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Medieval Drama:

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Medieval Drama:. Don’t You Forget About The Costuming/Music/Website Group. ‘Dressing’ The Play: Costuming. The costuming of “The Castle of Perseverance” is mentioned in the included stage drawing.

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Medieval Drama:

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medieval drama

Medieval Drama:

Don’t You Forget About The Costuming/Music/Website Group

dressing the play costuming
‘Dressing’ The Play: Costuming
  • The costuming of “The Castle of Perseverance” is mentioned in the included stage drawing.
  • The playwrights instructed for Belial to be fitted with such props as gunpowder in burning pipes (held within his hands, ear and anus) when he goes into battle.
    • This is why Belial makes several “explosive gas” jokes throughout the piece—this evokes the “burning” sensation…
dressing the play costuming1
‘Dressing’ The Play: Costuming
  • The diagram also instructs that the

Four Daughters are to wear mantles,

with Mercy in white, Righteousness

in red, Truth is green and Peace in black.

  • The Four Daughters were otherwise dressed very plainly, as they represented purity and simplicity.
    • For our play, we broke away from the designated color scheme, focused on representing “teacher” appearance and character definition
dressing the play costuming2
‘Dressing’ The Play: Costuming
  • Applied our knowledge of traditional medieval costumes to our own rendition, which adapts costumes to fit the 80s theme/Breakfast Club undertones
    • Elaborate “Angel” and “Demona” costumes:
      • By the fifteen century, simplistic

costuming was no longer desired—

instead, actors wore exotic robes and

angels and other virtuous characters

were typically fitted with gilded limbs,

halos and ornate wings.

      • This is why Angel wears a golden Hair band
dressing the play costuming3
‘Dressing’ The Play: Costuming
  • Grungy “Devil” attire:
    • In Medieval plays, the devil was

often dressed intricately, often with

horns, a tail and other embellishments.

    • In the fifteenth century, Satan and his

other devils were popular with

audiences, and therefore their

costumes were further embellished with grotesque masks, lashing tails, fangs and snouts that were often shades of black, red and blue.

      • This is why Demona wears red, ornate jewelry and heels
dressing the play costuming4
‘Dressing’ The Play: Costuming
  • Common “Mankind” attire:
    • Mankind was typically dressed

commonly as he is meant to represent


    • The rendition to the right—of

Mankind fighting off Death—

evidences a typical costume of robes and simple shoes.

    • For Manny, we used the medieval concept of changing costumes:
      • Overalls/straw hat and flannel shirt
      • With the Vices: overalls and black shirt
      • With the Virtues: overalls and light shirt
      • Graduating with the Vices: jeans + black shirt
dressing the play costuming5
‘Dressing’ The Play: Costuming
  • Virtues
    • In matching uniforms and good order:
    • 80’s themed: cheerleaders shirts, short skirts (purchased by students), side-pony tails, graduation dresses
  • Vices
    • Appear cooler, more seductive and appealing than the Virtues:
      • Dark clothing, red for the Bad Angel, green for Greed
      • 80’s themed: flannel shirts, sleeveless shirts, torn clothing, spandex, cutoffs, big hair
livening the set props
Livening The Set: Props
  • Original Props:
    • Very few props in the original play enabled creative liberties and ability to express both 80’s theme and medieval elements
  • Props
    • Vices:
      • Accentuate tough appearance:
        • Smoking, drinking, chains and knives, squirt guns, food for Gluttony, porn magazine for Lust
    • Virtues;
      • Light, innocent appearance:
        • Bubble guns, possible pom-poms, books and organizers
  • Purchasing: Adams County Rescue Mission, Walmart, household items
challenges along the way
Challenges Along the Way
  • Making the fight realistic, chaotic and coherent in terms of prop use
  • Creating real division between Virtues and Vices in terms of prop use and appearance
    • How bad can the Vices be?
    • How good can the Virtues appear?
  • How should God appear?
  • Cost budgeting
    • Bubble guns, Manny’s costume, cheerleaders
  • Looking realistic, recreating 80’s theme
  • Leaving room for creative differences while maintaining unity in costuming
enhancing awareness website
Enhancing Awareness: Website
  • Clearly a “modern”

component but with

Medieval roots

    • Similar to town criers,

which came about in the

18th century

      • Town criers attracted people's attention by carrying a handbell and shouting, “Oyez, oyez” before making an announcement. ‘Oyez’ meant ‘hear ye.’
    • Enhancing student involvement and student awareness of the production
    • “Meeting ground,” so to say, with chat function
setting the tone music
Setting The Tone: Music
  • Most music during Medieval productions was one of two types:
    • Liturgical Drama sung monophonically
    • Vernacular: Various types of music are introduced into spoken dialogue
  • We decided to shy away from liturgical music and took a “vernacular” approach
  • Wanted a mix of live music and recorded music
  • Songs were chosen on a literal basis
    • Particular attention played to most current theme
      • Example: “Changes” when Manny changes his clothes
      • “Hot for Teacher” when Fee is teaching class
  • Wanted music to augment the current section of the play
droppin the beat specifics
Droppin’ The Beat: Specifics
  • “Hot For Teacher” -Van Halen
  • “Don’t Stop Believing” -Journey
  • “Our House” -Talking Heads
  • “Changes” -David Bowie
  • “Hip To Be Square” -Huey Louis & The News
  • “Beat It” -Michael Jackson
  • “In The Air Tonight” -Phil Collins
  • “Total Eclipse of The Heart” -Bonnie Tyler
  • “Cocaine” -Eric Clapton
  • “Here I Go Again On My Own” -Whitesnake
  • “Don’t You Forget About Me”-Simple Minds