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Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds.

Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds. Name Here. 12 October 2010. Unlocking Knowledge Empowering Minds The Challenge Ahead. “To open up the institution’s vast reservoirs of knowledge is a monumental and inspiring endeavor.” — Student, Canada. Unlocking Knowledge Empowering Minds

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Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds.

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  1. Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds. Name Here 12 October 2010

  2. Unlocking Knowledge Empowering Minds The Challenge Ahead

  3. “To open up the institution’s vast reservoirs of knowledge is a monumental and inspiring endeavor.” — Student, Canada Unlocking Knowledge Empowering Minds The Challenge Ahead

  4. Unlocking Knowledge Vision “OCW expresses MIT's goal of advancing education around the world through a global community in which knowledge and ideas are shared openly for the benefit of all.” — Susan Hockfield, President of MIT

  5. Unlocking Knowledge A Dual Mission • Publish core teaching materials—including syllabi, lecture notes, assignments and exams—from virtually all of MIT’s courses • Extend the reach and impact of OCW and the OpenCourseWare concept

  6. Unlocking KnowledgeProject Phases 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Year Courses 50 500 950 1,300 1,550 1,800 1,800 Pilot Ramp Up Enhancement

  7. Unlocking Knowledge What is OCW? • An MIT education • Intended to represent the interactive classroom environment • Degree-granting • A Web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content • Open and available to world • A permanent MIT activity MIT OpenCourseWare IS NOT: MIT OpenCourseWare IS:

  8. Unlocking Knowledge A Community Achievement Covers: • The entire undergraduate and graduate curriculum • 33 academic departments Voluntary contributions from: • 78% of MIT faculty • 4,600 members of the MIT community • More than 8,100 individuals and organizations in total

  9. Unlocking Knowledge 2,007 Courses • 2,007Syllabi & reading lists • 17,500+ lecture notes • 9,500+ assignments • 1000+ exams • 700+ projects Many include: • Audio/video (~80) • Complete texts (~30) • Simulations/animations http://ocw.mit.edu

  10. Unlocking Knowledge Open License Obliges users to meet three use requirements: Use must be non-commercial Materials must be attributed to MIT and original author or contributor Publication or distribution of original or derivative materials must be offered freely under identical terms, or “share alike”

  11. Unlocking Knowledge Translations • Chinese (522) • Spanish (99) • Portuguese (95) • Thai (26) • Persian (49)

  12. Unlocking Knowledge iTunes U & YouTube • 87 courses • 1,868 total tracks iTunes U MIT Main Page iTunes U OCW Course Page MIT YouTube channel main page

  13. Unlocking Knowledge Highlights for High School Launched Nov. 28, 2007 • Organizes ~70 introductory courses • Maps ~2,600 resources to US AP curriculum • Provides materials to inspire STEM study http://ocw.mit.edu/high-school

  14. “OCW motivates my students and gives them access to a wider knowledge base." — Educator, India Unlocking Knowledge Empowering Minds The Challenge Ahead

  15. Empowering Minds OCW Traffic Levels • September 2010: • 1.4M total visits • 725K iTunes U • downloads • 648K YouTube views • 139K zip downloads • 57K HfHS visits

  16. Empowering Minds Traffic by Region 16.6% 44.3% 20.1% 8.7% 4.5% 1.5% 4.3%

  17. Empowering Minds Traffic by Region 16.7% 44.3% 20.1% 8.7% 4.5% 1.5% 4.3% Mirror sites — Approx. 245 around the globe

  18. Empowering Minds Traffic by Country – Sep 10

  19. Empowering Minds Visitors by Role Others 6% Educators 9% Self learners 43% Students 42%

  20. Empowering Minds Use by Role Educators Students Self learners

  21. Empowering Minds Institutional Use Professor Triatno Harjoko Head of Department of Architecture at University of Depok, Indonesia, is using OCW to add interactivity to architecture instruction by his faculty.

  22. Empowering Minds Institutional Use “Critical thinking and creativity demand the liberalization of learning and information. It’s not simply the information that’s valuable, but also the glimpse OCW offers into how MIT has structured its teaching and research.”

