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Georgia Institute of Technology Fiscal Year 2012 Year End Town Hall Meeting March 29, 2012 1:00pm – 3:30pm Student Serv PowerPoint Presentation
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Georgia Institute of Technology Fiscal Year 2012 Year End Town Hall Meeting March 29, 2012 1:00pm – 3:30pm Student Serv

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Georgia Institute of Technology Fiscal Year 2012 Year End Town Hall Meeting March 29, 2012 1:00pm – 3:30pm Student Serv - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Georgia Institute of Technology Fiscal Year 2012 Year End Town Hall Meeting March 29, 2012 1:00pm – 3:30pm Student Services Building – Room 117. Agenda Admin Network Announcements Darlene Wright, Cindy Jackson Opening Remarks Jim Fortner

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Presentation Transcript

Georgia Institute of TechnologyFiscal Year 2012 Year End Town Hall MeetingMarch 29, 20121:00pm – 3:30pmStudent Services Building – Room 117



  • Admin Network Announcements Darlene Wright, Cindy Jackson
  • Opening Remarks Jim Fortner
  • Closeout Review & GL Update Carol Gibson
  • Business Services Update Ajay Patel, Sharon Jackson
  • Payroll Update Jerry Jobe
  • Salary Planning & Distribution Update Robert Ellington
  • Grants & Contracts Update Sandy Mason & Don Cochran
  • Budget Office Update Cheryl Rankin
  • Questions from the Audience
  • Help Desk Information

Office of Human Resources Update

Darlene Wright

Director - Employee Benefits

Office of Human Resources

is georgia tech still one of the great colleges to work for
Is Georgia Tech (still) one of the “Great Colleges To Work For”?

Georgia Tech has elected to participate in The Chronicle of HigherEducation’s “Great Colleges To Work For” survey!

  • Survey Specifics:
    • Random sample of 600 faculty/staff
    • Web-based
    • Questions pertain to workplace experience, job satisfaction, benefits
    • 20 minutes to complete
  • Timeline:
    • President Peterson sent email announcing GT’s participation in this survey on March 22nd
    • Invitation & instructions sent to random sample March 26st
    • Survey closes April 13th
    • Results shared this summer
earth day think green week
Earth Day/Think Green Week

