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The Tragic Hero

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The Tragic Hero
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The Tragic Hero

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  1. The Tragic Hero By; Ale Zoromski

  2. What Makes a Tragic Hero? - When the character has a flaw. - Someone great; with a lot of power or someone who is important. Kings, Queens etc. - Someone who has done something great to save or help others. Someone who we feel sympathy for, usually.

  3. Why We Feel Sympathy For Willy… We feel sympathy for him because of his mental illness He is working so hard for nothing at all He is extremely diluted His financial hardships His relationship with his son Biff ( how it gets worse). His failure to succeed in the American Dream.

  4. Why We Like Him How he adores him family, especially Biff Quote by Biff, “You know goddamn well what that is”. Quote by Willy, “I never saw that”, these 2 quotes give us sympathy for Willy because his son finds the pipe he was trying to kill himself with. On page 100, Act 2 when Willy is talking to Ben he talks to him about how Biff will be proud of him when he dies because of the money that comes out of it. The theme of the Tragic Hero is shown through Willy’s character.

  5. Why We Like Him Continued… -The theme of the tragic Hero is shown through Willy because Willy tries to kill himself to save his family from debt. He tries his hardest to get things back to the way they used to be, but he fails. Quote by Willy (to Ben), “Oh Ben, how do we get back to all the great times.” – Pg. 101, First Line. This quote gives us support about how the Tragic Hero shows through Willy Loman’s character.

  6. The Theme Relevant To Today This theme is relevant to today because there are a lot of people in the world where families have some or more of the same problems, and there is always 1 person that tries to fix everything, but fails to succeed. In the play Willy is the one who is trying to save his family by killing himself to get more money. This infers to us that Willy and his family have finance problems just as well as problems between each other.

  7. Response of The Audience The audience should respond to Willy with Sympathy. We feel sympathy for him because he has to got to a point where he has to beg for a job from Howard. The fact that he has to ask his best friend fro money. We feel sympathy for this because usually men his age wouldn’t have to do that