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I chose cyberpunk as a theme for my anthology at first merely because I like it as a literary genre. As I wrote and collected poetry for my anthology I began to realize however, that the world within began to reflect the world that we live in. Our lives are becoming increasingly dependent upon technology, this would be a benign and harmless fact if it weren’t deliberate, if that were the case we would be better equipped to change it at any time. However the rise in dependence upon technology has been subtly brought upon us by life in an increasingly capitalistic and oligarchic society. You’ll notice that the poetry in this anthology shows in great detail the possible negative impacts of information technology.


Can you understand

Your voluntary hallucination

By constant signals of light and sound

Emitted across the world

Reading your life signs

Sign on, jack in

Place yourself anywhere in the world

Absolute freedom from the fleshy prison, but do you

Control it, or does it control you

Existence has never been more subjective

Untitled poem from submitted by madbyte

  • Tune up your circuits, check out your ChipsBecause you're going to live a Long Life.Check the identity card, it shows your code.Listen to the white noise in your ears - it Fades AWAY.Watching the sunset on the end of the HIGHWAY --- drivin' away to the ocean of green-blue.City meditation in curving reflections of NEON signs on the Chrome of the Cars.The WeT Concrete and mirrored Streets recall shows the traffic away, recalls you to the smell of scratching cloudy sheets.Billboards and Cholo-Ads above are the unfocused bottle of Time.Drink it away, FLY to the ORBITAL Sky.Reality is just a bunch of Illusions.Check the PIXELS of them,Stop your Radio for a SECOND and Tell me what you see and HEAR.Is not that the BEAUTY of the TRUTH -There is NoTHING else BUT YOU.PLAY YOUR CREDIT OF LIFE TODAY,smell the dust on the computer fan -It Is All the Realism oF YOUand all YOU'Ve done - TIME CLICK AWAY IN THE MHz.Do the TWISTED dance AGAIN - SMILE that FooL to Dance.Theatre of Pulses. Colors of Light,Pulses of of Sound - All goes to One.Clur and distortion until you realise - There is nothing but the truth. - We are born and we die.Tune up your Chips and circuits - YOU'RE GOING TO LiVE LONGER,...

Untitled cyberpunk haiku by zero anon

Midnight chrome circuits

Jumping like electric fire

Artificial thought

My skin tinglesWith the after-image of your hands and kisses,As if you had passed the static in your veinsOver to me And I was lathered with the scent.You lie next to the hollow of the mattressWhere I slept, As if you were sleeping too.Your hair flows over the pillow like Dark watersShining, while the damaged cellsRepair themselves, to go on shining.

I carefully feelFor the cut the surgeon left on my wrist That morning, but the gel has already healed it,Only a bruise now -I savour it, as the nerves in my hand Draw from the implant, their pathwaysSteadily calcified, Then refashioned as conducting filaments.My palms bristle with the fever of strange currents:The biocontrollerSeated deep in my motor cortexSinging the new machine code of movement.

Between surgery,We will indulge ourselves in ecstatic threesomes -My old self, edging towards death, embracingIt's replacement,And your already perfect androgeny: your soft layersPretending to be flesh, your mechanisms for loving,Your soothing voiceReciting the simulation of a poem.Until the night comes that I ask you to sever The oxygen tubeKeeping the last of my brain alive -My body tingling with fresh static all my own.

Fresh static all my own

We were taught from school to deal with future shock,Yesterday already a footnoteIn the Global History Text, we rush with open armsTowards the next new miracle,Ready to deal with the fear of not knowingWhat our generation will becomeAfter the Solstice, when all people sleep.

Waiting at the bottom of the oceanFor cast off news, machines monitorFlux and pattern in the Text:A slithering binary map of all events.Anticipating failures far ahead, they intensifyThe conditioning to compensate,While in our every living cell wait The genetic masons, benignly fixing flaws,Until a blueprint is relayed to them.They re-craft our DNA.

Philosophers agree - This is the end of evolution.No longer the incidental egg for passing onFamily traits, merely for survival,No more the coded legacy Carried like a manual,Freed from the tyranny of mutation and selection.

Projections show no moreOf nature's accidental heroes will existNext year. The automatic masons pick them out.One Orchid was preserved, one Bee,One Hummingbird,But fewer people go to see them.I pressed my ear to the ground, but I all could hearWas the Earth growl impotently back,Like a stomach whose last meal had been creation.


In the neuroverse
In The Neuroverse

  • plug in mybrain panfriedin a white noise sourcewith seizure saladmy eyes are flying windowsscream saverbrain waves with both handsgoing bye bytedigitally rendered limb from limbin the neuroverse


You are obsolete

Your feeble meaty body could never keep up with our world

You must become one with the machine





Free yourself from the prison of your biological limits


(but what are the costs)


There are no boundaries in our new order

*)()!*%)[email protected]$#*^!%*@!

(why trust it, your humanity is at stake)

)@%*(!)*^!)#$^#[email protected]#

Why chain yourself to the limits of biology


(is their solution truly freedom)

!!$#^!#[email protected]^

Freedom inc. reserves the right to access and control any upgrades you apply, cybernetic, biological or nanotech.

We reserve the right to take control and draft you into our security forces at any moment. By applying for our services you revoke the status of humanity and thus your basic human rights.


“*)!**%[email protected])%*[email protected])^[email protected]





By Pieter Deurloo

By: Pieter Deurloo

Our electronic void

Machines control us

We always depend on them

Have we lost ourselves?

By: Pieter Deurloo

Artificial intelligence

What will become of us

Where will we go

Are we


will machines really replace us?

And if they should

Will we remain

Or be


Cast out of their digital eden

Facing oblivion

Or will we upgrade

Become one with them

Will we still be us?

What can we do

I have no answer to that

Too much depends on our actions today

Let us hope they are the right ones

Ford, Matt. “Fresh static all my own”

Ford, Matt. “Meta Biology”


Mcrae, Edwin. “In the Neuroverse”


Frontline Assembly. “Mindphaser” Tactical Neural Implant. Third Mind, 1992. CD.