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Introduction to the SAT

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Introduction to the SAT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to the SAT. What is the SAT?. The nation’s most widely used college entrance exam A standardized test It is PREDICTABLE!!! Used to compare a student’s aptitude without regard to ethnicity , origins, cultural background, education, etc. How should I prepare for the SAT?.

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Introduction to the SAT

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what is the sat
What is the SAT?
  • The nation’s most widely used college entrance exam
  • A standardized test
    • It is PREDICTABLE!!!
  • Used to compare a student’s aptitude without regard to ethnicity, origins, cultural background, education, etc.
how should i prepare for the sat
How should I prepare for the SAT?
  • Get familiar with:
    • Format
    • Scoring
    • Content
    • Directions
    • Timing
    • Gridding
  • And most importantly….DON’T CRAM!
  • Cramming is actually shown to increase anxiety rather than improve your score
what is the format of the sat
What is the format of the SAT?
  • Total test time = 3 hours 45 minutes
  • There are three components
    • Critical Reading 70 minutes
    • Math 70 minutes
    • Writing 60 minutes
  • What happened to the other 25 minutes?
    • One experimental (non-graded) section – don’t know which one, or what topic it covers…so do your best on ALL sections!
what is the format of the math sections
What is the format of the math sections?
  • There are three scored sections:
    • 2 - 25 minutes sections

20 multiple choice questions

8 multiple choice & 10 grid-in questions

    • 1 - 20 minute section

15 multiple choice questions

  • All multiple choice questions have 5 answer choices
how are the english sections formatted
How are the English sections formatted?
  • Critical Reading:
    • Two 25 minute sections

Sentence Completion (19 Questions)

Passage-Based reading (48 Questions)

    • One 20 minute section
  • Writing:
    • Two 25 minute sections

Identifying Sentence Errors (18 Questions), Improving Sentences (25 Questions), Improving Paragraphs (6 Questions) 25 Minutes

Essay – 25 Minutes (to Read the Prompt, Plan, and Write)

    • One 10 minute section
what else do i need to know
What else do I need to know?
  • You will be allowed to use a calculator
    • All questions can be answered without it though!
  • Directions are always the same
    • Become familiar with them BEFORE the test
    • You won’t waste time reading them during the test
  • You are only graded on your bubbles
    • If you don’t like showing work, you don’t have to!!
what math concepts are tested
What math concepts are tested?
  • Four categories:
    • Numbers and Operations 23%
    • Algebra and Functions 36%
    • Geometry and Measurement 28%
    • Data Analysis, Statistics, Probability 13%
  • Most of the math is from before 9th grade!!
  • All math questions can be answered without a calculator!
get familiar with c ontent
Get familiar with content!
  • Math formulas given on the SAT:
    • Pythagorean Theorem
    • Special Right Triangles
    • Area of:
      • Circle (and Circumference)
      • Rectangle
      • Triangle
    • Volume of:
      • Prism
      • Cylinder
    • Sum of Measures of Angles of Triangle
    • Total Degrees in Circle
what english concepts are tested
What English concepts are tested?
  • Sentence Completion:
    • Vocabulary-in-Context Questions: know how words are used in the context of the sentence, know definitions
    • Logic-Based Questions: know the meanings of words and how the words are used to create a complicated sentence
what other english concepts are tested
What other English concepts are tested?
  • Passage-Based Reading:
  • (100-850 words long)
    • Facts, Inferences, Assumptions
    • Logic, Style, Tone, Parallelism
    • Comprehension
what other english concepts are tested1
What other English concepts are tested?
  • Writing – Recognizing Errors:

(Multiple Choice)

    • Sentence structure, proper grammar, spelling, usage, capitalization and punctuation
    • Improving paragraphs, selecting the “BEST” version
what about the essay
What about the essay?
  • The Essay:
    • Well developed ideas
    • Relevant supporting details
    • Clear thesis
    • Logically organized
    • Elevated vocabulary
    • Variety of syntax
    • Appropriate length
getting familiar with scoring
Getting familiar with scorING!
  • Total score: 600 - 2400
    • Each section: 200 - 800
  • Wrong Answer Penalty
    • Cancels out the benefit of random guessing
    • Only guess if you can eliminate

one or two answer choices!

think like the test developer
Think like the test developer!
  • SAT ranks questions
    • Easy, Medium, and Hard
  • The questions in each section are in order by difficulty
    • EXCEPT in the Passage-Based Reading , Sentence Completion, and Improving Paragraphs Sections (random difficulty)
    • In Math section that has Grid-In questions: Multiple Choice are ordered, then Grid-In are ordered
  • Understanding the order of difficulty can be a huge advantage if your goal is 600 or less in a section.
  • Focusing your time on the easy/medium questions gives you more time per question.
getting familiar with scoring1
Getting familiar with Scoring
  • How is the SAT scored?
    • Correct Answer +1
    • Blank +0
    • Wrong MC - .25
    • Wrong Grid-in - 0

Is it better to get one really hard question correct, or 5 easy to medium questions correct?

