Fort belknap tribal cell
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Fort Belknap “Tribal Cell”. Making the Connection For Grades 7-12 @ DHS. Science Grades 7-12. GOALS. Students will develop a specific understanding of organelles and their functions.

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Fort belknap tribal cell

Fort Belknap “Tribal Cell”

Making the Connection


Grades 7-12 @ DHS


Science Grades 7-12


  • Students will develop a specific understanding of organelles and their functions.

  • Students will progress from a cellular level to all levels of organization. This will help them understand the levels of organization.

  • Students will become proficient in naming organelles and having the ability to relate organelles with one another.

  • Students will take knowledge to the next level. ie: Organelles-cell-tissue-organ-organ system-organism

  • ie: parts of a city-city-county-state-country-world


  • SCS 3 Students through the inquiry process, will demonstrate knowledge of characteristics, structures and functions of living things, the process and diversity of life, and how living organisms interact with each other and their environment.

  • BM 3.1 Students will investigate and use appropriate technology to demonstrate that cells have common features and differences that determine function

  • BM3.1 Students will compare the structure and function of eukaryotic cells including the levels of organization of the structure and function

Cross curriculum project

Go Farther……..

Cross Curriculum Project

  • Math- geometric shapes, square acreage

  • Art-designing buildings & structures with materials provided

  • History-the history behind tribe/city

  • English-essay on compare/contrast of organelles and city building/structures

  • Business/Tech-power point to present project

  • Biology – 3-D Model with explanation on display board with scientific method steps

Materials needed


  • ART SUPPLIES- card board, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, glue gun, glue sticks, tissue paper.

  • Interactive Smart Board Cell software


Steps to be taken

  • Compare organelles of a cell to buildings of a city – ie: nucleus=city hall

  • Design a blue print with each building named by city building, structure/organelle

  • Make 3-D structures with labels.

  • Display scientific method steps on tri-fold display board.

  • Give rationale for each building or structure named.

Lesson plan breakdown
Lesson Plan Breakdown

  • Day 1 – Introduce Cells using smart board software, Pre Test

  • Day 2 – Power Point Presentation and distribution of materials

  • Day 3 – Blue Prints approved by teacher

  • Day 4 & 5 – Construct cell city model

  • Day 6 – Presentation of projects to class

  • Day 7 – Post Test

Fort belknap tribal cell

The Ecology of the Eukaryotic Cell/Fort Belknap TribeThe science of the relationships between organisms (organelles/Tribal members) and their environments (Cell/Ft. Belknap Reservation)

Fort belknap tribal cell

Fort Belknap Tribal Cell:

Nucleus=Tribal Council Building

Rationale=Tribal Council controls all activity of the tribe


Fort belknap tribal cell

Cell membrane=

Reservation border

Rationale – the boundary controls what goes in and out of the reservation

Cell Membrane

Fort Belknap



  • Pretest will be graded

  • Use of productive time on project will be graded

  • Final project of product will be graded with usage of rubric

  • Posttest will be graded

Fort belknap tribal cell


Where Dreams are made

Dreams = DNA

Fort belknap tribal cell


Black Hole=Lysosome

Ft belknap tribal cell

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Fort belknap tribal cell

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