that are known to sell laptops are Best buy and Wal-Mart.
positive and negative
Positive and Negative
  • Positive: useful easy to use and helpful.
  • Negative: can get viruses, and sometimes stops working.

OHHHH NOOO VIRUSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

different size
Different size…..

Small laptops

  • The laptops are different sizes. There is Small and big sizes

Big laptops

work the internet
Work the internet
  • To work the internet click the internet explorer. Go to Then you can look up any website you want to see.
president ceo
President /CEO
  • The president of the company that makes the laptops is called Mr. Tadashi Okamura
  • The headquarters that make the laptops is located in Minato-Ku Tokyo.
  • (address) 105-8001
  • The website that you can use to find computers is called
number of laptops made in a month
Number of laptops made in a month
  • The number of laptops made in a month are 564,534
  • A laptop costs about 349.97-899.99Dollers.
question for me
Question for me….
  • Are the Laptops still around?
  • Yes the laptops are still around.
  • If you have any questions on how to use the laptop well don’t be scared on telling me how to use one.
questions to ask
Questions To Ask
  • If I would to meet the he inventor of the laptops I will ask:
  • Why did you invent the laptops?
  • How did he come up with the idea?
  • How and who helped him invent the laptop?
background research
Background Research
  • Some websites I used to find information were
  • As you can see, laptops are used for many things. Like help you with homework, finding other places. I forgot say that you can also buy things in the internet.