Cindy Jackson

Assoc Director - Waste Management


town hall meeting opening remarks
Town Hall MeetingOpening Remarks

Jim Fortner

Associate Vice President

Financial Services

closeout review general ledger update
Closeout Review & General Ledger Update

Carol Gibson


Controller’s Office

closeout review
Closeout Review
  • All changes from prior year listed in “bold text”
  • Follow all deadlines for timely closeout
  • PSoft Financials downtime, July 10, 11 & 12
  • BuzzMart available during Financials downtime
  • Financials open for FY 2013 on Friday, July 13
  • Annual Financial Report due August 8
closeout resources
Closeout Resources
  • Closeout Memo/Schedule/Calendar posted on:
    • Controller’s Office Website -
    • Business Services Website -
    • TechWorks – Login > Admin & Finance News Pagelet
  • PowerPoint Slides posted on:
    • Controller’s Office Website -
    • TechWorks – Login > Admin & Finance News Pagelet
general ledger update
General Ledger Update
  • Audit Issues – New Areas of Focus for FY2012
    • Equipment Management
      • Mgmt Letter for FY11 Audit – Internal Control Issue
      • Items not found by Auditors – Projected Misstmt $3.8M
      • Equip location affects Facilities & Admin(F&A) Cost Recovery
    • Unallowable use of PCards
      • Mgmt Letter for FY11 Audit – Internal Control Issue
      • Split Transactions – Same Vendor/Same Day/ Exceeds Limits
      • Violation of Institute and State PCard Policies
    • Employee Compensation – Biweekly Time Entry
      • Mgmt Letter for FY11 Audit - Dept Records not in sync with HR
      • Quarterly Reviews by Payroll
general ledger update1
General Ledger Update
  • Audit Issues – New Areas of Focus for FY2012
    • Prior Year Purchase Orders (Surplus Funds)
      • PY Exp < PY Enc, balance is surplused to state
      • Printed in Annual Financial Report visible to President
      • More focus on surplus funds – amount has risen
      • Business office will monitor surplus funds monthly & report provided to SVP for Admin & Finance
general ledger update2
General Ledger Update
  • Managing Prior Year Purchase Orders
    • New report for campus administrators
      • Summary Prior Year PO Report(718) – Dept, Proj, PO ID
      • Cfwd Budget, YTD Enc, YTD Exp, Lapse Amt
    • Rules
      • PO must reflect correct Budget Reference (PY)
      • Expense Amount cannot exceed EncAmount
    • Issues with Vendor or Item/Service
      • Vendor Cannot Supply Item/Out of Bus– Substitute Vndr
      • Item/Service cannot be provided – Like item/service
general ledger update3
General Ledger Update
  • Managing Prior Year Purchase Orders
    • Payment Issues with PY PO’s
      • System limitations prevent AP from applying an expense overpayment by line to another line on the PO
      • Business Services analyzing solutions for this issue
      • PY Exp > PY Enc by line, must be covered in CY
      • Once PO fully liquidated, if total Exp < PY Enc and Exp posted in CY, process JE to move expense from CY back to PY (
general ledger update4
General Ledger Update
  • Helpful Hints for Managing PY PO’s
    • Run and Review Ledgers/Reports regularly
      • Open Encumbrance Report (262)
      • Summary PY PO Report (718)
      • Prior Year Expense Ledger (306)
    • Contact for PY encumbrance issues
    • Contact for PY payment issues
    • Contact for GL Rpt/Posting issues

Business Services Update

Ajay Patel

Director of Purchasing

Business Services

Sharon Jackson

Director of Accounts Payable and Travel

Business Services

important purchasing deadlines
Important Purchasing Deadlines
  • Follow chronological close out dates -posted on Business Services and TechWorks web sites
  • All requisitions must have required documentation attached prior to processing
  • Requisitions missing documentation will be returned to Requester
important purchasing deadlines 5 000
Important Purchasing Deadlines (≥$5,000)
  • Friday, May 4th
    • Deadline for Requisitions that require bidding
  • Friday May 25th
    • Deadline for Requisitions with sole source documentation
  • Friday June 8th
    • Deadline for Requisitions that use State or GT Contracts
  • Tuesday, June 19th
    • Deadline to request a new vendor in BuzzMart for Requisitions
confirming order form
Confirming Order Form
  • Use for
    • Purchases <$5,000 when an invoice has been received
    • Not initiated with a BuzzMart requisition
    • Should be an exception, not for routine procurement
  • Do not include a copy of invoice as an attachment
  • Approve invoice using Confirming Order PO# and send the invoice to AP for payment, either through WebNow routing or by sending via email attachment to
open encumbrances at yrend
Open Encumbrances at YrEnd
  • Open Encumbrance Report (GTPOR262) available in TechWorks
  • Friday, June 22nd
    • Deadline to submit BuzzMart Change Request Forms
  • Tuesday, June 26th
    • Deadline for Approvers to Approve or Return all assigned Requisitions in BuzzMart ($4,999 or less)
    • BuzzMart will be unavailable after 5pm
    • Unapproved Requisitions in BuzzMart will be returned
open encumbrances at yrend1
Open Encumbrances at YrEnd
  • Thursday, June 29th
    • Return Open Encumbrance Reports by noon to Business Services to
    • No accounting changes or increases
    • No Open Encumbrance Reports will be processed to effect FY 2011 or FY 2012 PO’s/budgets, if received after June 29th
buzzmart expedited transaction reports for fy12
BuzzMart Expedited Transaction Reports for FY12
  • Monthly Expedited Transaction Report
    • For BuzzMart Catalog orders <$3,000
    • Reports for FY2012 should be current through January
    • All FY2012 should be current by August 15th
    • More info on procurement web page (BuzzMart/ forms)