5 Easy!!! Easy and hard questions

are scored the same!!

what is your score goal
What is your score goal?
  • You might not need to answer every question!
  • But make sure you don’t skip too many questions.
get more familiar with format
Get MORE familiar with format!
  • Approximate distribution of difficulty levels:
  • Depending on the score you want to achieve, you may not have to answer any hard questions!
it s important to know that
It’s important to know that--
  • You can only work on one section at a time
    • No going back to previous sections
    • It’s ok to skip around within the section
  • Don’t be surprised by the Math Grid-Ins
  • The sections won’t be in the same order and breaks won’t always be in the same places
  • You may only have 30-60 seconds to answer a question—so work quickly but carefully.
getting familiar with timing
Getting familiar with: TIMING!
    • Don’t get finished and fall asleep
    • Go back through the questions are work on ones that you either skipped or guessed on
  • Know when the time is up and keep an eye on the clock
  • You have a little over one minute to answer each math question
getting familiar with directions
Getting familiar with: Directions!
  • For Math:
    • Multiple Choice

“Solve each problem in the section. Then decide which is the best of the choices given and mark your answer on the answer sheet.”

    • Grid – In

“Questions # - # require you to solve the problem and enter your answer by marking the circles in the special grid on your answer sheet, as shown in the examples below.”

      • HINT: You don’t want to have to look at the examples!! It wastes too much time!
get familiar with directions
Get familiar with Directions!
  • For English:
    • Multiple Choice Critical Reading (Sentence Completion):

“Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Beneath the sentence are five words or sets of words labeled A through E. Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.”

for english multiple choice critical reading passage based reading
For English:Multiple Choice Critical Reading (Passage-Based Reading)

“The passages below are followed by questions based on their content; questions following a pair of related passages may also be based on the relationship between the paired passages. Answer the question on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passages and in any introductory material that may be provided.”

HINT: Always read the title and introductory materials (when provided)

for english
For English:
  • Multiple Choice-- Identifying Sentence Errors

“The following sentences test your ability to recognize grammar and usage errors. Each sentence contains either a single error or no error at all. No sentence contains more than one error. The error, if there is one, is underlined and lettered. If the sentence contains an error, select the one underlined part that must be changed to make the sentence correct. If the sentence is correct, select choice E. In choosing answers, follow the requirements of standard written English.”

for english1
For English:
  • Multiple Choice-- Improving Sentences

“The following sentences test corrections and effectiveness of expression. Part of each sentence or the entire sentence is underlined; beneath each sentence are five ways of phrasing the underlined material. Choice A repeats the original phrasing; the other four choices are different. If you think the original phrasing produces a better sentence than any of the alternatives, select choice A; if not, select one of the other choices.

In making your selection, follow the requirements of standard written English; that is, pay attention to grammar, choice of words, sentence construction, and punctuation. Your selection should result in the most effective sentence – clear and precise, without awkwardness and ambiguity.”

for english2
For English:
  • Multiple Choice--Improving Paragraphs “The following passage is an early draft of an essay. Some parts of the passage need to be rewritten.

Read the passage and select the best answers for the questions that follow. Some questions are about particular sentences or parts of sentences and ask you to improve sentence structure or word choice. Other questions ask you to consider organization and development. In choosing answers, follow the requirements of standard written English.”

for math getting familiar with gridding
For Math:Getting familiar with GRIDDING!
  • The boxes above the bubbles are not scored
  • There are four columns – start at the far left
  • Leave unneeded columns blank
  • No need to reduce fractions (unless they don’t fit in the grid!)
  • You cannot grid a mixed number
    • Grid as improper fractions or decimals
  • You must use all four spaces for a repeating decimal
    • For .6666…, .666 or .667 would be accepted
  • Do not grid in a leading zero for decimals less than 1
    • Grid .5, not 0.5
  • No question has a negative answer
  • If the answer is a percent, disregard the % symbol
  • If the answer is zero, mark it in any box (except the 1st)
let s practice sentence completions
Let’s Practice--Sentence Completions
  • The old man was practically the definition of _______; ill tempered and mean to every person he met.

