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Consumption pollution solution

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Consumption pollution solution. summary. What is consumption ? Water consumption Oil , who is worried about it ? What is pollution? Air pollution…I think there is a catch… Various types of pollution in G uadeloupe Coral bleaching Clean-up project at the beach in St- F rançois

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Presentation Transcript
  • What is consumption?
  • Water consumption
  • Oil, whoisworried about it?
  • What is pollution?
  • Air pollution…I thinkthere is a catch…
  • Various types of pollution in Guadeloupe
  • Coralbleaching
  • Clean-up projectat the beach in St-François
  • Some solutions to limit pollution
  • Whatcouldeveryone do?
  • Conclusion
what is consumption
What is consumption?
  • Consumption describes certain behaviours by individuals, companies or states with the intention of satisfying their desires.
  • Consumption is the use of goods and resources which can only be used by destroying them or transforming them.
water consumption
Water consumption
  • The world population consumes 2 200 000 m3 of water per year
  • The mostsignificant use of water takes place in 5 countries which use 60% of the world’s water supply. These countries are India, China, the United States, Pakistan and Russia. An individual has an average water need of 20 to 50 litres of water per day (for food, hygiene, etc…). A child in a developped country consumes 30 to 50 times more water than a child in a developing country.
oil who is worried about it

Petrol is used in all energyfields, but it is for transportation thatit is mostlyused.

Oil,whoisworried about it?

Source: wikipédia

what is pollution
What is pollution?
  • Pollution is the degradation of the environment. Someelements which should not be are introducedinto the water, the soil or the air.
  • This causes a disturbance of the eco-system, the consequences of which could cause the destruction or the migration of somespecies.
air pollution i think there is a catch


Urban world pollution rate

1 (low)




5 (high)

Air pollution…I thinkthere is a catch…

the different types of pollution in guadeloupe
The different types of pollution in Guadeloupe
  • Soil pollution
  • Chlordeconeis a chemical molecule used against pests in the banana plantations.
  • In Guadeloupe, chlordecone pollution is mainly found in the south of Basse-Terre in banana plantations.
  • Pesticides used in agriculture cause soil pollution.
  • Water pollution
  • In Guadeloupe, abnormal concentration of heavymetals are found in the water (e.griver and sea), mostly lead from industrialwaste, copper, zinc from the Anti-Foulingcoatingused on boat hulls.
coral bleaching

Guadeloupe is surrounded by coral reefs. The greatest coral barrier is found in the Cul de Sac Marin. But these corals are in danger and have begun to disappear in several places, thus unbalancing the entire eco-system.

  • Coral bleaching is caused when algae and polypes are expulsed. The bleached corals could die due to the pollution of the seas and the oceans which exceed averages. This modifies the eco-system of the reefs and affects fishing, regional tourism and coastal protection.

Life (coral)


Die (coral)

clean up project on the beach in st francois

On WednesdayNovember 21, 2012, the class of 5th Jacinthe, undertook the cleaning of the beach Raisins Clairs.Theresultwasamazing.

  • In twohours, the class picked up a hugeamount of waste: more than 1000 cigarette butts, hundreds of bottlecorks, soda cans, glass bottles, plastic cups, plastic ware, a tyre, brokentoys, and shoes…
Clean-up project on the beach in St. Francois

Guadeloupe is beautiful, let’s not turn it into a rubbish bin.

Let’s act as eco-citizens!

what solutions are there to limit pollution
What solutions are there to limit pollution?
  • Safeguard green spaces, e.g national parks
  • Taxpolluters
  • Control the used-water treatment sites
what everyone can do e co citizen attitudes also help reduce pollution
Whateveryonecan do: Eco-citizen attitudes also help reduce pollution
  • Car pooling
  • Use of public transport
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Recycle of household water
  • Use of rain water
  • Recycle waste
  • Using a rubbish bin canmake the planet a more beautiful place
limiting waste some adequate solutions

Reducingwasteis possible, here are some solutions:

  • Cook yourownmealsratherthanbuyingpreparedones
  • Recycle plastic and glass bottles, etc…
  • Use your fruit and vegetablewaste to make compost
  • Thinkbeforethrowingaway, e.gclothesthat are toosmallcouldbegivenaway, or organize a garage sale.
  • Thinkbeforebuying: do I reallyneedthis? Could I buy a smaller or more ecological version (e.g a smaller car instead of a 4x4).
  • Use reusablebags for shopping
  • Do not acceptads in yourletter box
Limitingwaste : someadequate solutions
c onclusion

It all depends on YOU!!!