fy 2013 purchase orders
FY 2013 Purchase Orders
  • Users will delete ALL shopping carts from FY2012
  • FY 2013 requisitions cannot be entered until Monday, July 2nd
  • Notice of Intent to Issue Purchase Order form located on the Purchasing forms bank
  • FY 2013 transactions will not be available on financial reports until Friday, July 13th
split transactions
Split Transactions
  • For Catalog Orders
    • No Split funding at the line and header level
    • Use separate lines for each account/ project
    • Use journal entries/cost transfers for accounting changes
pcard update
PCard Update
  • The PCard is still a great procurement tool for small dollar purchases from non-contract vendors and all registration payments
  • BuzzMart is the procurement

tool for Catalog Vendors

pcard deadlines
PCard Deadlines
  • Transactions posted to bankby Wednesday, June 27th will be recorded in FY 2012
  • Transaction information available on Thursday, June 28th, after 3pm
  • Redistribution via Works must be completed by 2pm on Friday, June 29th
  • Redistribution via the Campus PCard (CPC) journal entry pagemust be completed by Friday, June 29th 6pm
customer service support
Customer Service Support
  • FAQ’s on Procurement Website
  • Contact info:
invoice process flow
Invoice Process Flow

NOTE: Vouchers are ‘In Process’ until successfully matched and will not post to PeopleSoft until matching is complete

accounts payable deadlines
Accounts Payable Deadlines
  • Monday, June 18th
    • Deadline for approved invoices that reference a BuzzMart PO and all other AP Forms
      • Properly approved on correct form
      • Valid account coding
      • Supporting documentation
      • Sufficient encumbrance
      • Receipt entered for all orders $3000+
accounts payable deadlines1
Accounts Payable Deadlines
  • Invoices that reference a BuzzMart PO will continue to be entered through 6/29, on a first-in, first-out basis
  • Invoices that do not reference a valid BuzzMart PO will be scanned and routed to WebNow departmental work queues for approval. Use the WebNow worksheet to approve the invoice and payments will be processed on a first-in, first-out basis.
  • There will be no access to BuzzMart for Receipts and Match Exceptions from 6/27-7/1
buzzmart receipts
BuzzMart Receipts

All POs $3,000+ require a receipt. Receipts must be entered prior to 5pm on June 26th to be eligible for matching and payment prior to June 30th.

If a receipt is not entered within the 3 day window after invoice entry, both a receipt and ‘Force Match’ must be entered.

buzzmart match exceptions
BuzzMart Match Exceptions
  • Match exceptions based on system tolerances
    • 5% up to $500 per PO
    • No additional line items
    • Receipt cost/quantity
  • Action must be taken by the Finance Approver
    • Enter Receipt & Force Match ($3000+, if OK to pay)
    • Force Match with comment (<$3000, if OK to pay)
    • If voucher correction must be made, enter a comment with instructions and send to Force matched vouchers will automatically be set up for payment. DO NOT FORCE MATCH if there is a problem with the invoice/voucher.
ap year end accruals
AP Year-End Accruals
  • All invoices dated 6/30 and prior that are not paid this fiscal year must be accrued
  • Whenever possible, approve invoices in WebNow and submit to AP by year end deadlines
  • Do not “hold” paper invoices. Submit all invoices to (1 invoice per email) to be scanned into the invoice work queue and accrued, even if the invoice is not approved for payment.
pre paid expenses
Pre-Paid Expenses

What are they?

  • Payments that must be made this fiscal year for an expense for a future fiscal year. Examples include registrations and airfare purchases paid prior to 6/30 for a FY13 conference/trip.

How do we make payments this FY?

  • Directly bill airfare through Travel Inc.
  • Use the CRF and check ‘Pre-paid Expense’ (include next FY’s expense account).

How are they posted?

