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Robert Thieler. USGS Research Geologist. America’s Coastal Crisis coastal population and development are increasingly vulnerable to coastal hazards. Past, Current and Projected Sea-level Rise. (modified after Bindoff, 2007; Rahmstorf, 2007). Time Scales of Coastal Change.

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Robert Thieler

USGS Research Geologist

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America’s Coastal Crisis coastal population and development are increasingly vulnerable to coastal hazards

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Past, Current and Projected Sea-level Rise

(modified after Bindoff, 2007; Rahmstorf, 2007)

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Time Scales of Coastal Change

Short-term Variance

(hours to decade)

Storm impact/recovery

Annual cycles

El Niño

Long-term Trend

(decades to centuries)

Sediment deficit or surplus

Sea-level rise

Coastal vulnerability to sea level rise a preliminary national assessment l.jpg
Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-level Rise:A Preliminary National Assessment

Vulnerability Ranking

Coastal vulnerability studies in the national parks l.jpg
Coastal Vulnerability Studiesin the National Parks

Study sites in the Contiguous U.S.

Study sites in Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Territories

Sleeping Bear Dunes NL

Kenai Fjord NP

Glacier Bay NPP

Kaloko-Honokohau NHP

NP of American Samoa

Virgin Islands NP

War in the Pacific NHP

Cape Cod NS

Fire Island NS

Gateway NRA

Gulf Islands NS

Cape Hatteras NS

Cumberland Island NS

Assateague Island NS

Dry Tortugas NP

Padre Island NS

Channel Islands NP

Golden Gate NRA

Point Reyes NS

Olympic NP

Apostle Islands NL

Indiana Dunes NL

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Help Managers

Plan For Hazards

Cape Alava

Sand Point

Norwegian Memorial

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Eastern North Carolina

Elevation source: 30-m DEM

Elevation source: 3-m lidar data

Dark blue: Land ≤ 1 meter in elevation

Light blue: Area of uncertainty associated with 1 meter elevation

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Wetland Vertical Development

Mineral sediment deposition

Plant matter accumulation - soil (root production/decomposition)



Coastal Wetlands Respond

Dynamically to Environmental Change

R. Carlson

D. Cahoon

D. Cahoon

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Mid-Atlantic Assessment of Potential

Dynamic Coastal Responses to Sea-level Rise

Bluff erosion


Island Breaching

Threshold Crossing

(Gutierrez et al., 2007)

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USGS North Carolina Coastal Geology Cooperative Program

Oregon Inlet

A regional, multi-collaborator effort to

understand and predict coastal change

and hazards



Cape Lookout

(NASA photo)

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Coastal Erosion Hotspots and Geology are Related

Kitty Hawk Bay

Paleo-Roanoke River ChannelPasses Under Kitty Hawk