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MY PARENT REWARDS. A new fundraising program where you raise money by helping your community save. Who Are We?.

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    1. MY PARENT REWARDS A new fundraising program where you raise money by helping your community save.

    2. Who Are We? Our group, JT Enterprises inc, along with My Parent Rewards (MPR) and 100,000 businesses across North America have created the MPR Family Savings Card to help give parents with young children a break on the costs of everyday life. Fundraising Professional’s since 1991 JT Enterprises inc. 6320 E. Crestmark ste 2 Wichita, KS 67220 1-866-652-9200

    3. My Parent Rewards (MPR) is a discount card. Members buy the card for $20 and gain access to coupons and exclusive offers found at The great news is that your organization receives $8 in profit from the sale of every $20 MPR card – This profits add up quickly as you strive to achieve your fundraising goals! What is My Parent Rewards? My Parent Rewards is North America’s leading family savings program. Members enjoy exclusive 2-For-1 savings and up to 50% off at top restaurants, shops, attractions, sporting events, and more in your community, online and all across North America. Proceeds from the purchase of every My Parent Rewards card helps raise much needed funds for school programs, student activities and local charities. Whether you’re at home, work or on vacation, My Parent Rewards is your ticket to discounts that will SAVE YOU THOUSANDS!

    4. KeyBenefits

    5. How it works There are several ways to sell the MPR cards. Contact your JT Enterprises inc. Fundraising Professional to show you the different ways this program can be administrated.

    6. WWW.MYPARENTREWARDS.COM • MPR Members visit and log in. • Using the Store Locator and Online Deal functions, Members search for discounts in their local community, online and all across North America. • When a Member finds a discount they like, they simply Click, Print & Present their coupon along with their MPR Card to the participating retailer.

    7. My Parent Rewards Cardholders Enjoy: • Thousands of dollars in savings on family fun • Emergency contact support • Prescription discounts (56,000 locations) • Free grocery coupons • Exclusive 2-for-1 and 50% off dining discounts • The best deals on hotels, car rentals, airlines, and vacation packages • Roadside assistance • Big savings on attractions, movie tickets, sporting events, concerts, and more! • Weekly email coupons from national retailers, up to 50% off • Discounts at over 100,000 businesses across the United States and Canada

    8. Why Choose MPR? We give you everything you need to make this event a HUGE SUCCESS! - Completely turn-key - Helps families save money during challenging economic times - Doesn’t interfere with other fundraisers • $8 profit from the sale of every $20 MPR card you sell goes to your • organization! - YOU WILL MAKE MONEY! This fundraiser actually puts money back in Parent’s pockets with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN SAVINGS on family fun like eating-out, movies, shopping, and more!

    9. MPR Testimonials "Thank you so much!! I did a search for a free shipping coupon for JCPenney, and thanks to your site, I saved the 16.95 shipping charge. I will definitely use this site again." -J. L. "Last night I was buying a laptop at Dell. . . . I went to your site - searched on Dell, and I found a coupon that saved me 300 dollars! And it took me like 60 seconds. Awesome." -Ray C. "Thanks soooo much for giving the kiddos a great product to sell and earn money at the same time! It’s soooo different from the "junk" other companies try to get kids to sell for fundraisers! NICE JOB!“ -Lori, Elementary School, AB "Thank you so much for sending the samples of the ideas for fundraising programs. I really enjoyed looking through the different ideas. I have taken the ideas that I liked (and were different from the norm) to the school for everyone to put their input into them. Just to let you know that your company is the only company that actually took time to send out samples. You have our business if I have anything to say about it.“ -Private School, ON

    10. The MPR card is EASY TO SELL Even relatives and friends in different states can purchase a card online and direct the proceeds to go to your organization! Everyone knows what a coupon book is – this is everything a coupon book is, in a card! MPR is a discount card where members gain access to online coupons and exclusive offers. Parents, family members and friends simply visit the MPR website and the rest sells itself!

    11. The MPR program APPEALS TO TODAY’S GENERATION Today’s generation spends an average of 31 hours a week online – they will love this technologically savvy fundraising program! Students can send emails to family members and friends to increase their sales! The email provides a link to the website where card activations can be done and the proceeds are directed to your organization! It’s that easy!

    12. The MPR card APPEALS TO TODAY’S PARENTS American adults use the internet an average of 32 hours a week. MPR is easier than checking emails or shopping online – anyone can do it! • Parents want: • Environmentally friendly products • Economical and affordable products • Convenience • MPR GIVES PARENTS WHAT THEY WANT!

    13. The MPR program SUPPORTS LOCAL BUSINESSES MPR members enter their postal code and can view all the local businesses who offer deals in their community!

    14. The MPR program helps you RAISE MONEY YEAR AFTER YEAR When happy MPR members renew their card each year, the original organization keeps receiving $8 profit from the sale of the $20 card! Which means you keep raising money long after your fundraiser has ended!

    15. SIGN UP TODAY! To learn more about this exciting opportunity – or if you have any questions, please contact… JT Enterprises inc. 6320 E. Crestmark ste 2 Wichita, KS 67220 866-652-9200 Tulsa, Oklahoma office 800-888-1344