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In the Name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Beneficient. Refuge at the First Moslem Women. How were the Pioneers Moslem Women a refuge to Moslems?. Lady Nafisa. Peace be Upon Her. The pious and the most reliable in counseling

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In the Name of Allah,

the most Merciful, the most Beneficient


How were the Pioneers

Moslem Women a refuge to Moslems?


Lady Nafisa

Peace be Upon Her


The pious and the most reliable in counseling

and problem solving and Iman El Shafeiy Sunna Supporter


She Was born in Mecca.

Her grandfather was Imam Al Hasan Ibn Aly son of our master Aly Ibn Abi Taleb.


At the age of five her father took her with him to El Madina where she lived there and her love to worship was evident during her prime time


At the age of six, she used to perform the five prayers at the Haram with her father and learnt reading and writing .


She was approached by many eminent youth from Mecca but her father refused them until Isaac El Mo’taman son of Ghafar EL Sadek may Allah bless him approached her for marriage but he did not answer him…


until he saw our prophet peace be upon him during his sleep and told him ''Hassan marry Nafissa to Isaac Al Motaman".


So he sent for him and married him to his daughter.By this marriage two light were joined as the grandfather of Lady Nafisa was Imam Al Hussein and the grandfather of Isaac was El Imam Al Hussein and she gave birth to El Kasem and Om Kolthoom.


She never left the precincts of our prophet peace be upon him. She used to listen to his preachers and learn the prophetic sayings and Islamic regulations from preachers and among those whom she met was Imam Malek.


She used to sob and cling to the curtains of El Kaaba while saying:"My Lord and Master please me and make me happy with your acceptance". She used to learn the Quran by heart and its interpretations.


She was one of Allah's best examples in night supplication and fasting during daytime.She was diligent in work and study and was entitled "the most precious in knowledge".They used to tell her can't you have pity on yourself? She used to say how can I have pity on myself while I have many unresolved obstacles that cannot be tackled except by the winners?


She was indifferent to worldly pleasures the indifference of scholars who left what occupies the mind of man from Allah.Her slogan was Allah first and society second.


She used to eat little food and it was narrated that she used to eat once every three days. She used to have a basket hanging in front of her praying of her prayer rug. Whenever she craves anything she used to find in the basket. She used to say "whoever is straightforward toward Allah shall manage the whole universe".


She used to be a devoted wife and her adoration to Allah did not prevent her from her responsibility towards her husband. She used to be a devoted wife and her adoration to Allah did not prevent her from her responsibility towards her husband, he wasproud of her as she never failed him.


She used to care about her children and cherish and discipline them to be a good example of benevolent youth affiliated to the Prophetic heritage.


Her home at El Madina was filled with people from each Islamic country especially those who approach her during the pilgrimage season and knowledge seekers.


She was bounteous in good deeds, cherishing the miserable and revealing the grief of many the grieved. She used to spend a lot of her money on the sick and needy and people in general. She never turned off the needy and was generous to all who approached her.


She came to Egypt and was received and welcomed warmlyby Egyptian people as the Egyptians loved her before they saw her as they heard about her from the pilgrimage delegations.


She stayed at the residence of Om Hane' a pious Egyptian woman and was approached by many people who wanted to fulfill their errands and demands. All of them go back after having their errands fulfilled and their grief gone.


Many scholars heard her prophetic sayings and Islamic legislations and benefited a lot from her knowledge.


Imam EL Shafeei came to Egypt where he rested there and used to approach her and the tie of knowledge was consolidated. Also he used to seek her opinion in scientific matters.


Imam El Shafei was the third after the two preachers Abu Hanifa and Malek. He gathered and grasped their knowledge andformed his opinion which was a mixture of his opinion and El Sunna.He initiated a branch of knowledge entitled "The basis of legislations" and many scholars abided to it. Hence he was entitled as "EL Sunna Supporter ".


He used to visit her on his way to his knowledge sessions at El Fustat mosque and on his way back to home he used to pray El Tarawih Prayers at her mosque.


When he was ill and unable to visit her, he used to send his students asking her to pray for his recoverywhich happened by the blessing of her prayers.


During his last illness she prayed for him saying: "May Allah receive him well" and in other narration "May he be gratified by seeing Allah" and he understood from her saying that he is about to die so he urged her to pray on him upon his death.


His funeral passed by her home and she prayed on him and some of the pious people who attended the funeral said: "We heard after praying over him that Allah has forgiven everyone who prayed on El Shafei and El Shafei himself was forgiven by Lady Nafisa's prayer may Allah bless her".


Her husband asked her to accompany him to El Higaz but she refused telling him that she dreamt of our prophet peace be upon him telling her not to leave Egypt as she is doomed to die in it."


She dug her own grave being very keen on meetingher Creator and having no desire in this wretched world. Her soul was taken while she was fasting and reading the Quran


She asked her husband who wanted to burry her at El Bakei to carry out the cleansing rituals, but the Egyptian people pleaded for her burial in Egypt at the grave she dug with her hands.


They gathered a lot of money and left him with him yet he insisted.The next day he told them that he saw our prophet Mohamed peace be upon him saying to him Isaac return the money back to the people and burry her in Egypt. The people rejoiced by this saying Allah Akbar.


Her burial day was witnessed by all people from various countries who prayed and mentioned Allah in their supplication. Reminiscencewas built on her grave written on it:


"Folks affiliated to our prophet Mohamed, your love is mandatory as stipulated in Quran. Suffice your great estimation that anyone who doesn't pray for you shall be denied the acceptance of his prayers".


Sister in Islam

Our prophet peace be upon him says that everything has a foundation and that love of the followers of our prophet peace be upon him and his folks is the foundation of Islam.


These are the good example of the folks of our prophet peace be upon him. You could wonder where are we from these pious people who were supported by Allah and angels and were doomed to heaven by our prophet peace be upon him.


It is true!!

They were human beings the same as ourselves but they learnt from the Mohamedian school while we lost our way.The way to Allah is always open for all those who repent. Let our prayers be:


(Allah pardons not a person beyond his scope he gets reward for that (Good) which he has earned, and he is punished for that (Evil) which he has earned. "Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error, Our Lord! Lay not on us a pardon like that which you did lay on those before us. (Jews and Christians); Our Lord! Put not on us a pardon greater than we had strength to bear. Pardon us and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us you are our Maula (Patron, supporter and protector/ etc..) and give us victory over the disbelieving people.

Surah AL / Baqarah - 286


The End of Part Four

of Pioneer Moslem

Women's Refuge.

Till We Meet Again.