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Clearinghouse Telecon. November 16, 2000. Emily Binnian, AGDC [email protected] Katie McLeroy, NRCS [email protected] Chris Cialek, Minn [email protected] John Kineman, NOAA [email protected] Deane Kensok, ESRI [email protected]

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Clearinghouse telecon l.jpg

Clearinghouse Telecon

November 16, 2000

Slide2 l.jpg

Emily Binnian, AGDC [email protected]

Katie McLeroy, NRCS [email protected]

Chris Cialek, Minn [email protected]

John Kineman, NOAA [email protected]

Deane Kensok, ESRI [email protected]

Peter Grimm, NOAA [email protected]

Cheryl Itkin, EPA [email protected]

Sharon Oskam, NY [email protected]

Bruce Westcott, RTSe [email protected]

Bill Rhyne, ORNL [email protected]

Stan Frazier, OR BLM [email protected]

Ron Birk, Pixsell [email protected]

Lee Wortley, WI [email protected]

Dave Bergstedt, NBII [email protected]

Doug Nebert, FGDC [email protected]

Pam Johnston, USGS [email protected]

Sheena Beaverson, IL [email protected]

Mark Peters, UT [email protected]

Susan Stitt, NBII [email protected]

Dawn Wright, OSU [email protected]

Karen Holt, CO [email protected]

Lorri Peltz-Lewis USBR [email protected]

Jeff Holm, WA [email protected]

Carlos Lopez [email protected]

Nina Savar, IL [email protected]

Archie Warnock, MD [email protected]

Kris Larson, MT [email protected]

Mike Robson, Canada [email protected]

Lynn Halpern, NASA [email protected]

Carol Ernst, USDA [email protected]

Margaret St Pierre, BAT [email protected]

Clearinghouse Teleconference


November 16, 2000

Additional individuals participate through these points of contact.

Agenda l.jpg

14:00 – Set up and Introductions

14:10 – Resources: Email, Support, Registry

14:25 – Usability Evaluation (Wright)

14:35 – ISO metadata strategies (Pearsall)

14:45 – Software update information


RTSe SMMS 3.0 (Bruce Westcott)

Blue Angel Gateway

ICN Search Client

15:10 – Scheduling / FY 2001 work items

15:20 – Discussion

15:30 – Close

Who are we l.jpg

SDI Clearinghouse Growth

US Federal: 19 %

Int’l: 42 %


25 %

Local/Regional: 14 %

Who are we?

Notable recent additions l.jpg
Notable Recent Additions

  • Space Imaging CARTERRA products (Ikonos and related inventory)

  • NSGIC Framework Survey responses as metadata, one entry per organization (~3600 responses)

Resources l.jpg

Membership l.jpg

The Clearinghouse Working Group formal membership list is volunteers who have joined the email list: ([email protected])

To join or be dropped from this list, send email to [email protected]

Anyone is welcome to use this list for general questions or discussion.

Notices of general information are also posted at:

Nsdi chatrooms l.jpg
NSDI Chatrooms

  • New feature for experimental live chat about NSDI topics

    • Hosted at an external ASP

    • Requires java-enabled browser

  • Could be used for:

    • Scheduled discussions on certain topics

    • User support functions

  • Try it sometime:

User support l.jpg
User Support

  • Any time you have troubles or questions on the selection, configuration, or use of the Clearinghouse components, send a note to: [email protected]

    This is sent to a small team who should be able to respond within a few hours

Registry l.jpg

  • Every Clearinghouse Node made available in the search forms is now stored in the Clearinghouse Registry

  • Registry is a GSDI resource of all known Z39.50 “GEO” Profile-compatible servers

  • Server-level metadata can now be used to help target search of Nodes

  • To browse or make changes, go to:

Clearinghouse usability project metadata humane society l.jpg
Clearinghouse Usability Project(“Metadata Humane Society”)

  • UCGIS funded project to Oregon State

  • Nearing completion, deliverables ready by 12/30/00

  • See progress on all deliverables at:


      • user: mhs, password: ucgis

Clearinghouse usability cont l.jpg
Clearinghouse Usability cont.

  • User testing of NGDC interface completed

    • CEONet resounding favorite

  • Prototype interface not forthcoming

  • Presentation of results at UCGIS Winter meeting in February, 2001, Wash. D.C.?

  • Submission of journal article on results

Metadata update l.jpg
Metadata Update

  • FGDC/ISO Metadata Standard Harmonization

    • June – August 2000

      FGDC Register Review of ISO Metadata Standard Committee Draft 3.

