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  1. 英文信函參考手冊 柯泰德網路英文論文編修教育訓練服務


  3. Unit One : Technical cooperation ( 技術合作 ) • 1.資訊交流之聯繫 • 2.與技術授權公司洽商 • 3.引荐公司接受技術移轉 • 4.洽詢技術合作 • 5.技術合作計劃書的架構 • 6.表達參與國際性組織或取得認證之意願 • 7.國內相關成果說明

  4. Common elements in correspondence that involves technical cooperation ( 技術合作 )include the following: a. Stating your organization's intention of seeking cooperation

  5. "I'd like to propose a technological information exchange between our two organizations regarding environmental pollution prevention-waste minimization."

  6. "We are seeking potential licensors of the Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC) product technology on behalf of local manufacturers in Taiwan, R.O.C."

  7. "In addition to our in-house R&D, we are also considering the possibility of technology transfer, from a foreign company, of a technology that is ready for (or close to) commercialization and that is already under patent protection."

  8. "We are currently involved in a gear box development program and are seeking foreign partners who are capable of developing gear boxes or who can engage in a cooperative technical program with automotive manufacturers in the R.O.C."

  9. "We are anxious to develop long-lasting cooperative relationships with manufacturers such as yours."

  10. "We recognize that the continued sucess of our work depends on our sharing and exchanging experience with similar organizations."

  11. b. Giving background information about your organization (e.g., mission ,major activities, and achievements)

  12. "Our organization, Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories (MIRL), is a subsidiary of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) established by the government of the Republic of China(R.O.C)."

  13. "One of our missions is to aid the local industrial sector by upgrading technology levels. One of our strategies is to license technology from abroad."

  14. "The experimental results generated so far in this project have already been most helpful in Taiwan's environmental protection work."

  15. c. Providing suggestions on how to initiate cooperation

  16. "I am looking forward to hearing your ideas or suggestions regarding this information exchange opportunity. I would also like to arrange for a ten-day technical visit to your organization this upcoming May as the initial step of our cooperation."

  17. "If you are interested in licensing this technology, please send the above mentioned information to the above address for evaluation."

  18. "Further discussion, or a possible visit by members of ITRI to your production facility, would seem to be the appropriate next step."

  19. "I suggest that ABC Corporation send a technical expert to UCL before the end of July and give a presentation, regarding the product development of this technology, to our scientists and technical staff."

  20. "Please let me know if there are any areas of common interest you would like to discuss."

  21. d. Commending the achievements and reputation of an organization

  22. "Your corporation has a long tradition of providing outstanding engineering TP (e.g., Noryl) that has various properties and excellent quality."

  23. "ABC Corporation is recognized as the global leader in developing, producing and marketing transdermal drug delivery systems."

  24. "ABC's Biotechnology Group has developed some interesting products that we would like to understand in more detail before reaching the licensing stage."

  25. "Stat-Rite 2300 is an excellent anti-static polymer that blends well with other thermoplastics and can be used in ESD applications. We believe that this permanent anti-static

  26. plastic has a strong market potential, especially in light of the emerging electronics industry in Taiwan."

  27. e. Describe the reason(s) for technical cooperation

  28. "A new facility is to be established in Taiwan to design, develop and produce auto transmission parts. Therefore, we are seeking partners for technical cooperation through licensing and joint venture agreements."

  29. "We are currently involved in a gear box development program and are seeking foreign partners who are capable of developing gear boxes or who can engage in a cooperative

  30. technical program with automotive manufacturers in the R.O.C.”

  31. Unit Two: Technical Visits Overseas ( 國外訪問 ) • 1.洽商技術合作之出國計劃書 • 2.討論主題說明 • 3.出國訪問之肯定回覆 • 4.訪問時間或行程更改 • 5.住宿/ 交通工具之安排 • 6.回國後去函致謝 • 7.接受邀請之回覆 • 8.謝絕邀請之回覆

  32. Correspondence involving an overseas technical visit commonly includes the following:a. A proposal for the visit and remarks or preliminary details

  33. "It would be much appreciated if you could arrange for me to observe your production line during my stay at ABC on March 19, 1999."

  34. "I would like to visit the Special Carbon Division (or the Technical Center) of ABC Corporation/Massachusetts during the upcoming trip."

  35. "Professor Liu from the Virginia Institute of Technology recommended that we visit your renowned institute and find a time to discuss our needs with you, as well as to learn of your own related experiences."

  36. "We recognize that ensuring continued success of this program depends on our observing and understanding similar work in other countries. At this stage, I would like to arrange for a visit to your country."

  37. "I am keenly interested in visiting Dr. Jones and his staff to learn of all the operational aspects involved with this program."

  38. b. Explaining the purpose of the visit

  39. "We need to enhance our knowledge of carbon black in terms of the chemistry, characterization, and processing application (e.g., ESD protection, wire and cable, coating and UV protection). Such knowledge would also benefit our customers, many of whom are manufacturers."

  40. "Purpose: to understand and evaluate successful cases and the current status of the Japanese dye industry with respect to technology, equipment, and information on industrial waste minimization."

  41. "Visits to compressor system companies that manufacture systems for heat pump or vapor recompression would be equally beneficial. Information regarding the variety of available heat

  42. pump systems would also be quite useful for future promotion of such systems in Taiwan."

  43. c. Commending the organization's achievements

  44. "Waste minimization is a global trend, and your country already has much experience in this area.""As is well known, ABC Corporation has the resources needed to produce good quality diverse carbon blacks."

  45. d. Emphasizing the cooperative nature of the visit

  46. "I hope this visit will strengthen the ties of cooperation that bind our organizations."

  47. "In light of these concerns, we are looking forward to collaborating with your organization in the near future.""We hope this visit will open doors for further cooperation between our two organizations."

  48. Unit Three : Technical Visits from Abroad ( 國外專家訪問) • 1.國外演講者之邀請 • 2.國外特約人員之邀請 • 3國外專家訪問行程之安排 • 4國外專家訪問之確認 • 5費用支出報核說明 • 6住宿/ 行程之安排 • 7訪問時間之更改

  49. Correspondence that involves the arrangement of a foreign technical visit commonly includes the following:a. Speaker invitations

  50. "In light of your renowned research and your contributions in the field of GRIN polymers, we would like to formally invite you to serve as the Invited Speaker at the upcoming GRIN Materials Symposium."