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Authorities Futures. T Hickey OCLC. Why authorities?. Searching. Browsing. Variations on Tchaikovsky. NACO: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich,‡1840-1893 German: Čajkovskij, Pëtr I.‡1840-1893 French: Čajkovskij‡Piotr Ilʹič‡1840-1893 Cyrillic: Чайк o вский, Пётр Ильич (1840-1893).

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Authorities futures

Authorities Futures

T Hickey OCLC

Variations on tchaikovsky
Variations on Tchaikovsky

NACO: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich,‡1840-1893

German: Čajkovskij, Pëtr I.‡1840-1893

French: Čajkovskij‡Piotr Ilʹič‡1840-1893

Cyrillic: Чайкoвский, Пётр Ильич (1840-1893)

More ways to say chajkowskii
More ways to say Chajkowskii

Ciaikovsky, Piotr Ilic 1840-1893Tschaikowsky, Peter Iljitch 1840-1893Tchaikowsky, Peter Iljitch 1840-1893Ciaikovsky, Pjotr Iljc 1840-1893Cajkovskij, P. I. 1840-1893Tsjaikovsky, Peter Iljitsj 1840-1893Czajkowski, Piotr 1840-1893Chaikovsky, P. I. 1840-1893Csajkovszkij, Pjotr Iljics 1840-1893Tsjaïkovskiej, Pjotr Iljietsj 1840-1893Tjajkovskij, Pjotr Ilitj 1840-1893Čaikovskis, P. 1840-1893Chaĭkovskiĭ, Petr Ilʹich 1840-1893Tchaikovski, P. 1840-1893Tchaikovski, Piotr Ilyitch 1840-1893Chaĭkovskiĭ, P. 1840-1893Tchaikovsky, P. 1840-1893Tchaïkovsky, Piotr Ilitch 1840-1893Tschaikowsky, Pjotr Iljitsch 1840-1893

Tschajkowskij, Pjotr Iljitsch 1840-1893Tchaïkovski, P. I. 1840-1893Ciaikovskij, Piotr 1840-1893Ciaikovskji, Piotr Ilijich 1840-1893Tschaikowski, P. I. 1840-1893Tschaikowski, Peter Illic 1840-1893Tjajkovskij, Peter 1840-1893Chaĭkovski, Pʹotr Ilich 1840-1893Tschaikousky 1840-1893Tschaijkowskij, P. I. 1840-1893Tschaikowsky, P. I. 1840-1893Chaĭkovski, P. I. 1840-1893Tchaïkovski, Petr Ilitch 1840-1893Ciaikovski, Peter Ilic 1840-1893Tschaikowski, Pjotr 1840-1893Tchaikowsky, Pyotr 1840-1893Sinopov, P. 1840-1893Tchaikovskij, Piotr Ilic 1840-1893柴可夫斯基

Authorities futures

  • Wider coverage

    Published, unpublished, objects, licensed, archival

  • Multiple sources

    Machine generated

    Info. professionals, scholars, researchers, enthusiasts

  • Broader use of APIs

    Multiple views

    Better context

    Better navigation

    More mashups

    Authorities touch everything

Authorities futures

Controlling names in worldcat
Controlling names in WorldCat

  • Has been done semi-manually

    • Encourages review of all links

  • For Identities we did this automatically

    • Research copy of WorldCat

    • Very aggressive matching

  • How to move links to WorldCat?

Pretend you are a connexion client
Pretend you are a Connexion Client

  • Program to:

    • Log in

    • Search for record

    • Verify heading hasn’t changed

    • Insert authorized form

    • Add link

    • Do replace

Then just replace 26 million records
Then just replace 26 million records

  • Each update takes two transactions

    • Retrieve the record

    • Replace the record

  • If it takes 2 seconds/update

    • 52,000,000 seconds

    • ~ 2 years

But we can run multiple clients
But, we can run multiple clients

  • Connexion can handle 40+ of these clients

    • ~ 20 records/second

  • Offline processing has limited capacity

    • Run 32 clients for 12 hours for 16 updates/second

    • ~700,000 overnight

    • Up to a million/day

  • 3 million/week

  • 2-3 months elapsed time

V irtual i nternational a uthority f ile

Authorities futures

DNB Bib & Authority

BnF Bib & Authority

LC Bib & Authority


  • ~7.5 million personal name authority records

  • ~25 million bibliographic records

  • ~1.2 million links between files


Match on
Match on

  • Names and dates in headings

  • Standard numbers

  • Titles

  • Coauthors

  • Publishers

  • Personal name as subject

Authorities futures

Čajkovskij, Pëtr I.

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich

Čajkovskij, Pëtr I./

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich/

Чайкoвский, Пётр Ильич

Чайкoвский, Пётр Ильич

Authorities futures

Fournier, Marcel,‡1945-

Fournier, Marcel

Fournier, Marcel,‡1946-

What makes a match
What makes a match?

1,338,606 Title

526,234 Double date

67,749 Joint author

47,499 LCCN

15,867 Partial date and partial title

6,454 Partial date and publisher

4,673 Partial title and publisher

4,116 Name as subject

2,158 Standard number

Next steps for viaf
Next steps for VIAF

  • Merged display

  • Better documentation

  • More participants

  • Geographics

Merged result
Merged result

  • Immediately visible in Identities

  • Persistent in Identities

  • Information fed into established channels


  • SRU/SRW server (Z39.50 for the Web)

  • XML returned

  • XSLT style sheets transform it to HTML


  • Searchable via SRU, OpenURL

  • Sitemaps for harvesters

  • HTML for harvesters and mobile devices

  • Links in Wikipedia

Authorities futures

Thomas Hickey

Chief Scientist