      • 125 Registrants

      • 380+ Comments (Total from all TC211 members = 679 comments)

      • Primary concerns

        • Standard Complexity

        • Fragmented Metadata “ownership” across TC211 projects– issue synchronization and harmonization

        • Minimum Core/Essential/Framework Metadata

Status update l.jpg
Status Update

  • ISO Metadata Standard Schedule

    • 5 Steps/Phases

      • Working Draft (1996)

      • Committee Draft (June 1998)

        (Nov. 1999)

        (June 2000)

      • Draft International Standard (Dec. 2000)

      • Final Draft International (March 2001)


      • International Standard (July 2001)

Status update15 l.jpg
Status Update

  • FGDC/ISO Metadata Standard Harmonization

    • US ANSI L1 voted “Yes” for 19115 to proceed to Draft International Standard (Only 1 nation voted NO – the UK)

      • FGDC and USGS voted No

Profile update l.jpg
Profile Update

  • FGDC/ISO Metadata Standard Profile Schedule

    • 2 (or more) Profiles

      • # 1 - To enable existing FGDC V2 records to be ISO compliant

      • # 2 – A more “restrictive” profile

        • Fulfill deficiencies in FGDC CSDGM

        • To meet lessons learned over last 6 years

    • January 2001 – One week workshop to begin Profile # 2 Development

    • Issue - “Profile” definition (“what one is”) in ISO is still undecided

    • Issue – Profile by Nation, Organization, Discipline, Data Type?

Status update17 l.jpg
Status Update

  • CAP2000 Grants

    • Category 1 – Don’t Duck Metadata

      32 awardees

      Note: RTSe Inc. offers purchase incentive to CAP awardees

    • Category 2 – FGDC/ISO Metadata Conversion Software Conversion

      award to RTSe, Inc.

    • Category 3 – ISO Metadata Training material development

      award to USGS/BRD, NJDEP, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ.

Fgdc iso software status update l.jpg
FGDC-ISO Software Status Update

  • Category 2 – FGDC/ISO Metadata Conversion Software Conversion

    award to RTSe, Inc.

    • Brainstorming telecon – November 2000

    • Imported Metadata (triplet) must be well-formed (ie mp output) – will not attempt to “fix” existing FGDC metadata

    • Discussion - 3 “execution” options

      • ie DOS Command Prompt

      • Windows-based application

      • Web-based application

    • “Black box” look/feel

Software update information l.jpg
Software Update Information

  • Isite 2.07 release details

  • RTSe GeoConnect announcement

  • Blue Angel Gateway enhancements

  • Island Edge (ICN) Search Client

Recent isearch enhancements l.jpg
Recent Isearch Enhancements

  • New command-line programs:

    • zsearch

      • same command syntax as Isearch

      • returns result list in XML

    • Iget

      • retrieve document by database name & docid

    • zpresent

      • like Iget, but attempts to wrap result in XML

      • only reliable for NASA/EOS Guide docs now

Coming soon isearch2 l.jpg
Coming Soon - Isearch2

  • Different index architecture to provide:

    • Improved search performance

    • No reliance on source documents

    • Remote indexing - by URL

    • Regular expressions?

      • Compile-time only, major impact on index size

    • In early beta test now, with frequent releases to follow

Blue angel gateway l.jpg
Blue Angel Gateway

  • Version 3.5.1 installed at FGDC, AGDC, NRCS, NOAA-CSC (pending at EDC and ESRI)

  • International Gateways planned (2001): AUSLIG (Australia), NGDF (UK), IGAD (Kenya), INEGI (Mexico), Honduras, GSI (Japan, maybe),

Gateways cont d l.jpg
Gateways, cont’d

  • Gateway 3.5.1 has ‘no-map’ and java-based map search interfaces

  • Update script synchronizes all active, registered servers into the search form as eligible targets – should yield same form style/content on all Gateways

Gateways cont d26 l.jpg
Gateways, cont’d

  • Search wizard being implemented in two forms to help select servers based on GSDI Registry metadata. Uses:

    • Geographic area selection

    • Scope or Extent of collections

    • Thematic classification as per ISO 19115 Categories tags (next version: Dec)

Search wizard summary l.jpg
Search Wizard Summary re-used

  • Remedies some ergonomic issues identified in usability study

  • Improves search scalability by targeting search to likely Nodes

  • Provides a model that can be adapted for different user communities

  • Is a work-in-progress – input wanted!

