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Government Relations. Shaping the Future The 2010 CMRTA Annual Conference Sacramento, California. 2010-11 State Budget Spending at $87.5 Use tax reporting extended permanently Rainy day fund to the voters first Un-promised Federal revenues Mandates Local focus Pension reform

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government relations

Government Relations

Shaping the Future

The 2010 CMRTA Annual Conference

Sacramento, California

2010 11 state budget
2010-11 State Budget
  • Spending at $87.5
  • Use tax reporting extended permanently
  • Rainy day fund to the voters first
  • Un-promised Federal revenues
  • Mandates
  • Local focus
  • Pension reform

Budget Zinger = Bad Politics

  • SB 848 (Hollingsworth) Transient Occupancy Taxes
  • League, local labor, MuniServices and others stopped the bill at 6:02 am by a 12 to 33 vote
2010-11 State Budget

On the 100th day they rallied

november election
Proposition 1A (2006) Prohibits state from using state sales tax on gas for non-transportation purposes
  • Proposition 1A (2004) Prohibits state from taking local government revenues
  • Proposition 42 (2002) Dedicated state sales tax on gas to transportation and transit improvements
November Election

The initiative process

State-local relationship

november election1
Revokes the state’s ability to borrow local government property tax funds (currently authorized by 2004 Prop 1A)
  • Prohibits state from taking or borrowing HUTA that currently funds local transit/transportation services
  • Prevents state redirecting locally levied taxes, including parcel, sales and utility user, hotel currently passed
  • Prohibits state from taking, borrowing or redirecting existing funding for public transit on gas
  • Adds constitutional protections to prevent the state from raiding redevelopment funds or shifting these funds for other state purpose
November Election

Proposition 22

Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act of 2010

november election2
Proposition 25/ Changes Vote Requirement for Budget

to Simple Majority

  • Support: California Teachers
  • Oppose: Chamber of Commerce

Proposition 26/ Requires Supermajority Vote on

Certain Taxes

  • Support: California Chamber
  • Oppose: League

Proposition 19 - Legalizing Marijuana and Allow Taxes

  • Support: Service Employees International
  • Oppose: League, California Chamber and State DA’s
November Election

Proposition 19: “The only candidate that voters are paying attention to”

Proposition 26: “Clear reaction by business groups to Proposition 25”

november election3
Transactions and Use Taxes
  • Five new districts were approved in June

Utility Users Taxes

  • Three UUT measures to increase or expand UUT in June were approved

Hotel Taxes

  • Three cities and two counties considered increases; 1 validated tax; and 2 increases were submitted to voters
November Election

Local balloting

Revenue protection and raising

november election4
  • Governor and Constitutional Officers
  • Legislature / Assembly and Senate
  • Local Candidates
November Election

“Don’t Forget to Take Out Your Trash – Vote November 7”

Billboard on Eastbound Highway 80

2010 legislation
Business License/ Regulations
  • AB 1822 (Swanson) Massage Therapy (Vetoed)
  • AB 2038 (Eng) FTB: Professional/ Occupational Licenses (Died)
  • AB 2294 (Block) Pedicabs. Licensing (Chaptered)
  • AB 2332 (Eng) Contractors: licenses (Vetoed)

Transient Occupancy Taxes

  • SBX6 2 (Calderon) TOT (Died)
  • SB 848 (Hollingsworth) TOT (Died)

Sales and Use Taxes

  • AB 2060 (Calderon) Exemption: Fixed Price Contract (Vetoed)
  • AB 2078 (Calderon) Use Tax Notification (Died)
2010 Legislation

The score

Signed: 726

Vetoed: 298

2010 legislation1
Economic Development
  • SB 71 (Padilla) Economic Development: Sales and Use Tax Exclusions (Chaptered)


  • AB 2531 (Fuentes) Redevelopment: Job Creation (Vetoed)

Local Issues

  • AB 155 (Mendoza) Municipal Bankruptcy (Died)
  • AB 2317 (Saldana) Nuisance Abatement (Vetoed)
  • AB 2756 (Blumenfield and Feuer) Mobile Billboard Displays (Chaptered)
2010 Legislation

The score

Signed: 726

Vetoed: 298

2010 legislation2
  • AB 2064 (Huber) State and Local Government: Salary Disclosure (Died)
  • SB 501 (Correa) Local Government Compensation (Died)


  • AB 827 (De La Torre) Contract Limitations (Vetoed)
  • AB 1955 (De La Torre) Local Government Compensation (Died)


  • AB 194 (Torrico) Retirement Contributions (Vetoed)
  • AB 900 (De Leon) Property Tax Reimbursement (Chaptered)
2010 Legislation

Transparency in government

The Legislature’s response

The League’s response to selected legislation

2010 legislation3
SB 1036 (Cedillo) Tax Administration: FTB
  • Sponsored by the CMRTA the bill would have provided the authority for cities to use contractors to achieve their revenue goals by defining “employee” to include contractors to help them with fill these goals
  • The bill does not increase any local or state tax
  • Any contractor would be under strict privacy and confidentiality restrictions
2010 Legislation

CMRTA retained its first lobbyist in 2010

Politics interfered with good policy

utility users tax streamlined sales tax
Federal and State UUT Legislation - Defeated
  • HR 1521, Cell Tax Fairness Act of 2009
  • AB 2545, Prepaid Communication Services: Taxes

Federal Streamlined Legislation - 2011

  • HR 5660, Main Street Fairness Act

Local Impact

  • Threats to UUT
  • Threats to collection of UUT on prepaid wireless communications
Utility Users Tax/ Streamlined Sales Tax

Cities prepared, stood ready, and aimed when called to defeat measures

economic revenue outlook
Federal Reserve is considering second wave of monetary easing to combat potential deflation from too-low inflation and sluggish recovery
  • California's budget, employment, water and transportation problems coupled with an unfriendly business environment continue to hold back economic recovery
  • Potential expansion of sales tax base to include services would stabilize the tax base
Economic/ RevenueOutlook

Establishing a new normal with declining revenues


economic revenue outlook1
Homebuilders confidence in the housing market continues at the lowest level in 18 months amid worries traffic of potential buyers is falling
  • Expect no change over next six months
  • Weakest sectors are construction, government, wholesale trade and manufacturing
  • Tight credit and nervous investors perpetuate flat economy
Economic/ RevenueOutlook

Establishing a new normal with declining revenues


economic revenue outlook2
Expect decent but not robust holiday sales, moderate growth in restaurants, strong growth in service stations and flat growth in business-to-business sector
  • Car sales will remain flat during 2010 with a slight increase of 3% in 2011
  • According to an LA Times article (9/27), the State is owed $1.4B from businesses who have collected sales and use tax but have not remitted to the SBE
  • This represents $190M in local taxes or 4% of annual local taxes
Economic/ RevenueOutlook

Establishing a new normal with declining revenues


shaping the future
Vote November 7
  • Participate and encourage CMRTA legislative goals
  • Be innovative, creative and a visionary
  • Use technology as advocacy tool: it’s affordable and quick
  • Be resourceful and use your resources
    • CMTRA advocate and legislative team
    • League of California Cities
    • MuniServices’ Government Relations team
Shaping the Future

5 take-away solutions to shape the future for legislative success

shaping the future1

Fran Mancia, Director of Government Relations

P: 800.800.8181 (5013)

E: [email protected]

Brenda Narayan, Legislative Communications

P: 800.800.8181 (5014)

E: [email protected]


League of California Cities Building

1400 K Street, Suite 301

Sacramento, CA 95814

Shaping the Future


CMRTA, League of California Cities, California Redevelopment Association, California Contract Cities Association, and others