fuqua summer internship funding case summer internship fund class of 1990 scholarship n.
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Fuqua Summer Internship Funding: CASE Summer Internship Fund Class of 1990 Scholarship PowerPoint Presentation
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Fuqua Summer Internship Funding: CASE Summer Internship Fund Class of 1990 Scholarship

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Fuqua Summer Internship Funding: CASE Summer Internship Fund Class of 1990 Scholarship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fuqua Summer Internship Funding: CASE Summer Internship Fund Class of 1990 Scholarship. Duke University The Fuqua School of Business. Program Overview. CASE Summer Internship Fund (SIF)

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fuqua summer internship funding case summer internship fund class of 1990 scholarship

Fuqua Summer Internship Funding:CASE Summer Internship Fund Class of 1990 Scholarship

Duke University

The Fuqua School of Business

program overview
Program Overview

CASE Summer Internship Fund (SIF)

  • CASE provides financial assistance to first-year students who pursue summer internships with nonprofit organizations or public agencies.
    • This is a matching fund, therefore cannot support unpaid internships
    • Must have clear social impact and be MBA-level work

Class of 1990 Scholarship

  • Endowment to provide assistance to current first-year students who choose a summer internship with a nonprofit, public, or small to medium size company.
    • In addition to nonprofits and public agencies, can support positions at small enterprises
    • Can support unpaid internships
funding availability
Funding & Availability
  • Funds awarded through CASE Summer Internship Fund (SIF):
    • The Duke MBA Net Impact Club (NIC) spearheads student fundraising efforts for the SIF. Past and future participants expected to be active in efforts.
    • Total funds available are dependent on success of NIC fundraising efforts and amount of supplemental funds available through CASE and Fuqua.
  • Funds awarded through Class of 1990 Scholarship:
    • Funded by endowment given by Fuqua’s Class of 1990. Total funds available each year depends on endowment earnings.
  • Maximum funding: $400/week for up to 10 weeks
    • Can apply to both 1990 and CASE programs for support (joint application)
    • CASE program is matching (requires contribution from employer, sugg. $500/wk)
    • Total income from all sources not to exceed $10,000 ($5,000 max from CASE and 1990 programs)
student eligibility
Student Eligibility
  • Daytime Fuqua MBA student pursuing a summer internship. Second year graduating students are not eligible.
  • Work at your chosen agency for 8-10 weeks during the summer of 2014.
  • For the CASE Summer Internship Fund:
    • Complete an evaluation survey and submit a blog post about your summer internship experience to CASE before the first week of classes of the Fall 2014 term.
    • Participate in activities promoting the CASE Summer Internship Program in the academic year following the internship, especially in fundraising efforts with Net Impact.
organization eligibility
Organization Eligibility
  • Must have an offer in writing from an eligible organization
    • Nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)), public sector organization or nongovernmental organization (NGO).
    • Social purpose businesses (revenue-generating businesses operated by nonprofit that directly serve the mission of that organization) are also eligible.
    • Internships with for-profit small enterprises, even those with a social mission, are ONLY eligible for Class of 1990 funding, not CASE SIF.
    • May not have the promotion of a particular political party or candidacy as its core mission.
    • May not be primarily religious in nature, but may have a religious affiliation.
    • For CASE SIF: Must be a paid internship. In some cases, the fund may be able to match travel or living allowances where no salary is offered.
    • For Class of 1990: May be unpaid.
  • Internship must:
    • Require skills and knowledge consistent with an MBA education.
    • Be well-defined with adequate supervision and clearly defined deliverables.
    • Have a significant impact on the organization.
application process
Application Process
  • Application deadline: Sunday, April 13, 11:59 PM
  • If you have an offer you intend to accept: COMPLETE the application online
  • If you do not have an offer by April 13: COMPLETE the pre-application online so the funding committee knows you intend to apply for assistance. Then, when you have an internship offer you intend to accept, you can update your application by completing the full application.
  • SIF and 1990 funding decisions will be made 2-3 weeks after application deadlines. From that point on, applications will be considered on a rolling basis as funds remain available.
  • Funding dispersed as tuition credits
  • Joint application for Class of 1990 and CASE Summer Internship Program available online: http://tinyurl.com/SIF-1990
for more information
For More Information…
  • For a sampling of blog posts from previous SIF interns: http://blogs.fuqua.duke.edu/casenotes/tag/summer-internship-fund/
  • For a list of earlier SIF intern organizations: www.CASEatDuke.org/mba/summerinternships
  • Questions about SIF or 1990? Email: SIF-1990@duke.edu
  • If you would like to speak with someone in person:
    • For career related questions: Mackenzie Sullivan, Sector Director for Social Impact & Sustainability
    • For financial aid related questions: Misty Brindle, Assistant Director, Financial Aid (W109)
help the summer internship fund
Help the Summer Internship Fund!
  • Stache Bash!
    • The 2014 Stache Bash is quickly approaching! All male growers and all female stylists can sign up by Friday April 4th in the Fox Center.
    • Growing and fundraising will conclude on April 25th when we host the annual Stache Bash event where we will have prizes and the King of Stache Bash will be crowned.
    • Contact saurabh.singh@fuqua.duke.edu with questions
  • Give-a-Day (with Stache Bash)
  • Cap & Gown (starting now)