a. arcane

b. profligate

c. bureaucratic

d. cantankerous

e. ancient

let s practice sentence completions1
Let’s Practice--Sentence Completions

2. His non-profit agency has served as a _______ in the community, bringing about many changes and developing new programs in local schools.

a. mandate

b. curiosity

c. disposition

d. hypothesis

e. catalyst

let s practice sentence completions2
Let’s Practice--Sentence Completions

3. The professor’s _____ and seemingly irrelevant digressions actually illustrated how the ancient theories were ______ current research.

a. random . . . built upon

b. jarring . . . baffled by

c. focused . . . essential to

d. tangential . . . vital to

e. bizarre . . . dessicated by

let s practice sentence completions3
Let’s Practice--Sentence Completions

4. Just as financial advisors for the company predicted, the company’s ability to expand into new markets has _______ , even though its profits are not very ______.

a. diminished . . . incremental

b. increased . . . substantial

c. deteriorated . . . abundant

d. endured . . . deficient

e. accumulated . . . inadequate

let s practice sentence completions4
Let’s Practice--Sentence Completions

5. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, which gradually exposed the ________ of the indiscriminate use of pesticides, is widely credited with having ________ the modern environmental movement.

a. dangers . . . launched

b. hazards . . . defused

c. benefits . . . inspired

d. deaths . . . contained

e. advantages . . . inaugurated

let s practice sentence completions5
Let’s Practice--Sentence Completions

The actress _______ her parents when she

failed to _______ their parents contributions

to her career during her award

acceptance speech.

a. honored . . . recognize

b. cheated . . . accept

c. chagrined . . . acknowledge

d. avoided . . . understand

e. grieved . . .dismiss

let s practice sentence revisions
Let’s practice—Sentence Revisions
  • The curry had a lot of spiciness, this made Toby drink a pitcher of water.

a. The curry had a lot of spiciness, this made Toby drink

b. The curry, which was spicy, making Toby drink

c. The spiciness of the curry made Toby drink

d. Because of how spicy the curry was, this is what made Toby drink

e. Having a lot of spiciness, Toby discovered that the curry made him drink

let s practice sentence revisions1
Let’s practice—Sentence Revisions

2. Scientists have found that foods such as pomegranates and spinach contain antioxidants, which help prevent heart disease.

a. antioxidants, which help prevent heart disease

b. antioxidants; heart disease can be prevented

c. antioxidants, that is what helps prevent heart disease

d. antioxidants, they help prevent heart disease

e. antioxidants, and they help prevent heart disease

let s practice sentence revisions2
Let’s practice—Sentence Revisions

3. A true friend is someone to whom you can turn when one’s day has been a disaster and they need someone to listen.

a. you can turn when one’s day has been a disaster and they need someone to listen

b. a person can turn to when their day has been a disaster and they need someone to listen

c. they can turn, they need someone to listen

d. one can turn when one’s day has been a disaster and you need someone to listen to them

e. you can turn when your day has been a disaster and you need someone to listen to you

let s practice sentence errors
Let’s practice—Sentence Errors

It was a Hungarian interior designer who


initially succeeded with introducing


the now iconic Rubik’s cube to toy stores


world wide. No error.


let s practice sentence errors1
Let’s practice—Sentence Errors

A decade in the making, the documentary


on penguins is both a response to widespread


misinformation with their mating habits and


an investigation into their behaviors. No error


let s practice sentence errors2
Let’s practice—Sentence Errors

At the concert, Lucy enjoyed listening to her


friend Noah’s experimental music,

which she thought was more original than


the other bands. No error


let s practice sentence errors3
Let’s practice—Sentence Errors

No matter how many times a person has driven in


inclement weather, they should be especially


careful when driving down a road that is covered


with wet snow. No error


let s practice sentence errors4
Let’s practice—Sentence Errors

The brand-new, indoor basketball court was


extremely different than the cement


lot at the municipal park where the team


usually played. No error


let s practice sentence errors5
Let’s practice—Sentence Errors

By 2076, the United States will have been a


nation for three hundred years, while,

by the same year, China has been a nation


for almost four thousand years. No error