2013 county legislative issues
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2013 County Legislative Issues

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2013 County Legislative Issues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 County Legislative Issues. Interim Joint Committee on Local Government November 28, 2012. Legislative Committee Members. Hon. Tommy Turner Committee Chairman Larue County Judge/Executive KACo President. KY Association of Circuit Court Clerks

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2013 county legislative issues

2013 County Legislative Issues

Interim Joint Committee on

Local Government

November 28, 2012

legislative committee members
Legislative Committee Members

Hon. Tommy Turner

Committee Chairman

Larue County Judge/Executive

KACo President

KY Association of Circuit Court Clerks

Hon. David Nicholson, President, Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk

Hon. Sally Jump, Legislative Chair; Franklin Circuit Court Clerk

KY Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Association

Hon. Matthew Leveridge, President, 57th Judicial Circuit

Hon. Christopher T. Cohron, Legislative Director; 8th Judicial Circuit

KY Coroners Association

Hon. John P. Goble, Scott County Coroner

KY County Attorneys Association

Hon. John Estill, President; Mason County Attorney

Hon. Marc Robbins, Legislative Committee; Madison County Attorney

Bill Patrick, Executive Director

KY County Clerks Association

Hon. Kay Schwartz, President; Whitley County Clerk

Bill May, Executive Director

KY County Judge/Executive Association

Hon. R.T. “Tucker” Daniel, President; Johnson County Judge/Executive

Hon. Vince Lang, Executive Director

KY Jailers Association

Hon. Mike Simpson, President; Oldham County Jailer

Renee Craddock, Executive Director

KY Magistrates & Commissioners Association

Hon. Stephen Stark, President; Trimble County Magistrate

Hon. HubiePollett, Legislative Chair; Shelby County Magistrate

Richard Tanner, Executive Director

KY Property Valuation Administrators Association

Hon. Ben Brown, President; Logan County PVA

Mack Bushart, Executive Director

KY Sheriff’s Association

Hon. Steve Sparrow, President; Oldham County Sheriff

Jerry Wagner, Executive Director

kaco board of directors
KACo Board of Directors

Hon. Alex Barnett

Harrison County Judge/Executive

Hon. Ben Brown

Logan County PVA

Hon. Karen R. Bushart

Clark County PVA

Hon. Matthew Leveridge

Commonwealth Attorney

Hon. R. T. “Tucker” Daniel

Johnson County Judge/Executive

Hon. John Goble

Scott County Coroner

Hon. John A. Goble

Floyd County Magistrate

Hon. Dennis Brooks

Wolfe County Judge/Executive

Hon. Stanley H. Humphries

Trigg County Judge/Executive

Hon. Carl Tolliver

Boyd County Commissioner

Hon. John A. Settles

Washington County Judge/Executive

Hon. Mike Simpson

Oldham County Jailer

Hon. Stephen Stark

Trimble County Magistrate

Hon. Steve Sparrow

Oldham County Sheriff

Hon. Jim Townsend

Webster County Judge/Executive

Hon. Ronald Wright

Casey County Judge/Executive

Hon. John “Spike” Wright

Gallatin County Attorney

Hon. David Brown

Henry County Magistrate

Executive Committee

Hon. Tommy Turner


Larue County Judge/Executive

Hon. Jerry “Peanuts” Gaines


Warren County Sheriff

Hon. Buddy Nichols

1st Vice President

Lyon County Magistrate


2nd Vice President

Hon. John Wilson

Past President

Garrard County Judge/Executive

Hon. Dean Johnson

Laurel County Clerk

Hon. Kay Schwartz

Whitley County Clerk

Hon. Patrick Boggs

Mason County Sheriff

Hon. Darrell L. Link

Grant County Judge/Executive

Hon. Mike Miller

Marshall County Judge/Executive

Hon. David L. Nicholson

Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk

Hon. Jim Nickell

Rowan County Judge/Executive

Hon. Sue Carole Perry

Shelby County Clerk

Hon. N. E. Reed

Edmonson County Judge/Executive

Hon. Marc Robbins

Madison County Attorney

kaco board of directors map
KACo Board of Directors - MAP

Board Members

Board of Directors

Program Board

legislative advocacy process
Legislative Advocacy Process

Each affiliate organization of KACo has one vote on the Legislative Committee. The affiliate organizations of KACo are the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks Association, the Kentucky Commonwealth ‘s Attorneys Association, the Kentucky Coroners Association, the Kentucky County Attorneys Association, the Kentucky County Clerks Association, the Kentucky County Judge/Executives Association, the Kentucky Jailers Association, the Kentucky Magistrates and Commissioners Association, the Kentucky Property Valuation Administrators Association, and the Kentucky Sheriffs Association.

In order for the KACo Legislative Committee to either support or oppose legislation, 75% of the members in attendance must vote to take that position. Following is a summary of the positions which may be taken by the Legislative Committee and what they mean.


The KACo Legislative Committee believes this legislation would be harmful to counties or county officials and will work to defeat this bill.


The KACo Legislative Committee believes this legislation would be beneficial to counties or county officials and will work to help it win passage.

Under Review

1) The KACo Legislative Committee has not yet taken a position because members wish to obtain additional information about the bill and how it could affect county governments.

2) One or more affiliate associations of KACo are on each side of a bill and KACo does not support any affiliate association against another affiliate association.