  • Expenses will post to the FY13

project ID/expense account in July

ach payment option
ACH Payment Option
  • Vendors and other payees that expect 3+ payments per year through Accounts Payable can register for ACH electronic payments
  • The vendor must be an active vendor for Georgia Tech prior to setting up ACH payment
fy 2013 ap transactions
FY 2013 AP Transactions
  • First check run for FY13: July 2nd
  • Expenses will not post to ledgers or the GT Data Warehouse (web payment look-up tool) until July 13th, but TRUST US,

“The check is in the mail”


“The ACH has been sent”

travel and expenses t e
Travel and Expenses (T&E)

T&E System—1 Year Old

  • 6,200Travel Authorizations approved
  • 28,000 Expense Reports Paid
  • 5,600 Employees received reimbursements
  • Significant system enhancements and fixes have been added since go-live to improve productivity and the user experience
t e system
T&E System
  • T&E will be available throughout close-out for entry & approval of Travel Auths and Expense Reports
  • Expense Reports will be processed on a First-In, First-Out basis through June 29th
  • T&E reimbursements begin for FY13 on July 2nd
  • Send requests to expedite expense reports using FY12 lapsing funds to They will be processed as volume/timing permits.
t e pending transactions
T&E Pending Transactions
  • Financial Managers should review all TAs and Expense Reports in ‘Pending’ status to ensure that documents are approved in a timely manner
t e pending transactions1
T&E Pending Transactions
  • Most items in ‘Pending’ status require employee review/submission
t e web payment inquiry
T&E Web Payment Inquiry
  • View the status of all T&E transactions, by Empl Name, Report ID, Campus Ref# or Empl ID
non employee travel
Non-Employee Travel
  • Monday, June 18th
    • Deadline for Employee Payment Request Forms and TES for Nonemployees
      • Valid account coding
      • Supporting receipts
  • Payments will continue to be processed through June 29th. Send urgent payment requests for FY12 lapsing funds to
direct airfare billing
Direct Airfare Billing
  • Airline tickets will be paid against FY12 funds if posted to the Institute account by June 8th.
  • Airfare for July 1 and later departure dates will be posted to a pre-paid expense account if state funds are used. Provide valid FY13 project ID at time of reservation.
customer service support1
Customer Service Support
  • FAQ’s on Procurement Website
  • Contact information:
customer service faqs
Customer Service FAQs
  • New FAQs have been posted for all functional areas of Business Services!

Search by keywords


Payroll Update

Jerry Jobe

Director of Payroll

Office of Human Resources


Payroll Update

  • PSF’S
    • Completed ePSFBy:
    • May 10For May Payroll/Summer Pay
    • June 15 For June Payroll/Summer Pay

Payroll Update



8 AMMay 31 Through 5PMJune 1

8 AMJune 14 Through 5PMJune 15


- For BiWeekly Period Ending 6/13/2012 requests Due in

Payroll Friday, June 8 by 12:00 Noon

- Final off-cycle check requests for the Fiscal year is Due

in Payroll Monday, June 25 by 12:00 Noon

biweekly salary accrual
Biweekly Salary Accrual
  • The accrual for biweekly wages earned in June but not paid until July will include 12 days.

Period Ending 06/29/2012 – 10 days

Period Ending 07/11/12 – 2 days (June 28-29)

***Tech temp and student wages are not accrued


Academic Contract Pay

August & May are ½ month pay regardless of the start or end date.

Full months are paid September through April.

All other months start or end pays are prorated based on days worked divided by the total work days in that month.


Salary Planning & Distribution (SPD) Update

Robert Ellington

Associate Director - SPD Center

Grants & Contracts Accounting


SPD Update

  • Early Annual Statement of Reasonableness (ASR) Form
  • For Plan Confirmation System employees terminating in May
    • Mon, April 16, SPD Center will query Payroll Database for Terminating employees and email list to Depts.(Please have PSF Term actions or Rehire actions processed)
    • Dept’s have one week to review & return list of who needs early ASR
    • Mon, April 23, SPD Center prints early ASR’s & mails by end of April for employee and Financial Mgr certification signatures and dated…to be returned to the SPD Center. (No First-Hand Knowledge certifications)
    • No changes to the distribution on the early ASR can occur after they are printed or the certification is void and we will have to recertify.

