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Neal Adam Loskovitz - Experienced Professional PowerPoint Presentation
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Neal Adam Loskovitz - Experienced Professional

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Neal Adam Loskovitz - Experienced Professional - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Neal Adam Loskovitz - Experienced Professional
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Neal Loskovitz CFO, Germantown Minor Medical

  2. Neal Loskovitz is a goal-oriented expert familiar with the techniques of management and finance. He can manage different financial matters owing to the fact that he is a knowledgeable finance manager and one of the foremost financial advisors.

  3. Neal Adam Loskovitz has unparalleled management skills which help him in monitoring staff of 20 employees. Moreover, in 1998, he got a top producer award for his exceptional services.

  4. Neal Loskovitz is working as a CFO at German minor medical. He is working since 1999. He is familiar with innumerable management and financial concerns of the company.

  5. Neal Adam Loskovitz has exceptional standing in the operations of numerous reputed companies and he began his career with working at AXA / Equitable in 1994 and afforded is services there till 1999.

  6. Neal Loskovitz is able to drive a research-based development program in order to accomplish the goals of the clients. Without a doubt, his strategies are customer focused and goal oriented.

  7. Neal Adam Loskovitz is also renowned in terms of vending financial vehicles to high net worth companies. Owing to his endless efforts, he got top producer award for 1998 as well. Neal Loskovitz is known for using the wide-ranging knowledge of ICD-10, CPT, HIPAA, CLIA, and OSHA.

  8. Thank you Find out more about him at his official site