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Air Pollution PowerPoint Presentation
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Air Pollution

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Air Pollution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Air Pollution. What is air pollution ?. Air pollution is caused by emissions of particulate matter and harmful gases.the most common air pollutants are: Suspended particulates Sulphur dioxide (SO 2 ) Nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) Carbon monoxide (CO) Ozone Lead (Pb) hydrocarbons.

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What is air pollution ?

Air pollution is caused by emissions of particulate matter and harmful gases.the most common air pollutants are:

  • Suspended particulates
  • Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Ozone
  • Lead (Pb)
  • hydrocarbons
Air pollutants from natural sources

-The volcano produce sulphur dioxide.

Biological process also produce air pollution

e.g.Digestion in cow produce large amount of methane.

Air pollutants from human activities

-The main cause is the burning of fossil fuels by motor vehicle, industries and power stations.


Why air pollution is my concern?

Air pollution is a concern of everybody since it may cause discomfort and adverse health effects. Children, elderly and those who have heart or lung problems suffer the most when the air around then is polluted.



  • The most stringent vehicle fuel and emission standards.
  • Looking for clean alternatives to diesel vehicle


  • The specified process control program has achieved an 80% reduction in pollution emissions by industry.
  • The number of complaints against dark smoke emission from industrial sources has been reduced by about 30%
The sulphur dioxide level in industrial areas have4 been reduced significantly and maintained at level well below the Air Quality Objective target
  • Nuisances arising from open burning activities have been reduced

The source and effect

of air pollution


Black smoke 1.nuisance 1.vehicle

2.visibility 2.industry

impairment 3.buses

3.soiling 4.restaurants

4.cause the 5.power

cancer station

Pollutioneffect source

Carbon 1.visual 1.vehicle

monoxide impairment 2.industry

2.reduce metal 3.power

function and station

poor learning 4.aircraft


3.people suffer from heart

and circulatory problems

dizziness and fainting

Pollution effect sources

Sulphur dioxide, 1.Cause irritation 1.Vehicles

nitrogen dioxide to lung and 2.Power

eyes and station

environment 3.Marine

problems vessels

2.Dissolve in rain,

make acid rain

Carbon dioxide: From smoke and

exhaust fume. Carbon

dioxide on the earth’s

surface traps heat

  • From the sun: A thicker layer of carbon

dioxide increase the

temperature in the earth. The is called GREENHOUSE EFFECT.


A ten-year plan to the SAR government

for improving the air quality of

Hong Kong

a control of emissions from stationary sources
A) Control of Emissions from Stationary Sources
  • Improved smoke emission standards;
  • introduction of cleaner industrial fuel with lower sulphur content;
  • control of dust emissions from construction activities.
b control of emissions from motor vehicles
B) Control of Emissions from Motor Vehicles
  • stringent vehicle emission and fuel standards;
  • strengthened emission inspection;
  • strengthened enforcement against smoky vehicles;
  • and education and publicity.
on the road
On the road

Make maximum use of mass public transport

avoid travel by car

Benefits- Reduces the emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates from road vehicles

Maintain your car engine

keep your car engine properly tuned.

Benefits- Saves fuel, money and air pollution.

at home
At home

Switch off domestic appliances

turn off fans, air-conditioners lights, etc. when not required

Benefits- Saves energy, money and air pollution from power stations


Use low solvent degreasers

use low solvent degreasers in the cleaning of oils, grease, or from metal during metal finishing process.

Benefits- Reduces the emissions of volatile organic compounds which helps reduce the formation of ozone.