The KACo Legislative Committee believes this bill would have no direct effect on county officials or county governments and will not track the legislation.

2013 kaco issues

Special Districts

E-911 Funding

Jail Funding

Tax Reform



special districts
  • General Assembly to Study Special Districts’ Fiscal, Administrative and Ethical Issues
  • Edelen Finds $2.7 Billion Ghost Government in Kentucky; Creates First Ever Database of

Special Districts

Six-month effort results in call for legislative reform, more transparency and accountability

e 911 funding
  • Local governments provide the lion’s share of funding-85%-through local ordinance establishing a “landline” fee (40%) and general fund dollars (45%).
  • Landline fees have decreased by 25% since 2006 due mostly to the continuing decrease in landlines as more people go completely cellular, leaving local governments to make up the difference with general fund dollars.
  • 114 out of 120 counties collect landline fees.
  • Wireless fee of 70 cents on monthly bills provide about 15% of the funding. This fee has never changed since its inception in 1998.
  • $1 increase=$17M annually $1.50 increase=$38M annually
jail funding

Supreme Court of Kentucky



In Re: Emergency Suspension of 12-hour time restriction imposed by RCr 4.20(1)

Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on October 21, 2012, the 12-hour time

restriction imposed by RCr 4.20(1) is suspended. Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on

October 21, 2012, the period of time in which pretrial officers are required to

present information to a judge or trial commissioner to assist the

determination of pretrial release and supervision is governed by Administrative

Procedure Part XIV, Section 2.

This Order shall be effective at 12:01 a.m. on October 21, 2012, and

until further Order of this Court.

Minton, C.J.; Abramson, Cunningham, Noble, Scott, and Venters, JJ.,

sitting. Minton, C.J.; Abramson, Cunningham, Noble, and Venters, JJ.,

concur. Scott, J., dissents and would not amend the twelve-hour rule.

Schroder, J., not sitting.

Entered this 17th day of October, 2012.

tax reform

Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform

Still under consideration:

Proposal # 58: Remove the HB44 recall provisions for local and school real property taxes

Proposal # 52: Increase funding for PVA offices, or create a dedicated funding stream for PVA offices

Proposal # 71: Allow all classes of local governments to have a local option food and beverage tax

Proposal # 72: Amend the Constitution to allow a local general sales tax

  • April 2012: Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Secretary J. Michael Brown formed a working group to answer the question: “Is the position of constable, as a law enforcement function in modern society, essential to the Commonwealth of Kentucky?”
  • September 27, 2012: DOCJT Commissioner John W. Bizzack submits “Constables in Kentucky: Contemporary Issues and Findings Surrounding an Outdated Office” to Secretary Brown.
  • The evaluation’s conclusion: The office is not essential.
  • Counties support abolishing the office of constable.
pensions task force recommendations
PENSIONS – Task Force Recommendations

5. Pension Spiking

Recommendation: Employers required to also pay any additional actuarial costs for salary increases above 10% during the last 5 years employment.

6. Proposed KRS Board Structure

Recommendation: Increase from current 9 to 11 members-5 elected, 5 appointed, with one chosen from a list submitted by the following groups: KACo, KLC and KSBA.

7. Proposed Plan for New Hires

Recommendation: Hybrid Cash Balance Plan

1. Funding Phase-In: KERS/SPRS

Recommendation: Begin full ARC payments in FY 14-15 for KERS, SPRS

2. Retiree Cost of Living Adjustment

Recommendation: Repeal COLA provisions.

3. Funding-Amortization Period

Recommendation: Reset for KERS, CERS and SPRS.

4. Reemployment after Retirement

Recommendation: Extend required break in employment to 2 years for those reemployed on/after 7/1/13 (1-year exception for hazardous duty)

kaco pension points

1. Insist that the Commonwealth continue to honor the promises made to current retirees and active employees.

2. Urge the General Assembly to address the unfunded liability of KRS (including the consideration of a bond issue) and to statutorily recognize that a retirement plan is adequately funded at 80%, with an ultimate goal of 100% full funding.

3. Encourage the General Assembly to consider separating the governance of CERS from KRS and creating an independent CERS governing board.

4. Urge the General Assembly to exhaust all possibilities to remedy the pension crisis, before considering measures that would affect the retirement benefits of new hires.

bond proposal


  • Non-hazardous employer contribution rate: 19.55% of payroll
  • Approximately 9% of that covers retirement benefit and health insurance
  • Remainder pays down unfunded liability


  • Issue bond for $3.586 Billion* paid out over 15 years, freezing rate
  • Use the remaining 10.55% now paying down unfunded liability to help make debt service payment
  • Bond paid off, rates drop to “normal” cost of retirement
  • Continue to pay towards goal of 100% fully funded

*Numbers based on KRS audit, year ending June 30, 2011

mark your calendar
Mark Your Calendar

KACo & Affiliates

Legislative Reception

Thursday, February 21, 2013

5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Frankfort Civic Center

  • Hon. Tommy Turner, President:

[email protected]

  • Jerry “Peanuts” Gaines, President-Elect:

[email protected]

  • Legislative Staff:

Denny Nunnelley, Executive Director

Brian Roy, Deputy Director

Tim Sturgill, General Counsel

Shellie Hampton, Director of Governmental Relations

Roger Recktenwald, Director of Research & Planning

Ellen Williams, Contract Lobbyist

502-223-7667 www.kaco.org