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Eight Steps Closer College/PEQAB Connections PowerPoint Presentation
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Eight Steps Closer College/PEQAB Connections

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Eight Steps Closer College/PEQAB Connections - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eight Steps Closer College/PEQAB Connections. CDOG Annual Conference June 2, 2014 James Brown. Step One. Clarifying/expanding what “counts” as scholarly engagement:. faculty are intellectually engaged with developments in their fields, including. TAKEN/DONE. -participation at conferences.

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eight steps closer college peqab connections

Eight StepsCloser College/PEQAB Connections

CDOG Annual Conference

June 2, 2014

James Brown

step one
Step One

Clarifying/expanding what “counts” as scholarly engagement:

faculty are intellectually engaged with developments in their fields, including


  • -participation at conferences
  • -scholarship of teaching/learning (pedagogy)
  • -participation in certification degree audits & related
  • -applied, labour market research & industry needs assessment
  • -applied conceptual knowledge to practice: consulting/industry reports, case studies
step two
Step Two

Work Terms: Flexibility on 14 “Consecutive” Weeks


Any work-integrated learning experience

  • a) Is appropriate to the program field
  • b) Has articulated appropriate learning outcomes
  • c) Has identified methods for both instructor and supervisor to “evaluate”
  • d) Amounts to no less than 14 weeks (490 hours) in one or multiple blocks
step three
Step Three

50% “Count” Terminal Credentials

Two methods of counting


  • a) 50% of faculty teaching courses hold the terminal academic credential in the field or related field
  • b) 50% of courses are taught by faculty holding the terminal academic credential
  • Proviso: in the context of a practicable schedule of teaching assignments
step four
Step Four

Assessor Orientation

One of PEQABs values: “fair and ethical”


  • Could you offer your expertise, based solely on the merits of the program and without reference to the kind of institution offering it—whether that be an Ontario College, a private institution or a public university from outside Ontario?
step five
Step Five

“Studio” vs. “Lecture” Formats

“Hands On Learning” vs. “Other Academic” assessed differently as to terminal degree, venue characterized by

  • Specialized facility


  • At least 50% of contact hours hands-on/guided practice
  • Small class size
  • Terminal credential may be less than a PhD or Masters
step six
Step Six

Clarifying Procedures on “Samples of Student Work”

Terminal stage of the program (3rd year or 4th year)


  • Offered to students in program being reviewed
  • Total equals 20% of students in program
  • Minimum of 15—5 in each “pile”
  • Variety of assessment, including qualitative & capstone projects
step seven
Step Seven

“Lighter Touch” Audit Process

PEQAB recommends to Minister lengths of “Consent”

  • Recommended consents: 5 years, 7 years or “unlimited”


  • No Minister ever implemented “unlimited”
  • Develop an “audit process” for a new “ongoing” Consent
  • “Lighter touch” focus on Colleges processes to quality- assure its programs itself
step eight
Step Eight

Survey: College Satisfaction with PEQAB

PEQAB secretariat continuous improvement in service

  • Willing/able to identify gaps in your submissions?


  • Clear and timely communication?
  • Helpful presence at site visits?
  • Generally helpful attitude?