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HOT Lane Discussion

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HOT Lane Discussion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HOT Lane Discussion. Sept 4, 2012. Some HOT Lane Examples. CA 91 (LA Area). I-15 (San Diego). Drilldown- I-85 Atlanta. HOV lane conversion 15 miles, $110M Opened Oct 2011. I-85 Drilldown.

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HOT Lane Discussion

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Some HOT Lane Examples

CA 91 (LA Area)

I-15 (San Diego)

drilldown i 85 atlanta
Drilldown- I-85 Atlanta
  • HOV lane conversion
  • 15 miles, $110M
  • Opened Oct 2011
i 85 drilldown
I-85 Drilldown
  • “The overall effect on commute times is hard to pinpoint. In some cases, commuters in the regular lanes sat in traffic longer since the HOT lanes opened; in other cases, their commute improved.

-- Atlanta Journal Constitution, “HOT Lanes Pick Up Momentum, Critics”, Feb 29, 2012

  • Traffic modeling shows that the toll lanes, capped at a maximum number of drivers, will flow freely even at rush hour. But traffic conditions in the untolled lanes will remain essentially unchanged whether the toll lanes are built or not.

-- Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Are HOT Lanes a Good Idea For Georgia Highways?”, Sept 19, 2011

i 405 orange county ca
I-405 Orange County, CA
  • Currently 5 lanes in each direction
  • Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) proposed adding HOT lanes without additional GP lanes
  • Six cities sent letter to OCTA in opposition
  • "Alternative 2 (GP Lanes) provides the greatest travel time savings and vehicle capacity in the general purpose lanes”, Public Officials Upset Over Tolling, Accessed Aug 18, 2012

i 595 miami fl
I-595 Miami, FL
  • From the FDOT Website:
    • With the Express Lanes, motorists have the choiceof paying for a reliable travel time.
hot lanes in general conclusion
HOT Lanes in General- Conclusion:

HOT lanes provide an alternative, not a solution, to congestion

What about I-77 Specifically?

i 77 hot lane
I-77 HOT Lane
  • “What it comes down to,” Coxe says, “is whether it’s worth it for me to pay a toll to get to that meeting on time or to be at my desk downtown at a certain time. That’s a decision people will be able to make every day.”

-- Lake Norman Citizen, “Dynamic Tolling Means Automation, Enforcement”, April 27, 2012

  • “As the demand for that road goes up, the toll would go up, too, so we could manage the amount of traffic that goes into that lane.”

-- Barry Moose, WSOC, “Charlotte Interstates Could Become Toll Roads”, July 1, 2010

HOT Lanes Will Ensure Congestion, Not Relieve It

i 77 hot lanes net gain
I-77 HOT Lanes- Net Gain
  • “The tolls could generate as much as $25M over 20+ years”

-- various

  • “DOT is short $15M but Moose says his office could ‘shuffle the budget to find the difference’.”

-- Charlotte Observer, “I-485 Could Be Finished Sooner”, Aug 16, 2008

So Fifty Years of Tolls ~ “Shuffling the Budget” !!

the proposed hot lanes
The Proposed HOT Lanes
  • Costs
    • Operating ($2M/yr)
    • Additional Law Enforcement ($??)
    • Toll Equipment ($??)
    • User Transponder Cost ($??)
  • Congestion relief is an admitted secondary concern
  • Huge cost in wasted time & fuel:
    • 10,000 x 2.5hrs x 50weeks x 50years= 60M+ man-hours of delay (over 7,000 man-years)

All That For a $20M Gain Over 20 Years?

the proposed hot lanes1
The Proposed HOT Lanes:
  • …do not cover construction costs
  • …do not relieve congestion in the long term
  • …lock us into a situation for the next 50 years
  • … make us subservient to the P3 partner for any future changes
    • New interchanges/ exits
    • Additional lanes
    • ??
so why hot lanes
So Why HOT Lanes?
  • Reason 1: There’s No Money
  • Reason 2: There’s No Money
  • Reason 3: There’s No Money
there s no money
“There’s No Money”
  • I-77 Not Just Cornelius’ #1 priority:
    • “Of all the needs that we have in our five county region I feel like that (widening I-77) is the number one need moving forward.”

--Barry Moose, “Engineer: More Lanes on I-77 Should Be Next”, WCNC, Nov 18, 2009

  • $50B Chasing $10B funding
    • Given I-77’s importance, shouldn’t it land in the top 20% for funding?
there s no money1
“There’s No Money”
  • Within a five year timeframe, Iredell will have completed:
    • Three new exits
    • Two+ miles of additional lanes
    • A $90M upgrade of the I-77/I-40 interchange
  • $750M bridge to the Outer Banks has been delayed
  • I-485 is coming in at $65M less than budgeted
  • Exit 28 is one tenth of original estimates due to DDI

We Have a Window of Opportunity Where Funded Projects Are Coming In Under Budget

i 77 through lkn
I-77 Through LKN:
  • Has never been widened in 40+ years
  • Serves one of the fastest growing regions in the state
  • Is the only four lane interstate in Mecklenburg County
  • Is now the most congested four lane in the state and…
  • …is set to become the first toll lane in the county
some questions
Some Questions
  • Since HOT lanes will affect all of us for decades, why aren’t we questioning this?
  • How can we engage the Legislature/ NCDOT to divert funding from under-budget projects to build GP lanes?
  • Given the minimal gain from HOT lanes ($20M over 20 years), couldn’t the LKN towns bond this and build GP lanes?
    • $250K per town annually
    • Possibly pro-rated on a population basis
municipal bond option 20yrs
Municipal Bond Option- 20yrs

Municipal Option A Fraction of HOT Lane Cost

municipal bond option 50yrs
Municipal Bond Option- 50yrs

HOT Lanes Extract a High Price

  • Cornelius to NCDOT
    • Formally communicate concerns and withdraw support for HOT lanes until these are addressed
    • Convene a task force ala the Red Line to perform due diligence
  • LNTC
    • Create a task force to pursue funding
    • Investigate municipal bonding option

HOT Lanes Will Be With Us the Rest of Our Lives. We Need To Take the Time To Get This Right.