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2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

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2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

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  1. 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  2. Fashion Auxiliary Services • The only segment of the fashion industry that works with all other segments simultaneously • The three broad categories of auxiliary services include: • Advertising • Publicity • Public relations 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  3. Advertising • Space and time is paid for • Most often, it is a campaign with a predetermined strategy agreed upon by client and agency • It can appear in print (magazines and newspaper), radio, and television 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  4. Publicity • Free and voluntary information about a product or company • Publicity involves agencies or in-house public relations departments distributing various press releases to publishers • Publishers may choose to publish or discard these releases 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  5. Public Relations • Also the free and voluntary mention of a product or company • Public relations are geared toward the long term image enhancement of a client • Involves events like trunk shows, fashion shows, in-store breakfasts for important customers, parades, and various other activities to earn goodwill and notoriety 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  6. Fashion Magazines • Godey’s Lady’s Book, was established 150 years ago as a fashion magazine • Sara Joseph Hale, first editor of Godey’s, is best remembered as a feminist • Godey’s Lady’s Book was the forerunner of today’s fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Seventeen, Elle, and Marie Claire 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  7. Fashion Magazines • The 1990s and 2000s brought new fashion magazines into the fashion business • For women: • InStyle, covers fashion trends among celebrities • Lucky, a fashion magazine about shopping • Essence, targeted for African Americans • Latina, targeted for bilingual Hispanics • For men: • GQ, formerly Gentlemen’s Quarterly; largest circulating men’s fashion magazine • Esquire, regarded as an authority on the latest trends in men’s wear • Men’s Vogue, the latest addition in men’s fashion magazines 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  8. General Consumer Publications Disseminates fashion news to the public: • The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, provide weekly section to fashion • Time, Newsweek, People, provide occasional fashion coverage • Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, target young singles • Cosmo Girl, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, target teenagers 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  9. Trade Publications:Only for the Industry Best known trade publications include: • WWD, for the women’s trade • Started as a page in the Daily Trade Record, 1910 • DNR, for the men’s trade • Started as the Daily Trade Record, in 1892 at Chicago World’s Fair • W • Industry magazine reportson high fashion and high society 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  10. Broadcast Media • Television • From commercials to sitcoms, fashion pervades the medium • Cable • Infomercials, HSN, QVC and CNN all have fashion features • Radio • Does not feature visuals but has captive, targeted audience to announce sales and store events • Internet • Market of one; addresses the individual market directly 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  11. Advertising Agencies • Sell commercial space or time • Prepare selling manuals • Develop promotional campaigns • Perform market research for clients in the consumer market 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  12. Public Relations Agencies • Enhance the client’s image and sales potential • Perform and direct public relations • Sponsor events designed to enhance and shape the client’s image and brand 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  13. Fashion Stylists • Select and coordinate looks for catalogs, print ads, and commercials • They wield tremendous artistic clout in today’s image driven fashion world 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  14. Store Design • Involves space for the sale of merchandise • Correctly done, it increases customer sales • Fixtures, lighting, and color schemes are part of the artistic side • Placement of ramps, restrooms, fire exits, and building codes are part of the functional end 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  15. Visual Merchandising • The arrangement and presentation of merchandise in the store • Appeals are made directly to the client’s target market via the correct visual merchandising effort in the stores • Display fixtures, signs, and graphics are the main conveyor of visual merchandising 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  16. Fashion Forecasting • The Doneger Group, Promostyl, Here & There are some of the big names involved in the business of forecasting fashion • A relatively recent trend • Prior to the 50s, fashion was still dictated by the “trickle down” theory • Fashion shows were the undisputed arbiter of taste 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  17. National Retail Federation (NRF) • Retail trade association that services the retail industry with information • NRF publishes Stores, a monthly magazine • Regional and national meetings for the retail executive are organized by the NRF 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  18. Buying, Merchandising and Product Development Organizations • Originally used to place orders for out-of-town retailers, today, they perform many tasks: • Watching and reporting on fashion trends • Strategic planning • Vendor recommendations • Import coordination • Product development 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  19. Buying, Merchandising and Product Development Organizations • Most are located in New York City’s garment center • The Doneger Group • Federated Merchandising Group 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  20. So You Want to Be in Fashion?So Did They… Now It’s Your Turn! 2007 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

  21. Welcome to the Fashion Business! Elaine Stone