  23. Empowering Minds Educator Use Professor Richard Hall Computer Science instructor at LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia, used OCW to rapidly refresh his knowledge of computer graphics for a last-minute teaching assignment.

  24. Empowering Minds Educator Use “OCW saved me an enormous amount of time and stress. I was delighted by the way the material is so coherently presented. It is truly inspiring to see this level of excellence.”

  25. Empowering Minds Student Use Kunle Adejumo Engineering student at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria, develops a deeper understanding of his class topics with OCW.

  26. Empowering Minds Student Use “Last semester, I had a course in metallurgical engineering. I didn’t have notes, so I went to OCW. I downloaded a course outline on this, and also some review questions, and these helped me gain a deeper understanding of the material.”

  27. Empowering Minds Self Learner Use VR Bill Humes, U.S. Navy Aerospace Engineer Researcher at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland Uses lecture notes of Professor David M. Parks from OCW’s “Course 3.35 – Fracture and Fatigue”

  28. Empowering Minds Self Learner Use “I work for the U.S. Navy solving real-world problems. I have one project involving how to increase fracture resistance in F-18 Super Hornet canopies. Pilots have died due to this type of failure. I went to your site – boom – I found materials on ‘Fracture and Fatigue,’ and this gave me ideas and pointed me in a new direction.”

  29. Empowering Minds Global Impact • 99% of users say OCW has had a positive impact

  30. Empowering Minds Visitor Feedback According to users, MIT OpenCourseWare is: “… the Eighth Wonder of the World.” “… the Big Bang of the Knowledge Universe.” “… the greatest thing any institution of higher learning has ever done.” “… like falling in love.” “… the coolest thing on the Internet.” “… worthy of the next Nobel Peace Prize.”

  31. Empowering Minds Benefits to MIT • Connecting with students and alumni; improving teaching/learning; • fostering international engagement Weekly visits from mit.edu domain since 10/03 Among freshmen who knew of OCW before choosing MIT: - 35% say OCW influenced their choice significantly Used by: - 90% of students - 84% of faculty - 50% of alumni and staff

  32. Empowering Minds MIT Faculty Use Professor Karen Willcox Teaches foundational course to MIT juniors in Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

  33. Empowering Minds MIT Faculty Use “I realized there was this huge disconnect between the math department and the engineering department – who are the downstream users of the material that’s taught in the math classes… I had no idea how or what was being taught.”

  34. Empowering Minds MIT Student Use Aron Walker Junior, environmental science and chemical engineering major, sees OCW as highlighting the real benefits of an MIT education.

  35. Empowering Minds MIT Student Use “OCW brings into focus the things that you can only find here at MIT, and not on the Web. It highlights the programs that aren’t on OCW because they can’t be — things like research, and doing programs with other students who are all really focused and excited about the work.”

  36. “The future of our global village looks bright to me when I see this knowledge opened to one and all.” — Self learner, United States Unlocking Knowledge Empowering Minds The Challenge Ahead

  37. The Challenge Ahead Sustainability • $3.7 M US annual budget • To date largely funded by grants and MIT general Institute budget • Anticipated model a mix of: - Cost management - General Institute budget - New grants - Major gifts/small donations - Corporate gifts/underwriting - Affiliate marketing

  38. The Challenge Ahead Improve the Platform • Update approximately 120 courses a year • Add 60 new courses a year • Improve depth of content • Add multimedia, user features • Publish energy minor curriculum (Bechtel Foundation Grant)

  39. The Challenge Ahead Innovate on the Platform • Cross-disciplinary portals - Energy - Environment • Stanton Foundation Grant - foundational courses structured for independent study - guided paths through materials, enhanced for self-assessments - still OCW: not for credit, no instructor interaction

  40. The Challenge Ahead Inspire a Movement Other OCWs: • ~250 institutions • 100 live OCW sites • ~13,000 courses

  41. The Challenge Ahead Inspire a Movement The OCW Consortium • Independent non-profit organization • Members commit to publishing minimum of 10 courses • Meets once each year in April/May http://ocwconsortium.org

  42. The Challenge Ahead Where are we now? The end of the very beginning.

  43. Thank You! Visit MIT OpenCourseWare online at http://ocw.mit.edu

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