Planned gateway enhancements l.jpg
Planned Gateway Enhancements re-used

  • Wording changes, obvious ‘Help’ links

  • Results to be shown on an index map

  • Summary records will be displayed with a timebar and map extent

  • Use of synonym expansion at servers will permit search for records based on ISO 19115 Categories

Using topical search l.jpg
Using Topical Search re-used

  • Registry has best-guess ISO classifications for your server. Please review and revise the Categories appropriate to your metadata collection

  • Category search is limited to the Registry, but you can train your server to support ISO Categories in Isite through use of synonyms in sapi.ini

  • Consider expecting this functionality in 2001

List of adapted iso 19115 categories l.jpg

Agriculture and Farming: 001 re-used

Atmospheric and Climatic Data: 004

Biologic and Ecologic Information: 002

Environmental Monitoring and Modeling: 007

Business and Economic Information: 005

Administrative and Political Boundaries: 003

Earth Surface Characteristics and Land Cover: part of 010 also 201

Elevation and Derived Products: 006

Geologic and Geophysical Information: 008

Human Health and Disease: 009

Ocean and Estuarine Resources and Characteristics: 014

Military Intelligence: 011

Cultural and Demographic Information: 016

Imagery and Photographs: part of 010 also 202

Fresh Water Resources and Characteristics: 012

Cadastral and Legal Land Descriptions: 015

Utility Distribution Networks: 019

Facilities, Buildings and Structures: 017

Geodetic Networks and Control Points: 013

Transportation Networks and Models: 018

Base Maps, Scanned Maps and Charts: part of 010 also 200

Tourism and Recreation: part of 016 also 203

List of adapted ISO 19115 Categories

Items 200-203 are FGDC subdivisions of existing Categories

Supporting synonyms in isite l.jpg
Supporting Synonyms in Isite re-used

  • Reindex with Iindex option:

    -syn /path/filename

    filename contains many lines in the form:

    Term alternate1 alternate2 …

    e.g. 001 agriculture farm farms farming

  • In sapi.ini [server] block add the line:


  • Restart zserver

Icn search client l.jpg
ICN Search Client re-used

  • Web interface to GEO servers

    • Access to distributed, regional GEO servers

    • Resource location via online FGDC registry

    • Distributed search to selected servers

  • Uses new Wizard-style interface

    • Easy-to-use

    • Customizable by administrator

  • Open source, pure Java software

    • Installs as web servlet using Jserv or Jrun

    • Alternative to Isite’s zgate/zcon

Icn search client status l.jpg
ICN Search Client - Status re-used

  • Currently in active development but not yet documented for simple installation

  • Available for download and demonstration at

  • Working on…

    • Overall stability

    • Adding Topic Filtering

    • Interactive status during distributed search

    • Customization issues

  • For more info, [email protected]

Node operation suggestions l.jpg
Node Operation Suggestions re-used

  • If you have data for order or download online, please populate the Online_Linkage element in the Citation with a direct reference to the specific data product’s URL! One click shopping.

Suggestions continued l.jpg
Suggestions, continued re-used

  • If you output metadata from mp with the FAQ format in the header, please be sure that the full pathnames to the Web location of the alternate forms are present in the HTML, or a link will fail!

Fy 2001 operations l.jpg
FY 2001 - Operations re-used

  • Improve usability of search and presentation interfaces

  • Aggressively assist sites in improving service reliability

  • Deploy ICN Search Client as local search tool for individual Nodes

  • Provide software maintenance for Isite and ICN Search client

Fy 2001 coordination items l.jpg
FY 2001 - Coordination Items re-used

  • Work with other systems to exchange software components, where practical

  • Develop international consensus on common search of ISO metadata (GEO)

  • Work with imagery community to support search into image inventory systems (CIP, IMS)

Fy 2001 outreach l.jpg
FY 2001 - Outreach re-used

  • Hold implementers’ workshop in 2001

  • Monthly Status Reports in e-mail

  • Schedule more regular meetings:

    • Implementer/Developer Telecons

      • As needed

    • Clearinghouse WG Telecons 14:00 ET

      • February 15, 2001

      • May 17, 2001

      • Every 3-4 months

Fy 2001 research development l.jpg
FY 2001 – Research & Development re-used

  • Integrate OGC Web Mapping Service with Clearinghouse data search

  • Participate in SRI “dot-GEO” infrastructure

  • Evaluate use of OGC “Stateless Catalog” over HTTP

  • Evaluate use of XML and XSL for alternate presentation of metadata

  • Trial support of polygon search

  • Prototype services catalog for NSDI