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BLAST OFF! Into a NEW School Year! PowerPoint Presentation
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BLAST OFF! Into a NEW School Year!

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BLAST OFF! Into a NEW School Year! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BLAST OFF! Into a NEW School Year!
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  1. BLAST OFF! Into a NEW School Year! Curriculum Night 2014 Moore magnet elementary September 18th 2014

  2. Our Daily Schedule 8:35-Bell Rings 8:45-9:00-Early Birds packet (Daily Early Language, Math) 9:00-9:45-Imagine It! THEME: KINDNESS (Random Acts of Kindness) 9:50-10:30~ SPECIALS 10:30-11:25~ Writing Block (The Writing Process) 11:30-12:00~ LUNCH 12:00-12:30~ RECESS 12:40-2:00~Math Block (Math Facts, Problem Solving, Odd/Even, Place Value) 2:00-2:30~Intervention/Enrichment Block 2:30-3:00~Science/Social Studies Block 3:00~Prepare for dismissal

  3. Classroom Expectations Classroom Rules/Expectations can go here

  4. Behavior Plan: Please refer to the Behavior Plan that was distributed Open House. • SMART Bucks (Making SMART Choices in class) • SMART CHECKS( Class caught making SMART choices by a staff member) • Monthly Behavior Calendar (Green, Yellow, Red, Orange) Please initial each night. Classroom Consequences

  5. PBIS: Our School Behavior Plan Safe Making good choices Accepting responsibility Respecting myself and others Trying my best

  6. Parent Roadmaps (online) DIBELS/TRC (Currently assessing students in these areas) Reading/Imagine It (KINDESS THEME) Take Home Reading (Coming Soon to a Home Near You!) AR Testing/Goals (later in the semester) Spelling (Skills) Homework should be completed each night Spelling Test: FRIDAYS Math Facts (Problem-Solving, Showing your work) Writing (Focus on Writing Process/Writer’s Workshop) Science/Social (integration) PROJECT based study Field Trips (Butterfly Farm, Hanes Cookies, Bethabara) Please check your child’s homework folder for a letter regarding our first field trip Curriculum Skills to Help Us Meet Our Goals

  7. Our Classroom Homework Policy Check over homework daily Completed independently Read 20-30 minutes each night Our Classroom Homework Policy

  8. Change in transportation? Please send a letter or call the school before the end of the day(Ex. bus rider to car rider) Open Communication (newsletter/web site) Parent/Teacher Conferences (end of 1st qtr. And as needed) How our students will BLAST OFF with Support from Parents Like YOU!

  9. BUILDING A READER AT HOME • Explore books? Give your child an opportunity to explore books. Visit a library or bookstore and help them find topics that interest them. • READ! READ! READ! Make sure to read for at least 30 minutes per day. They can read independently, aloud to an adult, or with a partner. • Ask Questions! *Make Predictions, *Characters, *Main Idea, *Problem/Solution, *Retell the Story/Summarize, *Genre, *Moral • Make it FUN! Reading shouldn’t be a chore. Discuss books with your child and do book activities together. • Be an example! Children learn by example so let your child see you read…whether it be a book, newspaper, cookbook, etc. • Pick “Good Fit” Books! Select books that meet the following requirements: Can they understand what they are reading? Can they retell the story? Do they know most of the words?

  10. Questions?