a strong media program positively affects student achievement
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A Strong Media Program Positively Affects Student Achievement

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A Strong Media Program Positively Affects Student Achievement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Strong Media Program Positively Affects Student Achievement. By Caleyann Coleman MEDT 6466 Fall 2011. Fact: Achievement Test Scores are 10-20\% Higher with a Quality Media Program.

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a strong media program positively affects student achievement

A Strong Media Program Positively Affects Student Achievement

By Caleyann Coleman

MEDT 6466 Fall 2011

fact achievement test scores are 10 20 higher with a quality media program
Fact: Achievement Test Scores are 10-20% Higher with a Quality Media Program
  • Studies have been conducted in over 3,300 schools all drawing the same conclusion. Media programs improve student achievement.
  • Lance and Baughman conducted two main studies showing the relationship between higher student achievement and media programs.
the lance study
The Lance Study
  • The Lance study found that Academic achievement was higher when
    • Schools had a library media specialist
    • Media specialists collaborated with teachers
    • Library collections were larger
lance study continued
Lance Study continued…
  • The Lance Study found that media programs do many things for our schools and students such as
    • Partnering with teachers to plan collaboratively
    • Teach a love and understanding of reading
    • Prepare students for using information and technology
“Research shows that the highest achieving students attend schools with good school libraries”

~James C Baughman

the baughman study
The Baughman Study
  • The Baughman Study found that
    • Students did better on state tests at schools with media centers
    • Students scored higher at schools with a higher book per pupil ratio
    • Students at schools with a full time media specialist scored higher on state testing
the baughman study continued
The Baughman Study continued…
  • Dr. Baughman found that media programs are most influenced by the following areas
    • Extra hours before and after school
    • Higher per pupil count of materials
    • A higher media center budget per pupil
    • Higher student use and instruction
    • Collection alignment with the curriculum
    • Complete staff including media specialist, clerks, and parent volunteers
what about students in low socioeconomic areas
What about students in low socioeconomic areas?
  • Dr. Baughman found that school media centers increased student achievement at schools with a higher rate of free and reduced lunches
  • He concluded that students in a lower socioeconomic area can learn just as well when given the proper materials-a quality media center

“Children in these schools need books, libraries, and librarians as much as, if not more than do other children”

~James C Baughman

other studies
All these studies draw the same conclusion

Library Media Centers Positively Affect Student Achievement!

Other Studies

Studies have been completed in the following states












New Mexico

New York

North Carolina






what is the role of the media specialist to improve student achievement
What is the role of the media specialist to improve student achievement?
  • American Association of School Librarians’ Information Power gives a clear description of the roles and responsibilities of a media specialist.
  • Media Specialists are
    • Teachers who collaborate with students to help with the use of information
    • Instructional partners with teachers to plan and teach subject matter
    • Informational specialist in acquiring and evaluating information
    • Program administrator who plans, directs, and advocates the media program and media center
what can you the principal do to ensure a quality media program
What Can You, the Principal, Do to Ensure a Quality Media Program?
  • Communicate with the media specialist often on current media programs and new ideas
  • Encourage collaboration between teachers and the media specialist
  • Support the media center budget as necessary to ensure a higher books per pupil ratio
  • Support extended hours and a flexible schedule of the media center

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Baughman J, (2000). School Libraries and MCAS Scores. Simmons College, Boston, MA. Retrieved October 29th, 2011, from http://web.simmons.edu/~baughman/mcas- school-libraries/Baughman%20Paper.pdf

references continued
References Continued

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