SPD Update

  • *Electronic*Annual Stmt of Reasonableness (eASR)
  • Email eASR link to Plan Confirmation employees (similar to monthly eWAF notification) A demo instruction link is included.
  • Online electronic certification by employee
  • Online electronic approval by Unit Financial Managers
  • Manual ASRs backup for unconfirmed eASRs in August
  • Certified and Approved ASRs deadline - August 31
  • Confirm Proposed/Committed Levels of Effort for PIs, Co-PIs,
  • and other Key Research Personnel prior to YR end close.
grants contracts acctg update
Grants & Contracts Acctg Update

Sandy Mason

Interim Director

Grants & Contracts

Don Cochran

Business Analyst, Sr

Grants & Contracts

grants contracts accounting update
Grants & Contracts Accounting Update
  • G&C Cost Transfer Deadline – July 2
    • Paper and ECT
    • >120 days require additional approval
  • Sponsored Project Exceptions - Ongoing
    • Over budget and/or Past Term
    • Undocumented exceptions must be cleared
grants contracts accounting update1
Grants & Contracts Accounting Update
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

(aka Stimulus Funding or ARRA)

    • TRANSPARENCY = >Scrutiny = >Audits
    • Quarterly narrative updates of the activity performed during the reporting period provided by PIs should be properly edited and consistent with expense postings
    • Post all appropriate salary expenses within reporting quarter
grants contracts accounting update2
Grants & Contracts Accounting Update
  • Cost Sharing
    • Ongoing effort to record cost sharing expenses and “link” projects in GM database
    • Increased scrutiny by sponsors
      • Impact on invoicing/collections
      • Impact on financial reporting
grants contracts accounting update3
Grants & Contracts Accounting Update

Management Reports Demonstration

grants contracts accounting update4
Grants & Contracts Accounting Update
  • New online reporting tools to give you more information about your Sponsored Project Activity
  • Just in time for Year-end planning and Year-end Review!!!
grants contracts accounting update5
Grants & Contracts Accounting Update
  • Resident Instruction Project Detail Extract
  • Sponsored Expenditure Reports
  • Sponsored Activity Summary
  • Go to G&C Dept website ( and navigate to ‘Management Reports’
  • Questions -

Budget Update

Cheryl Rankin

Director of Budget Management

Institutional Budget Planning & Administration


Budget Update

  • Two year-end policies are posted on the Institute Budget Planning & Administration website
  • Policies focus on GenOps funding
    • Carry-forward requests
      • Must be requested by Division financial administrators by April 15
    • Lapsed PO’s/Encumbrances


Budget Update

  • Sponsored Adjustments
    • Complete sponsored adjustments as early as possible, especially any personal service adjustments.
    • Personal Services adjustments not only impact General Operation (Gen Ops) balances, but also the actual centrally-budgeted fringe benefits the Institute pays
  • Cleanup of Funds
    • Clean up Department Sales and Services (DSS), Research Consortium, and Technology Fee balances
    • DO NOT leave a deficit in Gen Ops and a balance in Research Consortium - They will not offset one another
budget update
Budget Update
  • Align Personal Services and Non-Personal Services budgets to actual expenses
  • NPS by category should also be aligned

March 29, 2012

budget update1
Budget Update
  • Please make sure all full-time employees’ @ rates are correct
  • Annual pay must not be more than the @ rate
  • Since there are no raises for FY13, the @ rate and annual pay should be the same as of July 1, 2012
  • Contact your assigned budget analyst with any questions
questions from audience
Questions from Audience
  • Budget Office (Orig Bud, Bud Amdmts or Policies)
  • Bursar’s Office (Petty Cash, Cashiering, Non-Student AR)
  • Business Services (AM, AP, PCard, PO, T&E or Travel
  • Controller’s Office (GL Reports, COA, etc.)
  • Grants & Contracts Acctg (G&C, SPD or Mgmt Rpts)
  • Human Resources (Payroll, Benefits, etc.)
help desk i nformation
Help Desk Information
  • Invoices, Vouchers,
  • Orig Budget, Bud Amendments
  • PO’s and Requisitions
  • GL Rpts, COA, Ledger Postings
  • Payroll, Time Entry, PSF's
  • PCard
  • Agrmnts for Signature/Purchasing
  • Travel
  • Vendor